17 January 2008

Bigsister - Have a prostitute for free & be a star in a webcast

1) Basic requirement is, that every guest visiting BigSister has to sign a contract, where he agrees, that all his activities will be shown via internet, respectively subrogates also his rights, that relate with any kind of publication. To sign this contract a valid passport has to be produced - its copy is an integral part of the contract.
2) Drunk guests or guests standing under the influence of drugs or guests who are in an other wise incapable of action will not be let in. Face masks or the like will not be accepted.
3) The address of the club is: Nadrazni 46 in Prague 5 – Smichov and you can reach it as well with the underground, as with train or tram very easy.
4) The entrance or the contribution towards expenses amount converted into Euro 10,- Euro and includes using of a bath robe, slippers and towels.
5) The prices for the drinks are about 2,50 Euro for the soft drinks, approx. 3,- Euro for the beer and approx. 9,- Euro for long drinks. For more information and prices there we have list of beverages and menu.
6) The length of stay in the private rooms is temporary limited to one hour - the services of the girls are free.
7) It is generally advisable to make a reservation under the following phone numbers: +420-257310043 or +420-776568624. Or just send us your reservation via e-mail: info@bigsister.net.
8) Each guest is responsible for the content of his performance in the internet and the possible consequences.
9) Pairs don´t have to pay the contribution towards expenses and are most welcome.

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