10 April 2008

ECONOMY 2.0: 254 ways to ignore making a profit, or to ignore economical laws in other inspiring ways - online

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CONTENT COMMERCE 2.0, ECOMMERCE 2.0, GOOD CAUSES 2.0, SERVICE COMMERCE 2.0 For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Andunite - Unite with people who are looking for the same things; ask when Google lets you down. View.

Bigsister - Have a prostitute for free & be a star in a webcast. View.

Blyk - Link up with brands you like & get mobile goodies. View.

Dataportability - Open standards for sharing and remixing of data. View.

Dosomegoodnow - For every Good House sold; a West-African home-builder's training will be funded. View.

Elfster - Invite your dear ones, draw names & exchange gifts. View.

Everyclick - Search, and raise money for charity. View.

Giventake* - Barter your stuff (free). View.

Goozex - Trade your games for points & points to get other games for only $1. View.

Greedyorneedy* - Publish or help fulfil wishes (e.g. "a blanket so that I can sleep"…). View.

Habbo*** - Virtual hangout for teens where you can meet & make friends. View.

Haveyougotthenerve - Crowd sourced tv production company. View.

Hitchters - Share a ride to or from the airport. View.

Jacksonfishmarket - Branded consumer software solutions. View.

Livegamer - Player2player virtual assets trading. View.

Playspan - Game search, virtual goods marketplace & payment tools for game publishers. View.

Pumbby - Get paid for ads on your mobile. View.

Rosaloves - Buy cool T-shirts; procedes will be donated to good causes. View.

Secondrotation - Get cash for your old gadgets. View.

Shareling* - Share your destination & car. View.

Sleepfm - Let friends' alarm messages wake you up (). View.

Sleep-in - Find or give free lodging during Euro '08 soccer championship. View.

Sparter - Virtual goods exchange. View.

Splinq~* - Register as a member & get 50% of the kick-back if you buy something. View.

Strayform - Fund artists' proposals & get their stuff free of DRM. View.

Tipjoy - Share tips for things you like online. View.

Viatalk - Get a 10 minute free phone call. View.

Ximmy - Get paid to share & vote for news, videos, pictures and websites. View.

Ximmy - Get paid to share & vote for news, videos, pictures and websites. View.

Youswop - Exchange & trade any stuff. View.

Zerofootprint - Calculate & manage your carbon footprint. View.

Zipidee - Marketplace for your digital goods. View.

Zuho - Swap domain names (for a small fee). View.

Zwinky - Explore the world, chat with others Zwinkies & earn Zbucks. View.

1sthomeexchange - Swap your house. View.

451press - Write a blog, and get a rev share. View.

Ablindcall*** - Donate accidentally to charities. View.

AcollegetradeS - Buy, sell & trade books & other stuff through auctioning. View.

Adbrite - Make some money on accepting contextual ads on your blog or website. View.

Adknowledge - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website, in email newsletters, etc. View.

Advisorgarage - Connects entrepreneurs to advisors. View.

Affiliatefuel - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Aidpage - People help people. View.

Allconsuming - List & share everything you like. View.

Arise - Make money on providing support. View.

Artbreak - Publish, share & sell your art. View.

Askmehelpdesk - Provides answers & get tipped. View.

Associatedcontent - Produce & publish content, get paid. View.

Avangate - Sell your software online. View.

Azoogleads - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Bagborroworsteal - Get a handbag each month for a few bucks & let it circulate. View.

Beaguide - Make money on writing articles. View.

Bedsharing - Get a bed when travelling (well designed variation on Couchsurfingcom). View.

Beggr - Give me your money. View.

Betocracy - Create your own decision markets. View.

Billmonk - Manage debts. View.

Bitwine - Get or give video advice for a price. View.

Blogads - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Blogburner - Write a blog, and get a rev share. View.

Bloggerkit - Let Amazon exploit your blog. View.

Bloggingads - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Blogitive - Make money on writing articles on your blog. View.

Blogsvertise - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog. View.

Bookmooch - Exchange old books. View.

Buddymedia - PSP for Facebook's Ace Bucks. View.

Bulletads - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Butlerbob~ - Advertise, find, book & buy concierge services. View.

Buyyourfriendadrink - Buy or redeem drinks thru cell phone code. View.

C4-world - Fight poverty by participating. View.

Cafe - Casul gaming community with with 3D avatars, social networking & item-based economy. View.

Catchtomorrow* - Customize & localize your search and support your local public school system. View.

Cellswapper - Swap out or in a mobile phone contract. View.

Chipin - Connect, collect & give money. View.

Chorebuster - Organize & schedule your household chores. View.

Claimtheearth - Massive mash-up geo game. View.

Coinlogic - Make money on your content. View.

Couchsurfing* - Home swapping & holiday dating. View.

Crazoo - Make money on starting new threads and posting in forums. View.

Creamaid - Spread the word thru your blog & get paid. View.

Crispads - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Cucumis - Translate or be translated. View.

Customerforce - Search & share everything. View.

Dada - Make money on referring friends and driving traffic. View.

Daylo - Contribute to local yellow pages. View.

Designquote - Job search for designers & programmers. View.

Domegos - Search and list vacation rentals worldwide. View.

Domystuff - Get assistants to bid on your chores & errands, or assist others. View.

Donorschoose - Donate to schools. View.

Easypost - Free email2snailmail. View.

Economie - Interact for a sustainable future. View.

Elevatorpitch - Upload, read & rate pitches. View.

Entropia*** - 3D entertainment & trading community. View.

Extortr - Upload scandalous materials, then blackmail. View.

Faketown - Create, buy, sell, trade & share virtual assets. View.

Family-to-family - F2F sponsoring of poor American families. View.

Faqqly - Trade Q&A, advice, lend things to friends. View.

Fatfoogoo* - Real money trading for game goods and services. View.

Favorville - People helping people. View.

Fbexchange - Ad network for companies publishing apps on Facebook. View.

Fellowforce~* - Help companies to innovate, pitch & get rewards. View.

Firstgiving - Start your own fundraiser & market it. View.

Fivelimes - Green shop aggregator. View.

Flexpetz - Share a dog for a few hours or days. View.

Focuspointe - Make money on participating in focus groups. View.

Fon*** - Share, buy, sell wi-fi connections. View.

Forex-affiliate - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Forumboosting - Make money on posting in forums. View.

Fractionallife* - Co-own a/o co-use nice things. View.

Freelanceauction - Pitch for a design job. View.

Freelanceportfolios - Submit your portfolio & get assignments. View.

Freep~ - Profile yourself as a freelancer & score gigs. View.

Freepledge - Support charities every time you shop. View.

Fundable - Pledge for funding. View.

Gametrove - Sell your games directly to users, disintermediating publishers. View.

Garbagescout - Find treasures on NY streets; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Gather - Share passions & get paid. View.

Getsatisfaction* - People powered customer service. View.

Gifttrap - Social board game with a bit of online interaction. View.

Gigoit - Reuse, donate or receive 2nd hand goods in your community. View.

Givebobadollar - Begging. View.

Givemeaning - Give or take fundraising community. View.

Givezilla - Create fundraising storefront. View.

Globalfreeloaders - Get & provide accommodation. View.

Globalideasbank - Submit & share ideas to improve society. View.

Gofreelance - Matching homeworkers with clients. View.

Goloco - Share rides & trip costs online. View.

Goodsearch - 50% of ad revenues for a charity designated by you. View.

Googlesurvey - Make money on giving feedback to Google. View.

Gravee - Searches sites & blogs; fair rev share on ads. View.

Greener - Search for green products, services, organizations & other info. View.

Grootbedrijf~ - Merge your company virtually with "Big Company". View.

Halfshare - Find a second home & a co-owner. View.

Hedgestreet - Bet on all kinds of economical parameters. View.

Helium - Buy, sell & trade knowledge. View.

Hitchsters - Share an airport cab. View.

Holotof - Pitch your ad project among creatives. View.

Homeaway - Vacation rentals market place. View.

Homeequityshare - Find investors for your mortgage downpayment. View.

Homeforexchange~ - Exchange for vacation homes. View.

Hospitalityclub - Get & provide accommodation. View.

Humanpages - Add, share & sell your profile. View.

Iletyou - Rent media from & to anyone. View.

Iminlikewithyou - Browse profiles & play Q&A games. View.

Inblogads - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog. View.

Indiekarma - Pay a cent to see a blog. View.

Intellishop - Make money on shopping & writing a review. View.

Itaggit - Catalog & organize and share or sell your collections. View.

Italknews - Digg news & get paid for it. View.

Itsdex - Trading game in 2.0-related shares & bonds. View.

Justanswer - Make money on sharing your knowledge. View.

Karmadu - Thank people by sending them karma points. View.

Kiva*** - Give a micro credit to an entrepreneur from a developing country. View.

Knowmore - Consumers unite. View.

Kudos - Recognize, incentivize, and retain your employees. View.

Kwizzical - Play quiz & share or donate money. View.

Lala - Swap CDs, from July 4th. View.

Lendingclub - Community where members can borrow & lend money. View.

Linkshare - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Linkworth - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Livemansion - Create & produce a feature film together. View.

Lostkeys - Lost & found for keys. View.

Mailmydisc~ - Exchange your media. View.

Meet-a-local - Find local hosts in other cities (German). View.

Microsoftresearch - Make money by participating in Microsoft's research. View.

Mileguru - Aggregate all your loyalty points on 1 page. View.

Milliondollarhomepage* - Buy pixels to finance study. View.

Mosaicglobe - Upload & share photos, artwork, ideas. View.

Mturk* - Complete simple tasks & get paid. View.

Mybookyourbook - Register, list & swop books. View.

Myfootballclub - Collectively take over a soccer club, and then co-manage it. View.

Mylot - Make money on posting, commenting & participating in this social network. View.

Nirbi - Find matches for carpooling. View.

Onemonkey - Make some money on accepting text link advertising. View.

Onlinewritingjobs - Gig directory for freelance writers. View.

Oomia - Lost & found. View.

Openstudio - Create, collaborate, share, buy & sell. View.

Opuzzvoice - Make money on doing voice overs. View.

Parkmatch - List & find parking spots. View.

Pawspot - Exchange pet care. View.

Payperpost - Buy a buzz in the bloggosphere. View.

Payu2blog - Make money on writing reviews. View.

Peasy - Exploit or book & rent parking space (UK). View.

Pheedo - Make some money on accepting ads in your rss feeds. View.

Podtrac - Advertise in podcasts. View.

Pooln - Schedule your car pooling. View.

Project4hire - Pitch for a freelance job. View.

Prosper - P2P lending. View.

Qads - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Qumana - Edit your blog. View.

Qunu - Get or offer help. View.

Readitswapit - Swap books. View.

Recycledpapergreetings - Submit your poems & images, and get paid if they use it for greeting cards. View.

Reflexive* - Cocreate & play games. View.

Rentmeavacation - Share your vacation homes. View.

Rentometer - Calculate what rent you should pay or charge. View.

Rentxista - Rent a page. View.

Resellular - Get out of your cell contract, or take over a contract. View.

Ridester - Get a ride or offer one. View.

Rmxdirect - Auction your ad inventory. View.

Rocketprofit - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Savetoby - Donate or else…. View.

Sayswap - Game trading community. View.

Scriptlance - Pitch for a coding job. View.

Searchkindly - Search Google from this page & donate to charities. View.

Secondlifeboutique - Buy real things with virtual money. View.

Shareapic - Make money on uploading and sharing photos. View.

Sharecare~ - Organize yourselves in groups to share care. View.

Sharedspaces - Co-buy, co-rent or co-invest in property. View.

Sherrands - Share errands &save time, gas, money & the environment. View.

Shopriot* - Make sellers bid for the product you need. View.

Skillswap - Swap your web design skills. View.

Slashmysearch - Make money on searching the web. View.

Smarkets - Stock markets for products. View.

Smashmyviper - Buy pixels to destroy car. View.

Smorty - Make money on writing articles on your blog. View.

Spaceshare - Help your (event's) guests to connect & cut cost by sharing accommodations & facilities. View.

Spotrunner - Recycle, recreate & air tv ads. View.

Spotscout - Find or sell parking space. View.

Squadrapiloti - Tell about & share your car. View.

Startupping - Share knowledge on starting up a company. View.

Storeatmyhouse* - Rent out your storage and parking space. View.

Storycode - Read, code, find & share books. View.

Stuffopolis - Keep track of things you lend or borrow. View.

Stuffyourrucksack - Share & get tips on what to bring with you for local charities & NGOs. View.

Superoyster - Sell or buy your place at a waiting list. View.

Swabba - Online garage sale (German). View.

Swapthing - Community of people who want to swap, buy or sell things. View.

Swaptree - Swap your media. View.

Swarmofangels - Participate in new cinema financing. View.

Techforx* - Technology foresight exchange. View.

Text-link-ads - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Thankyoupages - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website (USA). View.

Thinkaction - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Tipit~ - Tip people who share good stuff. View.

Traveltogether - Plan & deal out trips together. View.

Tree-nation - Plant a tree in Niger. View.

Tripmates - Meet locals, get tips. View.

Tripmojo - Map & share hotels. View.

Tripup - Share & explore travel content, link up with people traveling to your city. View.

Trybeta - Connecting developers with software testers. View.

Tutor - Make money on tutoring people. View.

Videotag - Play video tagging game & enrich their search database. View.

Viewbook - Create & share presentations, photo albums & portfolios. View.

Votemerich - Blog, campaign, vote & get rich. View.

Webcommons (formerly: Democracy20)* - Consumers/Citizens unite!. View.

Weblo - Play & earn in world game. View.

Wechangetheworld - Submit, share & search ideas for a better world. View.

Wordfirm - Make money on publishing books. View.

Workingsol - Make money on providing technical support. View.

Yawords - Buy a search term, eternally. View.

Yesadvertising - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Zackbookmaps - Locate & lend books (map mash-up). View.

Zipcar - Share your car. View.

Zopa - P2P banking services. View.

Zubka - Find a job & earn money for referring to other jobs. View.

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