26 April 2008

BROWSER 2.0: 41 web & media browsers & browser plugins for your pc or cell

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: 3D 2.0, CODING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Clip2net - Share your screen & your files. View.

Cobrowser~ - Chat & co-browse with your site visitors. View.

Gotomeeting - Present, demonstrate & collaborate & chat. View.

Seetoo* - Invite buddies to co-browse your videos (without uploading). View.

Thatsmymouse - Co-browse maps with friends. View.

Wyzo - Browser optimizing your media experience. View.

3B - 3D web browser. View.

Ajax - Mozilla developer community. View.

Ajaxamp - Get Winamp in your browser. View.

Amarok~ - Music player for Linux & Unix. View.

Baresite - View websites fast & easy with your mobile. View.

Browse3D - 3D web browser. View.

Browster - Search & browse instantly. View.

Bubbles - Launch frequently used sites in your system tray from a light browser (download). View.

Camino - Mozilla power & Mac style browser. View.

Filenice - File browser (client). View.

Flock - Social web browser. View.

Ghostzilla - Browse the web within other apps. View.

Glance - Share your screen (7 day free trial). View.

Goowy* - Personal portal (desktop & browser versions). View.

Heatseek - Browse porn more efficiently. View.

Heeii~ - Get context relevant suggestions for further reading while you browse. View.

Hyperscope - Navigate, view & link to documents in new ways. View.

Iglance - Push-to-talk videoconf and screen-sharing. View.

Ireader - Mouse-over a link & get a summary. View.

Madcat - Media browser. View.

Maxthon - Tabbed browser, IE-compatible. View.

Miro* - Open video player. View.

Mozilla - Browser add-ons & mash-ups. View.

Mozilladeveloper - Ajax developer community. View.

Operamini* - Mobile web browser. View.

Palary - Ajax browser. View.

Piggy-bank - Semantic web browser (Firefox). View.

Plusmo - Fast, customizable way to get the web on your phone. View.

Projectip - Recognizes anything on your computer. View.

Songbird - Media player & web browser. View.

Spacetime* - 3D browser. View.

Spherexplorer - 3D web browser. View.

Swift - Safari-like browser for Windows (very alpha). View.

Swoot**~ - Build your own browser. View.

T9space* - 10x faster browsing on your cell. View.

Workfriendly - Make surfing look like working in Word. View.

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