26 April 2008

BRILLIANT 2.0: 545 Web 2.0 phenomena with one or more strokes (*) of genius

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ALL. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

123people* - People search. View.

Adobeflex* - RIA framework. View.

Adready* - Customize proven performance ads & run them. View.

Airvana* - Femto cells – low-cost 3G access points connecting over user’s IP. View.

Amiando* - Organize events & process online presales. View.

Animoto* - Explore, create & share slideshows generated from music & photos. View.

Autonetmobile* - Rent a portable wi-fi hotspot & turn your car into a hotspot. View.

Bahu* - Share your talents & make new friends (for students). View.

Bfdbuilder** - Create, name & order your own Domino pizza. View.

Blist* - Edit, create & share spreadsheats. View.

Boomi* - Integrate any combination of SaaS & on premise solutions, online. View.

Boredat* - Create your own bored at-space, and twitter anonymously. View.

Bounty* - Club for growing families. View.

Carol* - Gather & share health care information, buy services & products. View.

Citysearch* - Social shopping guide. View.

Clan-networks* - One stop hosting & community solution for game clans. View.

Claseo* - Closed lifestyle shopping portal. View.

Coveritlive** - Instant real time multimedia publishing. View.

Crazyegg* - Analytics with nice visualizations. View.

Criticalmetrics* - Track recommendations & playlists so you can find, try & buy buy music. View.

Crowdfound* - Submit & rate content; let the crowd decide what's on top. View.

Crowdfunder* - Raise money in your own community. View.

Crowdvine* - Set up your own social network in a minute (http://everything20.crowdvine.com/). View.

Curriculumillusione**~ - Get insight in & share your future life, and reach the Walhalla. View.

Cutcaster* - Submit, request, buy or sell video, audio clips & photos. View.

Dafont* - Download free fonts. View.

Delicious-monster* - Catalog, browse & share your books, games & media. View.

Designfloat* - Rate articles on graphical & interaction design. View.

Diino* - Back up, store & share files. View.

Doof** - Rich community environment where you can play & communicate with your friends. View.

Doublecheckmd** - Check your prescriptions & their interactions. View.

Doubletwist** - Transfer, share & sync media regardless of device, file format or social network (DVD Jon is back!). View.

Dprsim* - Platform where researchers can simulate behavior of large ensembles of catoms. View.

Dryad* - Design trees for your virtual worlds (Windows, Mac). View.

Edgeio - Find classified listings, publish your own. View.

Edocr - Explore, tag, rank, upload & share documents. View.

Edu20** - Teach a/o learn, wherever you are. View.

Enjoymymedia* - Share media with friends & family. View.

Erepublik** - Sociopolitical military economical massive role playing game. View.

Exploratree* - Download, use online & collaborate in brainmapping & brainstorming models. View.

Fashionmash* - Explore, submit & get feedback on your outfits. View.

Fastcompany* - Share ideas on work & life, and your profile. View.

Fawnt* - Font resource for designers. View.

Feed-analysis* - Get stats on your Feedburner feeds. View.

Feedoor* - Meta feed publishing toolkit. View.

Ffwd* - Explore tv content from all over the web based on your profile & connect to other users. View.

Figureprints* - 3D print your WOW character. View.

Fixmystreet* - Report, view & discuss local problems (UK). View.

Foc~* - Design for rapid 3D manufacturing. View.

Forecast* - Design, conduct & analyze surveys from your blog. View.

Giventake* - Barter your stuff (free). View.

Greedyorneedy* - Publish or help fulfil wishes (e.g. "a blanket so that I can sleep"…). View.

Groople* - Plan & book group travel. View.

Habbo*** - Virtual hangout for teens where you can meet & make friends. View.

Hbovoyeur** - Cross media stories that HBO has built around voyeurism; grabbing storylines is like a treasurehunt (short film: ). View.

Helphookup - Add badge to your Facebook profile & get alerts on volunteer opportunities in your area. View.

Hernnerdingen*** - Memory shrine where children can publish things by which they remember deceased loved ones (More: http://mastersofmedia.hum.uva.nl/2007/09/30/stifosandberg/). View.

Hingi* - 2-click purchasing of mobile TV & radio content. View.

Homecourt* - Project management suite for agencies & their customers. View.

Hungrysuitcase* - Plan your vacation by the contents of your suitcase. View.

Imemories* - Preserve & share your home movie history. View.

Independentip~* - Digital music supply chain management solution. View.

Intruders* - International ring of vlogs focusing on Web 2.0. View.

Itema** - Software store instantly deploying & synchronizing apps in real-time. View.

Jacked* - Dashboard of real-time news, stats & media related to tv programs. View.

Jiibe* - Find or create a better place to work by matching company cultures. View.

Kartoovisu*** - Clusters search results in 'surfacic maps'. View.

Kizmeet* - Find him/her back here if you fell in love at first glance. View.

Libersy*~ - Book or sell services online. View.

Linkbunch* - Put multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, SMS, etc. View.

Linqia** - Search, review & join online communities and groups matching your interests & needs. View.

Livezuu* - Collect your social network accounts and combine them in 1 lifestream. View.

Loyaltymatch* - Turn your loyalty points into cash, or purchase from other loyalty programs. View.

Makezine* - Magazine & blog on DIY technology. View.

Mamaherb* - Share knowledge on natural remedies. View.

Mamaherb* - Share knowledge on natural remedies. View.

Managedq* - Clustered & visual search. View.

Mappas* - Curious blow ups from Google maps. View.

Meaningfulurl* - Choose an evocative URL using a.to prefix (MeaningfulURL.com). View.

Mediapops* - Get alerts on new releases from your favorite authors, bands & directors. View.

Mindtouch* - Wiki and application platform for communities, media, brands & enterprises. View.

Modumobile** - Tiny mobile phone that you can stick into other cool devices. View.

Mofuse* - Mobilize your blog (cf. http://everything20.mofuse.mobi/). View.

Music-alerts* - Get alerts on album releases by rss feed. View.

Musicstation* - Explore & share music playlists on your mobile. View.

Mymedlab* - Get annual lab test & learn about your health. View.

Myustats* - Widget aggregating page & other ranks. View.

Namepedia* - Search for first & family names, and for real people. View.

Nanoscan* - Free instant virus scan. View.

Netmining** - Nurture and convert web site visitors into prospects & clients. View.

Newspond* - Popular news-collection engine. View.

Nvohk** - (Pronounce: Invoke) Co-finance clothing company at $ 50, and share the profit. View.

Oskope* - Visual search. View.

Pdfhammer* - Edit your PDF files for free. View.

Photophlow** - Invite friends, search Flickr together, chat & comment all at once. View.

Pizdaus* - Rate photos. View.

Platewire* - Hold other drivers accountable for their actions on the road (or send a flirt message…). View.

Plymedia* - Transform videos into experiences by adding interactive layers. View.

Polyvore** - Mix & match your outfit by drag & dropping any clothing images. View.

Primetimerewind*** - Swing the cube to catch up on all TV programs you've missed. View.

Productclash* - Peer reviewed & rated product comparisons. View.

Pronto* - Unified internet communications. View.

Qbichotels***~ - Chain of pod hotels (Cubi: Each Cubi features a practical configuration, with an extra long Hästens bed, Philippe Starck design bathroom elements, LCD TV, high-speed Internet, safe and an ingenious work-and-dine set). View.

Reachby* - Create, manage, and share personalized contact page as your online business card. View.

Redesignme*~ - Suggest redesigns for products submitted by you or others & win prizes (someone help them to redesign this site!). View.

Revolutionmoneyexchange* - Send & receive money online between accountholders for free. View.

Rubiconproject* - Meta network for ad networks. View.

Scanscout* - Add mouse over-activated ads to your video streams. View.

Scitopia* - Trusted science + technology (re)search. View.

Seesmic** - Video conversation site. View.

Seetoo* - Invite buddies to cobrowse your videos (without uploading). View.

Servicebeacon* - Book service with your car dealer. View.

Shareling* - Share your destination & car. View.

Shootandproof** - Turn you cam pics into legal evidence (French). View.

Simplify* - Access & share music, photos & videos with your friends & family. View.

Siteheart* - Have a chat dialogue, deal it out & transact. View.

Smartratings* - Compare products calibrating your own algorithm. View.

Songza* - Search for & listen to any song. View.

Splinq~* - Register as a member & get 50% of the kick-back if you buy something. View.

Squidnote* - Sign & send group ecards. View.

Stixto* - Add & share notes, spoken messages and chat-boxes to any page. View.

Strategyeye* - Real-time intelligence dashboard tracking digital media markets (free trial). View.

Straycinema* - Edit your own version of a film already shot. View.

Styleshake* - Design, share & buy your own fashion design. View.

Supportspace* - Get or give live tech support for a small fee. View.

Symbianfreak** - Blog & forum reporting on & discussing mobile apps. View.

Tastebook* - Collect, organize & share recipes; design & publish printed cooking book. View.

Terabitz** - Startpage for all your real estate tools, apps & data. View.

Tiinker - Have your news customized to what you like to read. View.

Tjoon* - Split-screen video jamming, using your webcam. View.

Trackr~* - Put your tracks on Google maps with GPS & share them. View.

Tribewanted*** - Community tourism based on Vorovoro Island & online. View.

Trythis* - Ask questions, get & give recommendations on what to buy where. View.

Ttsm~** - Let your sports activities be followed live on maps via GPS. View.

Tubecast* - Music tv on demand. View.

Veedow** - Opt in to shopping startpage. View.

Vello* - The phone conference that calls you. View.

Viagogo** - Secundary ticket marketplace. View.

Vitals* - Check what other people think about your doctor. View.

Walk2web** - Visualize the connections of your site, review, bookmark & vote for your favorites. View.

Wengo* - Share knowledge, get paid per minute. View.

Wieowie*~ - People & company search engine based on social networks & media data. View.

Wikileaks* - Make secret documents & stories public (refugee domain from US; cf. Slashdot - http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/02/18/043211&from=rss. View.

Wix* - Create & publish a Flash site without any programing skills. View.

Worldtaximeter** - Get a quote for your taxi (mobile: http://www.worldtaximeter.com/m). View.

Yamli* - Search the web in Arabic. View.

Youbars* - Specify & order customized nutrition bars. View.

Youpop* - Quiz or poll your friends & get multimedia answers. View.

Yuxt* - Social video search & bookmarking. View.

Zilok* - Rent anything at the closest spot. View.

Zomoto~** - Submit your car, get its valuation & monthly cost assessed. View.

Zzzphone** - Customize your cellphone. View.

2recall* - Record calls on any phone (USA). View.

37signals* - Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List. View.

3voor12~** - Profile yourself & share media. View.

8020publishing* - Enables online communities to co-create printed magazines (cf. JPG Magazine http://www.jpgmag.com/ about imagemaking andEverywhere http://www.everywheremag.com/ about travel). View.

A9** - Clustered search. View.

Adonomics* - Stock-market-style data on & analysis of Facebook ecosystem. View.

Agent55* - Hyper turbo super meta search. View.

Aggrega*** - Upload to, listen to & share Pandora for music videos. View.

Aiderss* - Analyze your feeds. View.

Ajaxian** - Ajax blog. View.

Ambientdevices* - Datacasting inc. interfaces. View.

App2you* - Create web-based databases in minutes (MS Access killer?). View.

Asterisk* - Open source phone system (free). View.

Asterpix* - Interactivate objects in your video & publish it. View.

Atlas* - Meta social media & map mash-up with API for GPS tracking. View.

Audioclipping* - Search AV (German). View.

Backbase~* - Ajax applications. View.

Basecamp* - Manage your projects. View.

Bea* - AquaLogic enterprise social computing suite. View.

Bestofbest - Categorized best of best 2.0 websites. View.

Betsgowild* - Cash-free betting community. View.

Beyond** - Career management software, facilitating 15,000 niche sites & job boards. View.

Bibme** - Build a bibliography on the web. View.

Bigcontacts - Upload, annotate & share your contacts. View.

Bioteams* - Blog on team dynamics & virtual collaboration. View.

Bix* - Create & vote for content, and win. View.

Blinklife*** - Social email. View.

Bondd*~ - Call for free, get advertising. View.

Boxed* - Build calendars out of all sorts of online sources. View.

Brandgossip*~ - Find what people say about your brand. View.

Brickfish* - Submit, vote for & review content, and get rewarded for it. View.

Britepic* - Add extra content & intelligence to your online pics. View.

Bustaname* - Domain name checker. View.

Buzzshout* - Review & rank Web 2.0 companies. View.

Cambrianhouse** - Collaborate on new software. View.

Canvaspainter - Painter. View.

Cartfly** - Create & exploit a store & embed it anywhere. View.

Catchthebest* - Vote on candidates together & select the best one. View.

Catchtomorrow* - Customize & localize your search and support your local public school system. View.

Catoms* - Replicate anything and anybody, any size, anywhere. View.

Cellitused** - Sell your cell. View.

Chacha* - Get real time results with help of live guides. View.

Changethis - Share & rate thoughtful, rational, constructive manifestos about important issues. View.

Chatcreator* - Create your chat room instantly. View.

Chatsum* - Chat with & leave messages same-site-visitors. View.

Chickadvisor - Get & share advise on what chicks should do & buy. View.

Chuquet* - Find buzzes. View.

Cicatriz* - Video-empowered ecommerce. View.

Clicky** - 2.0-ish presentation of web stats (e.g. referring sites in cloud, users in Google maps mash-up). View.

Codeigniter* - PHP framework. View.

Cognitionsearch* - Meaning-based search. View.

Colr* - Play with colour photos & publish results. View.

Contactoffice* - Virtual office (Belgian). View.

Cottonrape* - Shopping game. View.

Couchsurfing* - Home swapping & holiday dating. View.

Crackle* - Publish & share your video. View.

Craigslist* - Post & read classifieds. View.

Croquet* - Create multi-user 3D apps and metaverses "Supports synchronous communication, collaboration, resource sharing and computation among large numbers of users on multiple platforms and multiple devices". View.

Crowdabout* - Get or contribute to timelined comments on podcasts. View.

Culturecloud* - Research, discuss & share topics, associating randomly with facts and people. View.

Daem* - Take pics with your phone cam, have them recognized & win prizes. View.

Dailystrength* - Share health challenges & get wellness support. View.

Dapper** - API generator. View.

Darejunkies* - Video challenge contest. View.

Dash* - Internet-connected navigation system. View.

Dayjet* - Per-seat, on-demand jet taxi service. View.

Daylife* - "4 minute old" news magazine; you can contribute tips & ideas. View.

Daz*~ - Explore, contribute to & share the biggest music dbase. View.

Delicious* - Social bookmarking. View.

Desktoptwo* - Manage your desktop in a browser. View.

Digg* - Mash-up news sources to your own taste. View.

Domaintools* - Excellent toolset for everything related to domains. View.

Dontclickit*** - Clickless interface. View.

Dopplr* - Share your future travel plans with your friends. View.

Dotherightthing* - Dig or diss companies. View.

Ebay* - Sell, rate & buy; auction. View.

Ecirkit - Explore & expand your network (Java interface). View.

Edoc* - Fashion ecommerce goes alternate reality game. View.

Emurse* - Create, share & send your permanent resume page in any format. View.

Entropia*** - 3D entertainment & trading community. View.

Eol** - Wiki with a decent interface (EOL = encyclopedia of life). View.

Eroshare - Upload, explore, rate & share photos. View.

Exalead** - Unified search technology. View.

Exovision* - Lifesize face to lifesize face video calling. View.

Eyebeam*** - Bleeding edge R&D. View.

Eyefi* - Upload pictures from your camera to your PC & photo sharing site with this wireless card. View.

Facebook*** - Student communities. View.

Fannation* - Customize your sports team's content here. View.

Fatfoogoo* - Real money trading for game goods and services. View.

Favorit* - Combine posts, comments & replies, and republish in your blog. View.

Feedbeat** - Bookmark videos, create & share internet tv-shows. View.

Fellowforce~* - Help companies to innovate, pitch & get rewards. View.

Fidgt* - Create a dynamic address book to keep track of your contacts across multiple social networks, and visualize what everybody is talking about. View.

Flashface* - Compose your Most Wanted portrait. View.

Flickr* - Manage & share your photos. View.

Flickrgraph** - Visualize your network on Flickr. View.

Flickrvision - Flickr updates from various users on Google Map. View.

Flowchart* - Create & share flowcharts. View.

Fon*** - Share, buy, sell wi-fi connections. View.

Footnote* - Publish & share your history, research, diaries, stories...anything. View.

Formatpixel* - Design, publish & share in any format. View.

Fotolia* - Buy & sell images. View.

Fotologue* - Publish & share photos (beautiful Ajax interface). View.

Fractionallife* - Co-own a/o co-use nice things. View.

Freeconferencecall* - Organize conf calls for free (USA terminated). View.

Freeyourid* - Open ID +.name + your domain = FreeyourID. View.

Froogle* - Local shopping search engine; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Gabmail* - Record & send videomail. View.

Gapminder** - visualize Google search statistics. View.

Garderobe* - Wardrobe storage; order your clothes online from your airconditioned closet. View.

Genbeta* - 2.0 blog (Spanish). View.

Geovector*** - LBS services with a usable interface.. View.

Getsatisfaction* - People powered customer service. View.

Giga* - Watch all kinds of live stream & vod shows (German). View.

Gizmoz* - Create your 3D video avatar & use it anywhere. View.

Gofreelance - Matching homeworkers with clients. View.

Gogofrog* - Create & share your 3D web page. View.

Gokita* - Clustered meta search (no advertising). View.

Goodmagazine* - Cross media platform for people who give a damn about media. View.

Googleearth* - Global maps. View.

Googlefight* - Compare search results. View.

Googleig* - Personal portal. View.

Goowy* - Personal portal (desktop & browser versions). View.

Gottabet* - Bet on anything with friends or colleagues - for money or glory. View.

Grandcentral* - Get 1 phone number for all your calls. View.

Greenleafmarket* - Buy or sell local products. View.

Gumiyo* - Post supply & demand ads & connect live with buyers & sellers through web or phone. View.

Hackoff*** - Book published as blog & podcast. View.

Hellodeo* - Record & send your video message. View.

Hitask* - Organize & manage groups. View.

Hitchhikr* - Share knowledge & experiences on conferences. View.

Hivegroup 1*** - Purchasing performance management. View.

Hivegroup 2*** - iTunes treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 3*** - Amazon treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 4*** - World population treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 5*** - Process & quality management treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 6*** - Salesforce management treemap demo. View.

Honeycomnewsmap* - News treemap. View.

Honeypitch* - Proposal automation solution. View.

Hotdaddy* - Search engine aggregator. View.

Hoverspot - Publish & share your profile. View.

Hullo* - Integrates soft, cell & landline phones. View.

Humblevoice* - Publish, share bands, music, other media & arts. View.

Hypediss* - Hype or diss stories. View.

Icache* - Meta credit, debit & loyalty card. View.

Imageloop** - Create & share photo slide shows (and other animations). View.

Imagini* - Profile yourself with images & find people with similar visual DNA. View.

Inkling* - Social delphi, exchange for futures. View.

Insolitus* - Upload & share all your files & docs. View.

Interact10ways* - Interact with Getty images. View.

Internetaddressbook**~ - Find & be found, with all your 2.0 profiles. View.

Intertalk*** - Unified communications & streaming solutions. View.

Inviteshare* - Get on waiting list for beta releases. View.

Itredux* - Concise categorized database of Office 2.0 companies. View.

Jumptags* - Use, search & share bookmarks, notes & Skype contacts, from anywhere, on any platform.. View.

Kartoo** - Clustered, mapped search. View.

Kast*~ - Visual shopping in many categories from specialized shelfspace (concept deserves better design). View.

Keegy* - Location aware news generator. View.

Kitbit* - Publish & share your opinions. View.

Kiva*** - Give a micro credit to an entrepreneur from a developing country. View.

Klostu* - Connect yourself to all message boards, communities & people. View.

Kuscash* - Mobile digital wallet. View.

Landcraft* - Render your own 3D landscape & share it. View.

Lastfm* - Profile your taste, share, personalize your radio. View.

Lifeat* - Private websites for exclusive use by members of residential communities. View.

Lijit* - Social contextual search. View.

Listigator* - Create, edit & share lists. View.

Livemocha* - Language learning & practice community. View.

Liveplasma* - Search & find other things to your taste. View.

Livesearch* - Refine your search while you type. View.

Loki* - Search & navigate web & real life. View.

Longtimelost* - Find back lost friends thru Google. View.

Loopt* - Find & share your friends & media on your mobile (cool demo!). View.

Loudtalks** - Web walkie-talkie. View.

Lowlandsguide~** - Explore the lay of the Lowland Festival with this mobile app. View.

Majestic12* - Distributed search engine. View.

Manyeyes* - Explore, create, upload & share data visualizations. View.

Mappedup~* - Map your feed sources geographically. View.

Mapskip* - Give every place on earth a (your) memory. View.

Mashable* - 2.0 blog. View.

MCLC*** - Equipment readiness information tool treemap demo by Hivegroup. View.

Me* - Build, manage & exploit your online community. View.

Mediamax* - Store, manage & share media. View.

Mego* - Create an avatar, profile it & share it anywhere. View.

Memetrics* - Optimize your marketing across media. View.

Mendix*~ - Semantic application development. View.

Metacarta** - Topical + geographical search technology. View.

Milliondollarhomepage* - Buy pixels to finance study. View.

Mimoa~* - Social European architecture guide. View.

Mindpicnic* - Share & learn from online knowledge. View.

Miro* - Open video player. View.

Mobilealibi* - Online safe deposit box. View.

Monitor110** - One-stop semantic financial research suite. View.

Moodviews~* - Track or predict global mood levels (based on Live Journal). View.

Movingweb* - Blog about everything that moves (on) the web. View.

Mturk* - Complete simple tasks & get paid. View.

Multi-touch* - Handy interface. View.

Musestorm*** - Metasearch in Flash (several interfaces). View.

Mybestplay* - Profile your skills in sports & find a new club. View.

Mycybertwin* - Clone yourself into a chat robot. View.

Mygame* - Personalize your games. View.

Mymobilesite** - Mobile web server and site hosting (Nokia). View.

Mypictr* - Create & publish your profile pic for social softwares. View.

Myshape* - Find clothing matched to your body shape & preferences. View.

Mystickies* - Browse, search, sort & edit notes online. View.

N2yo* - Realtime satellite tracking. View.

Nabaztag* - Get info & communicate thru wi-fi rabbit device. View.

Naughtyamerica* - Multiplayer video sexgame. View.

Naughty-au-naturelle* - Penthouse letters map mash-up. View.

Nethaggler** - Track & negotiate prices. View.

Netsuite** - Manage all your business in one integrated suite. View.

Netvibes***** - Personal portal. View.

Neurocampus~* - Train your brain, and win prizes. View.

Newser* - Algorithm-based news aggregator. View.

Newsletterarchive* - Store & share your newsletters. View.

Newsmap*** - Rank-interfaced news (who knows what happened to Hives?). View.

Newsmap*** - Newsmap. View.

Newstoday** - Publish & share cool jobs, gadgets, etc. View.

Ning* - Start a community, create social apps. View.

Nogoodtv* - Uncensored tv. View.

Odesk* - Work as or hire remote workforce. View.

Omnidrive* - Store & access data. View.

On2* - Video compression solutions. View.

Operamini* - Mobile web browser. View.

Orchestrate - Task manager. View.

Ownyourc* - Get help in making choices. View.

Palabea* - Learn languages & share your culture. View.

Pando* - Store & share data. View.

Pandora*** - Personalized radio. View.

Partystrands* - Let partygoers interact with you & each other IRL, mobile & online. View.

Peepel* - In-browser office apps. View.

Peets*** - Coffee selector treemap. View.

Perspectives*** - Visualizes spatio-temporaly the places we inhabit. View.

Phonegnome* - Add VoiP to your PSTN, SIPped. View.

Photosynth*** - Rebuild the world in photos - other users' and your own. View.

Pickspal - Bet on sports with friends. View.

Pickupgame* - Find people locally to play games. View.

Plateau* - Enterprise e-learning, performance & career management solution. View.

Playdo* - Gaming community. View.

Plazes*** - Claim & share your locations. View.

Plazesbadge* - Show where you are (e.g. on your blog). View.

Polarrose*** - Help to make the visual web searchable. View.

Ponoko* - Create, make and trade your product ideas. View.

Popfly* - Create & share pages & mash-ups. View.

Popist* - Social networking. View.

Postgenomic* - Share & rank life science knowledge. View.

Postsecret* - Share your secrets thru sending in postcards. View.

Previewseek*** - Clustered search. View.

Printeranywhere*** - Use your friends' printers. View.

Profilelinker* - Bring in all your profiles here. View.

Programmableweb** - Web 2.0 reference website, main source on APIs and mash-ups. View.

Programmermeetdesigner* - Partner matching for IT projects. View.

Projectspace* - Organize, manage & collaborate on your projects. View.

Properazzi* - Promote or explore European real estate. View.

Proz* - Global collaboration platform for translators. View.

Psiphon* - Surf the web anonymously. View.

Publishing2** - Web 2.0 from a publishing & marketing point of view. View.

Pushy*~ - Personal portal; also mobile. View.

Qnext* - Share all media & chat about them. View.

Queeky* - Make drawings online & share them. View.

Rapidobject** - 3D print your prototypes & designs. View.

Rapleaf* - Manage your reputation & rate your friends. View.

Rateordate* - Crowd match, singles event maps, online dating. View.

Readon* - Have your video captioned for search purposes. View.

Reardencommerce* - Employee benefit services. View.

Reblogger* - Collect, filter, sort, index & publish feeds. View.

Rebtel*** - Call international for free or at local rates - using your cell phone. View.

Referralmonitor - Track, incentivize & interact with buzzers. View.

Reflexive* - Cocreate & play games. View.

Remotecontrolmail* - Go thru your snail mail digitally before you receive it. View.

Retrievr* - Search images by sketching. View.

Reviewbasics* - Provide & get feedback on content & creative work. View.

Riya* - Face recognition based photo search. View.

Rocketbux* - RocketEngine: deliver targeted offer to credit card holders' cell. RocketLaunch: sms couponing. RocketPower: local closed loops for mobile marketing.. View.

Rollyo* - Create search agents. View.

Root* - Trading platform for realtime consumer data. View.

Rootvaults* - Store, manage & share knowledge online. View.

Rrove* - Save & share places. View.

Rssbus - Connect & share your data thru feeds. View.

Rubyonrails* - Web development framework. View.

Safemail* - Create an uncrawlable image of your email address. View.

Salesforce - CRM & sales solution. View.

Savefinder - Personal shoppers help you to find anything online at the best possible price. View.

Scanr* - Scan, copy, pdf, fax documents using your phone cam. View.

Scratch* - Animate games & tutorials, share & educate eachother. View.

Searchbots** - Create your own search robot. View.

Sellaband~* - Promote your music & find 5000 fans. View.

Semapedia** - Connect the real world to the web with sema codes. View.

Sevenload*** - Upload & share photos & videos. View.

Shoposphere* - Create & share pick lists. View.

Shyno*** - Contact anyone or be contacted through your clothing. View.

Sidekiq* - Hyper meta search. View.

Siteflavoredgoogle* - Tailor adwords to your site. View.

Sitepal* - Design speaking animated avatars. View.

Skemma* - Define, use & improve your business processes collectively. View.

Sketchfurniture** - Materialize free hand sketches into rapid prototyped 3D pieces of furniture. View.

Slapvid* - Watch the Youtube Top25 in 5 minutes. View.

Slide* - Create photo loops & share them on your website. View.

Slurlmaker* - Bookmark sites in Second Life. View.

Smartmoneymarketmap*** - Presenting approx. 500 stocks in 1 view. View.

Snag - Find friends & get other features from all your networks. View.

Snooth* - Social wine selection & buying guide. View.

Socialcircles* - Visualizes relations in an email database. View.

Socialsaga* - Video Q&A. View.

Solutionwatch* - Reviews of 2.0 websites. View.

Songbird - Media player & web browser. View.

Souki*~ - Get better search result through your taste mates. View.

Sourceforge** - Hosts more than 100,000 open source projects. View.

Speedtest* - Check your ISP's speed. View.

Splice* - Mix, mash-up & share your music. View.

Sploder** - Play, make & share games. View.

Spore*** - User generated gameplay & characters. View.

Spotplex* - Frequency ranked news & other web content. View.

Spreadshirt* - Design, buy or sell your T's. View.

Springspotters~* - Watch & share trends. View.

Sprinko* - Do & share everything here. View.

Squace** - Navigate your mobile device's content in a much easier way. View.

Squawklive* - Mashes up stock data & news, sends alerts. View.

Srchr** - Meta search startpage. View.

Stardoll* - Dress up & share your favourite celebrities. View.

Startupbusinessschool* - Tools & tutorials to set up your business. View.

Stickam* - Multimedia communication community. View.

Storeatmyhouse* - Rent out your storage and parking space. View.

Streakr* - Stumble upon, rate & share content from social media. View.

Sugarcrm* - Open source CRM. View.

Sullr* - Reversed mobile phone number search. View.

Summize* - Check millions of user reviews before you buy something (amazingly comprehensive). View.

Sunday* - 24/7 personal assistant, available via telephone and internet. View.

Swarmteams* - Solutions to set up & manage mobile One2- or Many2Many community communications. View.

Swoot**~ - Build your own browser. View.

Sxipper* - Wand service (with OpenID; Firefox only). View.

Symbaloo~* - Speed-dial startpage. View.

Synthravels* - Virtual travel agency (only game destinations!). View.

T9space* - 10x faster browsing on your cell. View.

Tagcrowd - Processes frequency based "tag" cloud from any text file. View.

Talkshoe - Chat, talk 1:1 or in groups (over phone or over IP), host a talkshow. View.

Tapuxmobile* - Mobile fun & community content & apps. View.

Techcrunch* - 2.0 blog. View.

Techforx* - Technology foresight exchange. View.

Technorati* - Find what people are saying. View.

The100lists* - Publish & share your lists. View.

Theadcloud* - Create & tag classified listings. View.

Thebeststuffintheworld* - Publish, discover & share cool things. View.

Tickme* - Find someone you like, tick him/her & see if he/she ticks you back. View.

Tiddlywiki* - Publish and share notes. View.

Touchgraph* - Visualize online data. View.

Treemap*** - A brilliant GUI to huge databases. View.

Trendmill* - Watch & share trends. View.

Trig* - Create & share your network & content, get featured. View.

Trivop* - Video hotel guide & booking system. View.

Trustedplaces* - Review & share great places. View.

Tunefeed* - Share your music on any website. View.

Tutorvista* - Online education in any subject, with 24/7 live tutors. View.

Twerq* - Remember search results in tabs. View.

Ubu* - Upload, explore & share avant-garde art (since 1996). View.

Uize** - Java API Library. View.

Ujiko** - Visual your search, manipulate results, manage your reputation (by the wizards from Kartoo); the more you use it, the more cool features you get. View.

Universe** - Presents search results in stellar clouds. View.

Urladex* - Trade shares in sites (olim Alexadex). View.

Utensil-ed* - Submit ideas and concepts & brainstorm about them with other users. View.

Velvetpuffin* - Mobile community. View.

Videostumbleupon - Link to, rate & share videos. View.

Viewdle* - Index and search video content thru face recognition software. View.

Votigo** - Create & share a video or photo contest (addictive!). View.

Vuvox** - Collect, create & publish your media. View.

Wablet** - Chat & IM from websites using several identities. View.

Wakoopa~* - Create your software profile, share it & get suggestions for cool stuff. View.

Wamily* - Share & collaborate everything with your group. View.

WCC** - Matching & search solutions. View.

Webcommons (formerly: Democracy20)* - Consumers/Citizens unite!. View.

Weewar* - Multiplayer strategy map game (see how other users play!). View.

Whatalist* - Explore, publish & share lists. View.

Wiffiti - Text your message to public screens. View.

Wikibios* - Let your friends collaborate on your bio. View.

Wikimindmap* - Search wiki content with mindmap interface. View.

Wikipedia* - Read & co-edit encyclopedia. View.

Wordpress** - Publish your blog (Wordpress). View.

Wuzzon*~ - Create your own mobile content, and a shop to sell it. View.

Wwwhatsnew - 2.0 blog. View.

Xfruits* - RSS2XHTML, RSS2mobile, RSS2PDF, etc.. View.

Xing** - Community for entrepreneurs & professionals. View.

X-moment*~ - Publish an event at a location. View.

Yahoomaps* - Global & local maps & search mash-ups. View.

Yahoopipes** - Remix feeds, create mash-ups & share them. View.

Yaoti* - Let virtual actors explain, present & point to content on your homepage, in video. View.

Youronramp* - Community of professional women, on- or offramping their career. View.

Youtube* - Upload & share video. View.

Yubnub* - Search & share search commands. View.

Zamzar* - Convert your files online. View.

Zentation* - Synchronise & publish video & Powerpoint presentations. View.

Zlango* - Icon language for sms. View.

Zolow* - Publish & rate messages on local bulletin boards. View.

Zoominfo* - Search persons; create your own page. View.

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