13 April 2008

CRM 2.0: 77 ways to organize your pipeline & sales a/o to socialize relationship management

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ENTERPRISE 2.0, MARKETING 2.0, SALES 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Cobrowser~ - Chat & co-browse with your site visitors. View.

H-care - Platforms for multi-channel self-service. View.

Leadsexplorer - Nurture and convert web site visitors into prospects & clients. View.

Magsuite - On demand ERP/CRM for SME. View.

Netbooks - Small business ERP solution. View.

Netmining** - Nurture and convert web site visitors into prospects & clients. View.

Qelp~ - Customer selfcare platform for mobile applications. View.

Supportspace* - Get or give live tech support for a small fee. View.

24sevenoffice - Web-based crm & erp. View.

Ampminsure - Submit & rate insurance information & help each other. View.

Askmehelpdesk - Provides answers & get tipped. View.

Averiware - CRM solution. View.

Bconnections - CRM solution. View.

Bluebuzzard - Hospitality sales & marketing management solution. View.

Clevertools - Project, time, financial, sales & lead management solution. View.

Clientscribe - CRM solution for SME. View.

Contactnetworks - Enterprise relationship management solutions. View.

Corveum - CRM solution. View.

Creativemanager - CRM solution. View.

Crossloop - Share your screen. View.

Ebase - Web-based community CRM. View.

E-junkie - Solve & outsource all online sales. View.

Entellium - CRM solution. View.

Etapestry - CRM solution. View.

Ether - Set up your call centre, make money. View.

E-tranet - CRM. View.

Experticity - Solutions for live agents, on-screen and on-demand. View.

Feedback20 - Engage an audience in a themed conversation. View.

Fixya - Social helpdesk. View.

Freecrm - CRM solution. View.

Getsatisfaction* - People powered customer service. View.

Heap - CRM solution for SME. View.

Help2go - Free computer help community. View.

Helperoo - Email support system. View.

Highrise - Track your contacts & your communication history with them. View.

Hivegroup 6*** - Salesforce management treemap demo. View.

Honeypitch* - Proposal automation solution. View.

Ifmodules - Manage email marketing & response. View.

Invoiceplace - Proposal & invoicing solution. View.

Iotum - Sorts & processes calls on relevance. View.

Leads360 - Leads management solution. View.

Liveworld - Moderation & member care services for communities. View.

Maywehelp - Surf any web page & chat with other site visitors. View.

Mojohelpdesk - Track user requests & get satisfaction ratings. View.

Netsuite** - Manage all your business in one integrated suite. View.

Nophonetrees* - "Bringo" scans phonetrees, calls you back when it's your turn. View.

Oryanoo - Virtual office & CRM suite. View.

Packet8 - IPBX call center solution. View.

Panthius - CRM solution. View.

Pipeline - Track your deals & organize your team. View.

Pipelinedeals - CRM & sales solution. View.

Projectstatus - Keep your clients updated on their projects. View.

Pushcrm - Web-based crm. View.

Relationals - CRM solution for media. View.

Relenta - CRM tool set. View.

Relenta - CRM tool set. View.

Responsetek - Multichannel customer experience management solution. View.

Rightnow - CRM solution. View.

Salesboom - CRM & sales solution. View.

Salesforce - CRM & sales solution. View.

Salesjunction - CRM & sales solution. View.

Simpleticket - Helpdesk solution. View.

Sky-click - VoIP callcenter solution. View.

Solve360 - Groupware CRM. View.

Sproutit - Mailroom: process email together. View.

Starterbase - Create, organize & share data on the web. View.

Stazzle - Organize, manage & improve client relationships. View.

Sugarcrm* - Open source CRM. View.

Umando - Automated IT helpdesk service. View.

Unfuddle - Ticket, source control & project management. View.

Userscape - Web-based help desk portal. View.

Vendio - Small online business sales tools (olim Ándale). View.

Visiblepath - Relationship management tools. View.

Vtiger - Open source CRM. View.

Workingsol - Make money on providing technical support. View.

Yaoti* - Let virtual actors explain, present & point to content on your homepage, in video. View.

Zohocrm - Web-based crm. View.

Zolved - Users help users to solve computer problems. View.

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