24 February 2008

Curriculumillusione**~ - Get insight in & share your future life, and reach the Walhalla

Very cool community concept, brought live by Dutch educational broadcasting organization RVU.

"This website will help you to write your own CI using 17 inspiring questions and sample CIs of well-known people. Allow the questions to guide you or use your own system and get started on your timeline right away. You can add images to your information using the unique 'Picture This' tool. The result will be your life in pictures.
You can end a session whenever you wish, to take time to reflect. We advise you to do this at least once, leaving at least 24 hours in between. Your information will be saved and you will see it next time you log in. At the end of the CI process, you can print out your timeline, or ask [...] to print it and send it to you in a full-colour folder. A completed CI will also allow you to access Walhalla, where you can do things like match your CI with other people’s."

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