07 March 2008

STATS 2.0: 86 ways to track, monitor & analyse online performance

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: REPUTATION 2.0, RESEARCH 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Comestat - Get stats on your visitors. View.

Crazyegg* - Analytics with nice visualizations. View.

Enquisite - Free, extremely detailed web stats. View.

Feed-analysis* - Get stats on your Feedburner feeds. View.

Foowho - Rate articles & get statistical information on other raters. View.

Istats - Manage & share your workout & training stats. View.

Keywordremix - Keyword analysis and research tool. View.

Myustats* - Widget aggregating page & other ranks. View.

Neoworx* - Extremely well designed & interfaced site visitors stats widgets. View.

Nuconomy - Track, analyze & optimize user behavior. View.

Sitespect - Optimize your site's results with on the fly multivariate testing technology. View.

Twinglyscreensaver - Screensaver visualizing global blog activity in real time. View.

Websitegrader - Measure the SEO marketing effectiveness of a website. View.

Yoorl - Track spread & popularity of links . View.

103bees - Search engine traffic analytics software. View.

Abouturl - Aggregates many site tests. View.

Adonomics* - Stock-market-style data on & analysis of Facebook ecosystem. View.

Adsymetrix - Tag your ads & track their effectiveness. View.

Askalexia - Ajax interface to Alexia.com. View.

Backtags - Enter your domain name or tags & get your site's status on bookmarking sites. View.

Basil - Web analytics solution. View.

Bloglebrity - Compute your blog's influence. View.

Blogscope - Blog analytics software. View.

Blotter - Graph your blog's popularity. View.

Buzzlogic - Monitor, map, measure & manage your rep in social media. View.

Clicktale - Analyse blog traffic. View.

Clicky** - 2.0-ish presentation of web stats (e.g. referring sites in cloud, users in Google maps mash-up). View.

Cloudalicious - Follow site's tags over time. View.

Compete - Get info on sites' traffic, offers and trustworthiness. View.

Crazyegg - Watch users' click paths as a movie. View.

Delexa - Test effectiveness of your website. View.

Diffbot - Get alerts on websites' changes. View.

Dnsstuff* - Get a full technical report on your server status. View.

Domainlogbook - Track your domains' rankings. View.

Domaintools* - Excellent toolset for everything related to domains. View.

Etomite - Manage your website from anywhere. View.

Feedjit - Traffic data for your blog. View.

Gapminder** - visualize Google search statistics. View.

Googleanalytics - Folksonomied visitor stats. View.

Googletrends - Site analytics software. View.

Gvisit - Map your site visitors. View.

Howmuchisyourblogworth - Compute your blog's worth. View.

IP2location - Create trend charts for site traffic. View.

Livepagerank - Track your site visitors geographically. View.

Madkast - One-click share widget & analytics for bloggers. View.

Mapstats - Check your PR. View.

Mapsurface - Map blog traffic. View.

Measuremap - Web stats. View.

Memetrics* - Optimize your marketing across media. View.

Mint - Blog stats. View.

Mixpo - Present yourself in multimedia. View.

Montastic - Monitor your website. View.

Moodviews~* - Track or predict global mood levels (based on Live Journal). View.

Movenetworks - Measure & analyse each video viewer experience. View.

Mscape - Connect media & experiences to real locations. View.

Mybloglog - Stats for LiveJournal moods. View.

Mypagerank - Show your Google pagerank on your blog. View.

Neighboroo - Explore USA trends on map. View.

Pheedfire - Manage, measure & monetize your feeds. View.

Podbridge - Metrics for usage of podcasts. View.

Popuri - Check popularity of any site. View.

Quantcast - Site stats. View.

Radiotailripple - Analyse your podcast's stats. View.

Railslodge - Ruby on Rails developers community. View.

Reger - Datamine your blog. View.

Robotreplay - Record & watch your website visitors in action. View.

Salesgenius - Track your prospect's behaviour online. View.

Site24x7 - Monitor your site's performance. View.

Sitemeter - Blog metrics. View.

Sitevista - Test your website. View.

Slut-o-meter - Calculate your popularity. View.

Sonr - Track media & media users. View.

Statcounter - Web stats. View.

Statsaholic - Create & share applications. View.

Strata - Access, manipulate & report on web data . View.

Surftail - Share your click paths. View.

Titlez - Get publishing market data from Amazon. View.

Trailfire - Log & share your clickpaths. View.

Trendalicious - Web stats. View.

Trucast - Track & analyze brands in social media. View.

Urinfo - Real time website popularity trends. View.

Watchmouse~ - Site & server monitoring services. View.

Web20awareness - Check your last visited links to decide how 2.0-aware you are. View.

Websitewatcher - Monitor sites for updates and changes. View.

Webwait - Test the speed of your web site and your connection to the web. View.

Who-isit - Whois, ping, check link popularity . View.

Wholinked - Pagerank tool. View.

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