12 April 2008

DATA 2.0: 76 ways to build, visualize, organize, manage, search, analyze, protect, publish & share data

Italic = new in this index. Related category: DATABASE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Best4c - Create, edit & share charts anytime, anywhere. View.

Chartchooser - Choose the right template for your chart visualization. View.

Dataportability - Open standards for sharing and remixing of data. View.

Drawanywhere - Draw & share charts & diagrams online. View.

Gladorsad~ - Have emotions in portrait photos assessed by software. View.

Graphwise - Explore,upload & share table data. View.

Itol - Interactive tool for phylogenetic tree of life display and annotation. View.

Rcache - Archive data from many unrelated sources. View.

Scientificmatch - Go through DNA, personality & value matching to find a perfect partner. View.

Amazontreemap - Treemap example with "All Digital Cameras"; many more at this link. View.

Ambientdevices* - Datacasting inc. interfaces. View.

Annotea - Create & share metadata. View.

App2you* - Create web-based databases in minutes (MS Access killer?). View.

Bibme** - Build a bibliography on the web. View.

Bibster - Search, share & manage bibliographic metadata. View.

Bookjetty - Catalog, tag, rate & review books, and check their availability in 300 libraries. View.

Caspio - Create dbase apps without programming. View.

Cebase - Enter & share data. View.

Cl1pnet - Copy & paste between computers. View.

Cleversafe - Software for dispersed data storage. View.

Codecubed - Treemap to popular things on web. View.

Cordance - Dataweb technologies. View.

Cynin - Manage, organize, store, search, collaborate, discuss, share & publish any kind of data . View.

Dapper** - API generator. View.

Dash* - Internet-connected navigation system. View.

Data360 - Find, present & share data. View.

Datamashups - Create mash-ups & apps . View.

Datamining - Reporting on new things with a focus on movies, NLP, blogosphere data & visualizing them. View.

Diggswarm - See diggers swarm around active stories. View.

Emoze - Mobile email and PIM data. View.

Eunifydb - Organize & manage your data. View.

Everythingfreight - Enterprise logistics date & reporting services. View.

Flexdirectory - List people, groups, jobs. View.

Flexlists~ - Create & share lists. View.

Foafproject - Contribute to web of machine-readable pages describing people & their networks. View.

Franz - Semantic web technologies. View.

Freebase - Organize & manage your data. View.

Hivegroup - Treemap specialist. View.

Hivegroup 6*** - Salesforce management treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 7*** - Treemap for product management. View.

Hivegroup 8*** - Treemap for purchasing performance management. View.

Honeycomnewsmap* - News treemap. View.

Itunestreemap - Track the iTunes Top 100 songs as they move up and down the charts. View.

Jackbe - Enterprise platform enabling to access & mash-up any data to improve collaboration. View.

Knownow - Connecting data, apps & people. View.

Kowari - Store, retrieve or analyse metadata. View.

Lazybase - Create, manage & share databases. View.

Listphile - Create & share lists, databases, and atlases. View.

Liveplasma* - Search & find other things to your taste. View.

Manyeyes* - Explore, create, upload & share data visualizations. View.

Merit - Treemap for Marine Corps Equipment Readiness Information Tool. View.

Myowndb - Organize & manage your data. View.

Mywebdb - Organize & manage your data. View.

Nenest - Create forms & dbases without programming. View.

Nexidia - Transform av data into business intelligence. View.

Ottobib - Create a bibliography by just submitting ISBN numbers. View.

Peets - Treemap product comparison. View.

Powehousemuseum - Contribute to museum object folksonomy. View.

Reger - Datamine your blog. View.

Root* - Trading platform for realtime consumer data. View.

Squawklive* - Mashes up stock data & news, sends alerts. View.

Swivel - Publish & share data. View.

Tafiti - Visualize, store & share research . View.

Teamdesk - Organize & manage your data. View.

Touchgraph* - Visualize online data. View.

Trackvia - Organize & manage your data. View.

Treemap*** - A brilliant GUI to huge databases. View.

Turbodbadmin - Online dbase in Ajax. View.

Universe** - Presents search results in stellar clouds. View.

Visualcomplexity - Visualize complexity. View.

Visuwords - Graphical dictionary offering meanings & associations. View.

WCC** - Matching & search solutions. View.

Websitesasgraphs - Show your links as a graph. View.

Well-formed-data - Elastic list browsing demo for multi facetted data. View.

Wikicalc - Create & share spreadsheets. View.

Wufoo - Build & host forms (and databases). View.

Yworks - Analyze, view & draw graphs, diagrams, and networks. View.

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