12 April 2008

DATABASE 2.0: 139 ways to systematically explore, list, catalog, manage, publish & share bibliographies, discographies & other collections

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: BOOKS 2.0, DATA 2.0, LIST 2.0, MUSIC 2.0, VIDEO 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

22books - Explore, create & share book lists. View.

Alluc - Explore & contribute to database of links to videos on 3rd party websites. View.

Bookbump - Explore or publish & share book lists & reviews. View.

Booktagger - List the books you've read & share them with others. View.

Delicious-monster* - Catalog, browse & share your books, games & media. View.

Elastra - Infinitely scalable on-demand relational database system. View.

Listomi - Social list management & repository. View.

Mockatoo - Create, manage & share your collections. View.

Musicr - Explore & share discographies & lyrics. View.

Ocwfinder - Open courseware database & search. View.

Photology - Filter, sort & manage your photos intuitively. View.

Platewire* - Hold other drivers accountable for their actions on the road (or send a flirt message…). View.

Zohodb - Create, share & collaborate on databases & reports. View.

Adaptiveblue - Collect & manage favourite things. View.

Albumart - Search for CD and DVD covers. View.

Allconsuming - List & share everything you like. View.

Amazontreemap - Treemap example with "All Digital Cameras"; many more at this link. View.

Annotea - Create & share metadata. View.

Anobii - Publish, share & discover booklists. View.

Anymails - Visualize your email inbox (prototype demo). View.

App2you* - Create web-based databases in minutes (MS Access killer?). View.

Bibliophil - List your books & share. View.

Bibme** - Build a bibliography on the web. View.

Bibsonomy - Share bookmarks & literature lists. View.

Bibster - Search, share & manage bibliographic metadata. View.

Bigcite - Publish & share quotes. View.

Bookjetty - Catalog, tag, rate & review books, and check their availability in 300 libraries. View.

Caspio - Create dbase apps without programming. View.

Cebase - Enter & share data. View.

Chainreading - List, review & recommend books. View.

Chicagocrime - Crime dbase map mash-up. View.

Classiccat - Free classical mp3 directory. View.

Cluebacca - Storing & organizing text clips. View.

Coastr - List & share your beers and beer places. View.

Colib - Tag, share & sort your media. View.

Collectik - Upload, manage, mix & share podcasts. View.

Colshare - Database & share your collections. View.

Connectviabooks - List, review & discuss books. View.

Corkd - Catalog, rate & review wine. View.

Coverpop - Shopping assortment visualizations. View.

Dapper** - API generator. View.

Datamining - Reporting on new things with a focus on movies, NLP, blogosphere data & visualizing them. View.

Daz*~ - Explore, contribute to & share the biggest music dbase. View.

Dictionary - Write & share anything. View.

Dine52 - Social bookmarking. View.

Discogs - User-built music database. View.

Douban - Catalog, rate, review & share books & music. View.

Easybib - Bibliography composer. View.

Evoca - Create, manage, share & search voice recordings. View.

Flexdirectory - List people, groups, jobs. View.

Flexlists~ - Create & share lists. View.

Flickrgraph** - Visualize your network on Flickr. View.

Foafproject - Contribute to web of machine-readable pages describing people & their networks. View.

Freebase - Organize & manage your data. View.

Geotagit - Upload & share geotagged collections. View.

Goodnotes - Bookmark, leave notes at & categorize web pages. View.

Gotapi - Searchable database of APIs. View.

Hivegroup - Treemap specialist. View.

Hivegroup 1*** - Purchasing performance management. View.

Hivegroup 2*** - iTunes treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 3*** - Amazon treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 4*** - World population treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 5*** - Process & quality management treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 6*** - Salesforce management treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 6*** - Salesforce management treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 7*** - Treemap for product management. View.

Hivegroup 8*** - Treemap for purchasing performance management. View.

Honeycomnewsmap* - News treemap. View.

Hypetracker - Popular news searches in graphs. View.

Itaggit - Catalog & organize and share or sell your collections. View.

Itredux* - Concise categorized database of Office 2.0 companies. View.

Itunestreemap - Track the iTunes Top 100 songs as they move up and down the charts. View.

Kolektors - Create, manage, access & share your collections. View.

Lazybase - Create, manage & share databases. View.

Librarious - Catalogue your collection. View.

Librarything - Catalogue & share your library. View.

Listphile - Create & share lists, databases, and atlases. View.

Literature-map - User-built literature database. View.

Liveplasma* - Search & find other things to your taste. View.

Lyricwiki - Collaborate on lyrics database. View.

Magg - Aggregates movies from many websites. View.

Mapbuilder - Mash-up your own maps. View.

Mapkit - Create & share your own map. View.

Mapstats - Check your PR. View.

Merit - Treemap for Marine Corps Equipment Readiness Information Tool. View.

Movielens - List, review & discuss films. View.

Movietally - Catalogue, recommend & share movie info. View.

Musicovery - Web radio from Liveplasma. View.

Musicsack - Repository of data about people involved in music. View.

Myfilmz - List, review & discuss films. View.

Myowndb - Organize & manage your data. View.

Mywebdb - Organize & manage your data. View.

Nenest - Create forms & dbases without programming. View.

Newsmap*** - Newsmap. View.

Newsmap*** - Rank-interfaced news (who knows what happened to Hives?). View.

Newzbubble - Watch your news in bubbles. View.

Ontoplist - Claim your issue , customize & manage your toplist. View.

Openinhoud~ - Share links to and reviews of open source software. View.

Ottobib - Create a bibliography by just submitting ISBN numbers. View.

Partyvibes~ - Publish & share parties in Holland. View.

Peets - Treemap product comparison. View.

Peets*** - Coffee selector treemap. View.

Perspectives*** - Visualizes spatio-temporaly the places we inhabit. View.

Plurn - List, listen to, create & share music. View.

Portableplaylist - List & listen to your sounds, anywhere. View.

Powehousemuseum - Contribute to museum object folksonomy. View.

Productwiki - Collaborative product info resource. View.

Questsin - Collaborate on dictionary. View.

Radioblogclub - List & save your favourite tracks. View.

Reader2 - List, review & discuss books. View.

Recipething - Organize & share your recipes. View.

Rssvoyage - Organize & read your feeds on a timeline. View.

Searchcrystals - visualize your search. View.

Shelfari - Show, review, share your books. View.

Simile - Semantic interoperability of metadata and information tools. View.

Smartmoneymarketmap*** - Presenting approx. 500 stocks in 1 view. View.

Snacksby - Tell what you have in your pantry and get a recipe. View.

Snapbits - Store, sort & retrieve bits of information. View.

Socialcircles* - Visualizes relations in an email database. View.

Squirl - Organize & share your media collections. View.

Storycode - Read, code, find & share books. View.

Stuffspace - List & share what you own & what you want. View.

Swagroll - List & share all your media. View.

Tnook - Build, manage & trade your collections. View.

Treemap*** - A brilliant GUI to huge databases. View.

Treemaptechniques - Comprehensive article. View.

Turbodbadmin - Online dbase in Ajax. View.

U-lik - Build your virtual library & share it. View.

Unalog - Share what you read, in groups. View.

Universe** - Presents search results in stellar clouds. View.

Videotag - Play video tagging game & enrich their search database. View.

Virtualinstrumentmuseum - Search musical instruments. View.

Visual-literacy - E-learning tutorial on visualization. View.

WCC** - Matching & search solutions. View.

Webjay - Playlist community. View.

Websitesasgraphs - Show your links as a graph. View.

Whatshouldireadnext - Share your bookshelf. View.

Wufoo - Build & host forms (and databases). View.

Zebo - List & share what you own & what you want. View.

Zestr - Catalog all your media online. View.

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