12 April 2008

DATING 2.0: 54 special, more or less social or open or random or funny, kinds of dating

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNITY 2.0, IRL 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Aka-aki - Connect to people in your vicinity. View.

Boonex - Deploy & manage dating sites & ommunities. View.

Eyealike - Upload a photo of who you find attractive, find a lookalike & connect. View.

Kizmeet* - Find him/her back here if you fell in love at first glance. View.

Mymapcards - Put yourself on the map, do business, or date. View.

Travelerstable - Connect with people you want to meet offline. View.

Tripim - Find travelers who are in the same country. View.

Whosgoing - Find events & people going there too. View.

Woome - Video speed dating. View.

43people - Tag based matching & dating. View.

Airtroductions - 8 miles high dating. View.

Collaboradate - Meta dating website. View.

Conservativematch - Only for rednecks. View.

Consumating - Tag based dating. View.

Desnackbar~ - Find the one you want to have a snack with. View.

Doubledate - Pair up with friends. View.

Eharmony - Dating for not so young people. View.

Engage - Matchmake for your friends. View.

Faces - Publish & share photos, music & blogs, communicate & date. View.

Flirtomatic - Flirt & date. View.

Getthemlaid - Post your friends' pictures & give them some action. View.

Going - Show where you go around town. View.

Googleromance - Find your soulmates. View.

Gottaflirt - Flirt game. View.

Greatboyfriends - Post & match your brother's or sister's profile. View.

Honestyfirst - Dating for honest people. View.

Hotornot - Geo dating (map mash-up). View.

Impersonals - Date without being creepy. View.

Itsjustlunch - Lunch dating for professionals. View.

Kisstokiss - Dating. View.

Matchactivity - Connect to likeminded people. View.

Matchmypet - Find a date for your pet. View.

Meetmoi - Mobile dating. View.

Mmotr - Automotive (dating) community. View.

Okcupid - Submit questions, define parameters & get matched for a date. View.

Ollo~ - Location based mobile dating. View.

Paird - Social matchmaking. View.

Planjam - Plan &/or find dates, events & trips. View.

Playdate - Go out & date in Atlanta. View.

Playtxt - Socialize, flirt thru sms. View.

Plentyoffish - Reallyreallyreally free dating service. View.

Rateordate* - Crowd match, singles event maps, online dating. View.

Redlightcenter - 3D adult community. View.

Sargenation - Submit & rate articles on dating and seduction. View.

Singlesearch - Two way matchmaking. View.

Smutvibes - Hook up with hot friends, meet new people (adult stuff). View.

Social21 - Be matched & date. View.

Swingingheaven - Swingers community. View.

Tantricsoulmateconnection - Matching based on horoscopes etc.. View.

Tickme* - Find someone you like, tick him/her & see if he/she ticks you back. View.

Togetherdating - Dating after personal introduction. View.

True - Dating, free of married people and other criminals. View.

Verbdate - Speak up before you date. View.

Wecheese - Proximity based dating. View.

Yesnomayb - Find, get introduced to & date with people with same tastes. View.

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