08 March 2008

START-UP 2.0: 19 ways to plan, finance, promote & manage your business

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: BUSINESS 2.0, FINANCE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Cofoundr - Community where you can find co-founders, build teams, and get advice on starting up a business. View.

Haveyougotthenerve - Crowd sourced tv production company. View.

Ideablob - Submit, share & get votes on business ideas. View.

Mynewcompany - Incorporate or form your company online. View.

Smartstartups - Get your community start-up score & maybe some funding. View.

Techstars - Get your startup funded & learn from the best. View.

Amnestywidgets - Collect, manage, share and publish browser2desktop widgets . View.

Betat-online - Meta Beta. View.

Capitoolvertical - Search VCs & entrepreneurs. View.

Elevatorpitch - Upload, read & rate pitches. View.

Feedtv - Feed portal. View.

Gobignetwork - Community of startup companies. View.

Iconnecte - Community for start-ups. View.

Idea-a-day - Submit an idea, get comments & a publication. View.

Ideawhip - Community for students, alumni, start-ups. View.

Ideawicket - Community for start-ups & innovators. View.

Mashery - API management solutions unlocking web services channels. View.

Planhq - Collaborate on business plans. View.

Spigit - Show, simulate & share your solutions with other developers. View.

Thatschillin - Submit & rate trivial news & videos. View.

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