13 April 2008

CONTENT COMMERCE 2.0: 208 ways to make a buck on creating, publishing & selling your texts, photos, music, video, software, game assets, etc.

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: AUDIO 2.0, BLOGGING 2.0, BOOKS 2.0, CODING 2.0, ECOMMERCE 2.0, GAMING 2.0, MECOMMERCE 2.0, MULTIMEDIA 2.0, MUSIC 2.0, PHOTO 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0, SERVICE COMMERCE 2.0, VIDEO 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Alonetone - Host, distribute & share MP3s. View.

Attributor - Track, protect & monetize your content all over the web. View.

Comicspace - Community for comic fans where you can create a gallery & sell from it. View.

Cornerworld - Sell your content to your fans. View.

Criticalmetrics* - Track recommendations & playlists so you can find, try & buy buy music. View.

Crunchyroll - Explore, upload & share anime videos (and pay for HQ). View.

Cutcaster* - Submit, request, buy or sell video, audio clips & photos. View.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Flickflop - Trade your used DVDs. View.

Fluc - Earn money on your mobile from content relevant to you. View.

Goozex - Trade your games for points & points to get other games for only $1. View.

Grooveshark - Discover, review & share music, and make money on it. View.

Imooch - Rate other users' content & make them rich. View.

Intomusic - Legal independent MP3 music downloads. View.

Livegamer - Player2player virtual assets trading. View.

Livenation - Search for concerts & tickets. View.

Mixaloo - Share your playlist, sell your mixes. View.

Mubito - Create & manage music web communities. View.

Multigames - Upload & share flash games and mobile ringtones for free. View.

Multigames - Upload & share flash games and mobile ringtones for free. View.

Playspan - Game search, virtual goods marketplace & payment tools for game publishers. View.

Quickinsert - Let users log in before they can see your content (& let them pay). View.

Rezgo - Online booking solution to sell your tours. View.

Scenecaster* - Create & share 3D locations & trade in 3D objects. View.

Shareapic - Upload unlimited photos, publish them elsewhere & get paid $ 0.22 per cpm. View.

Shelfmates - Catalog your media collections, meet people with similar tastes, get recommendations. View.

Showclix - Find concerts, track artists, promote shows & sell tickets. View.

Snapvillage - User-generated image licensing marketplace (by Corbis). View.

Sparter - Virtual goods exchange. View.

Strayform - Fund artists' proposals & get their stuff free of DRM. View.

Woozyfly - Explore, share, promote music. View.

Zipidee - Marketplace for your digital goods. View.

451press - Write a blog, and get a rev share. View.

Alamy - Search stock images. View.

Amiestreet - Music market (price increases with popularity). View.

Associatedcontent - Produce & publish content, get paid. View.

Avangate - Sell your software online. View.

Babelgum - Create your own tv channels over IP. View.

Bandbuzz - Explore & rate music playlists. View.

Bandchemistry - Find band members or a band to play in. View.

Beaguide - Make money on writing articles. View.

Beatport - Music download store. View.

Bigstockphoto - Upload your images, have them reviewed & sell them. View.

Bix* - Create & vote for content, and win. View.

Bleep - Music download store. View.

Blish - Buy or sell your media. View.

Blogburner - Write a blog, and get a rev share. View.

Blogburst - Syndicate blogs to mainstream media sites. View.

Bloggerwave - Make money on writing reviews on your blog. View.

Blogitive - Make money on writing articles on your blog. View.

Blogprinting - Publish, print & sell it. View.

Blogsvertise - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog. View.

Blogtoprofit - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog. View.

Bluemountainarts - Submit your poems & get paid if they use it for greeting cards. View.

Blurb - Turn your blog into a book. View.

Booksconnect - Community for readers, authors, publishers, librarians & booksellers. View.

Brightcove - Upload, explore, rate, share & syndicate videos. View.

Btbot - Search bittorrents & ringtones. View.

Ccpublisher - Tag your media files with Creative Commons, publish them on your website a/o get free hosting. View.

Celebsafari - Submit your photos of celebrities. View.

Celljournalist - Sell your scoops live. View.

Clickcaster - Record, license, publish & promote your radio show. View.

Coinlogic - Make money on your content. View.

Congoo - Search and preview premium content for free. View.

Crazoo - Make money on starting new threads and posting in forums. View.

Creamaid - Spread the word thru your blog & get paid. View.

Create-ringtone - Create & send ringtones, wallpapers, videos etc. to your mobile phone. View.

Creativecommons - Manage your digital rights. View.

Creative-weblogging - Make money on blogging. View.

Cruxy - Sell, promote, buy your content. View.

Dailylit - Subscribe to books delivered by email, in chunks you define. View.

Daytipper - Make money on writing tips. View.

Deviantart - Publish or buy from art portfolios. View.

Digitaljournal - Identify, rank & share interesting news. View.

Docly - Publish, share or sell your documents. View.

Doggdot (formerly: Diggdot) - Contribute to news magazine and get paid for it. View.

Elisteningpost - Upload & sell your music (for indies). View.

Emusic - Music download store. View.

Everybit - Share your media. View.

Everyzing - Digital media merchandising platform (olim Podzinger). View.

Expressdigital - Create a shop & sell your photos. View.

Eyejot - Communicate through video messaging. View.

Faketown - Create, buy, sell, trade & share virtual assets. View.

Fatfoogoo* - Real money trading for game goods and services. View.

Feedshow - Feed reader + shares rev with publishers. View.

Flipadisc - Trade media. View.

Flixya - Upload & share videos + revenues. View.

Flotones - Upload & sell indie music over mobile. View.

Forumboosting - Make money on posting in forums. View.

Fotochatter - Publish & share photo on web & cell. View.

Fotolia* - Buy & sell images. View.

Fuzz - Upload & share or sell your music (for indies). View.

Gamegum - Submit your flash game & make some money on it. View.

Gametrove - Sell your games directly to users, disintermediating publishers. View.

Gather - Share passions & get paid. View.

Gazhoo - Search & make money on documents. View.

Gibeo - Share web annotations & content. View.

Howmuchisyourblogworth - Compute your blog's worth. View.

Iletyou - Rent media from & to anyone. View.

Imagecatalog - Submit & sell your photos. View.

Indiekarma - Pay a cent to see a blog. View.

Indiepad - Buy or sell indie music. View.

Interact10ways* - Interact with Getty images. View.

Istockphoto - Buy & sell images. View.

Itunes - Apple's music download store. View.

Jaman - Watch or distribute international & art movies over IP. View.

Jukeboxalive - Upload & share, promote & sell your music & gigs (for indies). View.

Justanswer - Make money on sharing your knowledge. View.

Kaneva - Digital entertainment marketplace (3D). View.

Knacktion - Share & sell your talent & content. View.

Lala - Swap CDs, from July 4th. View.

Libsyn - Syndicate podcasts. View.

Lirama~ - Upload, explore & share song lyrics. View.

Lulu - Publish & sell your content. View.

Magnatune - Music download store. View.

Mailmydisc~ - Exchange your media. View.

Matchbook - Betting exchange. View.

Mbuzzy - Create & share ringtones, wallpapers and videos. View.

Mediasilo - Digital asset management. View.

Mobixie - Create, explore & share mobile content. View.

Mochikit - Suite of JS libraries. View.

Morguefile - Public image archive. View.

Mp3 - Community of artists & fans. View.

Mp3tunes - Upload & listen to your music. View.

Mtraks - Buy or sell indie music. View.

Musicane - Buy or sell audio, video and ringtones. View.

Musicnation - Upload & share, promote & sell your music & gigs (for indies). View.

Mybigfishgames - Review & share casual games & get rewarded. View.

Mybookyourbook - Register, list & swop books. View.

Mynumo - Create, share or sell mobile content. View.

Nbbc - B2B marketplace for video syndication. View.

Nooked - Manage & commercialize your feeds. View.

Numly - Tag & protect your content with serial numbers (formerly ESBN). View.

Odeo - Record & share audio. View.

Ourstage - Submit songs & video, let the users decide & win money prizes. View.

Ourstockworks - Upload, sell or buy stockphotos. View.

Panjea - Upload & share content, and get paid for it. View.

Payperpost - Buy a buzz in the bloggosphere. View.

Payplayfm - Music download store. View.

Payu2blog - Make money on writing reviews. View.

Peerimpact - Swap video P2P and get paid. View.

Perspectives*** - Visualizes spatio-temporaly the places we inhabit. View.

Pheedfire - Manage, measure & monetize your feeds. View.

Photostockplus - Submit & sell your photos. View.

Picprizes - Publish & share photos, and win prizes. View.

Pixelperfect - Search stock images. View.

Pixilis - Upload & share or sell media. View.

Plinkme - Publish your photos-widget or get photos for free. View.

Pocketfuzz - Create & sell your own ringtones. View.

Podlinez - Explore podcasts on your cell. View.

Pooxi - Upload & (revenue) share video. View.

Postreach - Get your posting shadow-published on subject-relevant other blogs. View.

Projectopus - Publish, share or sell music. View.

Qoop - Publish & sell photos & photo products. View.

Rawsugar - Social bookmarking directory & revenue sharing. View.

Rbuilder - Explore, customize or build & sell web apps. View.

Reeltime - P2P solution to download & rent movies over IP. View.

Reviewme - Pay or get paid to review websites. View.

Revver - Upload, share or sell your videos. View.

Rightcart - Sell your own or 3d parties' stuff on your site. View.

Royaltyshare - Royalty processing & management platform. View.

Rtmaker - Make, upload & share ringtones. View.

Sayswap - Game trading community. View.

Scooplive - Sell your scoops live. View.

Scoopt - Upload & sell news photos. View.

Scratchnscribble - Mail real handwritten postcards. View.

Scriggity - Contribute to this news vodcast. View.

Sellaband~* - Promote your music & find 5000 fans. View.

Shareapic - Make money on uploading and sharing photos. View.

Shinyletter - Mail2snailmail. View.

Shutterstock - Submit & sell your photos. View.

Skoeps~ - Citizen journalism based news. View.

Smorty - Make money on writing articles on your blog. View.

Socialmedia - Social app management, marketing, and monetization network. View.

Solomodels - Upload, communicate with, vote for, hire or buy from photographers & models. View.

Splitgames - Trade games (French). View.

Spout - Publish & share reviews, buy films. View.

Spymedia - Publish & sell news photos. View.

Stardoll* - Dress up & share your favourite celebrities. View.

Stockarena - Post on stocks, get graded & make money with it. View.

Stockpert - Search stock images. View.

Stockphotofinder - Search stock images. View.

Stockxpert - Submit & sell your photos. View.

Storycode - Read, code, find & share books. View.

Subscribecast - Sell content thru RSS-based subscription format. View.

Swapsimple - Trade your media. View.

Swaptree - Swap your media. View.

Switchdiscs - Media trading community. View.

Switchplanet - Trade media online (olim Switchdiscs). View.

Synthravels* - Virtual travel agency (only game destinations!). View.

Techdirt - Share your opinion & get paid for it. View.

Textive - Backup service. View.

Treblenation - Community connecting musicians and venues with fans. View.

Tunecore - Create & sell music. View.

Ultrastar - Offer your fans a value add online content experience during your tour. View.

Upblogger - Make money on your content. View.

Vfxy - Photoblog syndication community. View.

Visuarios - Publish & share how-to videos. View.

Watchthisnext - Vote for & buy DVDs. View.

Weblo - Play & earn in world game. View.

Weedshare - Play, buy, share & sell music. View.

Wegeo - Buy or sell data maps. View.

Wordcast - Host, manage, measure & monetize podcasting. View.

Wordfirm - Make money on publishing books. View.

Wuzzon*~ - Create your own mobile content, and a shop to sell it. View.

Xlr8mobile - Mobile content distribution solutions. View.

Yiibu - Remix, adapt, expand, share & sell content. View.

Yotophoto - Publish & sell photos. View.

Zunafish - Buy & sell old media items. View.

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