26 April 2008

BUSINESS 2.0: 56 tools & sources that can help you to start up, organize, manage, improve, promote, sell & network for a company

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ENTERPRISE 2.0, MARKETING 2.0, PRODUCTIVITY 2.0, SALES 2.0, START-UP 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Billeo - Transaction management solution for SME & consumers (bill pay-, profile- & password assistant). View.

Cofoundr - Community where you can find co-founders, build teams, and get advice on starting up a business. View.

Eloqua - Execute, automate and measure B2B marketing. View.

Fastcompany* - Share ideas on work & life, and your profile. View.

Ideablob - Submit, share & get votes on business ideas. View.

Ideablob - Submit, share & get votes on business ideas. View.

Invoicejournal - Process your invoices online, for free. View.

Listomi - Social list management & repository. View.

Littleengine - Small business search engine. View.

Makemesustainable - Help each other to identify and accomplish sustainable goals. View.

Marzar - Form business relationships, create groups, find suppliers & clients. View.

Moli - Manage multiple profiles & separate your social, business and family relationships. View.

Mymapcards - Put yourself on the map, do business, or date. View.

Mynewcompany - Incorporate or form your company online. View.

Productblazer - Find manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers & retailers. View.

Asterisk* - Open source phone system (free). View.

Bea* - AquaLogic enterprise social computing suite. View.

Biznik - Business network. View.

Bizwiki - Uk social directory guide. View.

Burstcast - Upload & share photos. View.

Business-planet - Submit & rate business news. View.

Businesssoftware - Article on running a business on Web 2.0-based software. View.

Cogmap - Create, edit & share org charts. View.

Directmatches - Social business directory guide. View.

Doostang - Community for professionals. View.

Elevatorpitch - Upload, read & rate pitches. View.

Fluttervoice - Invoicing solution. View.

Franchisegator - Ajaxified franchise search & match. View.

Gettomas - Online artist management tool. View.

Gobignetwork - Community of startup companies. View.

Helpmework - Business management services for consultants and freelancers. View.

Howmuchisyourblogworth - Compute your blog's worth. View.

Iconnecte - Community for start-ups. View.

Komuniki - Communicate easily and strengthen your international network. View.

Manyworlds - Explore business info reviewed & ranked by experts. View.

Mashery - API management solutions unlocking web services channels. View.

Mfg - Request & evaluate quotes from suppliers, globally. View.

Mixpo - Present yourself in multimedia. View.

Musicarsenal - Music business management tools. View.

Partnerup - Community for professionals. View.

Planhq - Collaborate on business plans. View.

Qliktech - Business performance & intelligence solutions. View.

Referralkey - Community for business referrals. View.

Saasu - Accounting solution. View.

Smblive - Share all business applications. View.

Spoke - Community for professionals. View.

Startupbusinessschool* - Tools & tutorials to set up your business. View.

Suggest4 - Submit & rate articles on travel, marketing & business. View.

Upspring - B2B social networking. View.

Vitamin - Resource for designers, developers & entrepreneurs. View.

Web20strategy - Does every organization need one? Great article by Dion Hinchcliffe. View.

Whynotad - Social business advertising guide. View.

Work - Publish & share articles on SME business. View.

Xing** - Community for entrepreneurs & professionals. View.

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Anonymous said...

wow what an extensive list. i have a something to add though - SantexQ online project management tool. It's an all-in-one web-based tool that allows you to track tasks, generate reports and log time. Definitely worth a look!

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