08 March 2008

STARTPAGE 2.0: 90 ways to create & share a personal portal

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: NEWS 2.0, WIDGETS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Bubbletop - Personal portal. View.

Faves - Build a personalized page of sites you'll love. View.

Groovle - Spice up your default search page with your own pictures & logos. View.

Mobileox - Create a mobile start page & get group texting for free. View.

Mocospace - Mobile speed dialer. View.

Mytrade - Customizable financial startpage. View.

Odysen - Personal portal. View.

Sputtr - Speed dial start page. View.

Terabitz** - Startpage for all your real estate tools, apps & data. View.

Veedow** - Opt in to shopping startpage. View.

24eyes~ - Personalize your start page or subscribe to someone else's. View.

Atoolo - Customizable startpage. View.

Boxxet - Personalize your incoming content. View.

Catchtomorrow* - Customize & localize your search and support your local public school system. View.

Clicdev - Customizable startpage. View.

Cosmopod - Your personal desktop. View.

Desktopondemand - Customizable startpage. View.

Desktoptwo* - Manage your desktop in a browser. View.

Eskobo - Personal portal. View.

Favoor - Personal portal. View.

Favoriteblogs - Personal blog feed portal. View.

Feedication - Personal portal. View.

Frog - Mobile startpage. View.

Gixo - Personal portal. View.

Gnowsis - Semantic desktop. View.

Googleig* - Personal portal. View.

Googlemodules - Lists modules for personal Google homepage. View.

Goowy* - Personal portal (desktop & browser versions). View.

Goware - Mobile startpage. View.

Gritwire - Personal portal. View.

Iloggo - Create your logo start page. View.

Inbox - Personal portal. View.

Inform - Personal news portal. View.

Istyled - Personal portal. View.

Itsastart - Personal portal. View.

Jaxtop - Personal start page. View.

Jooce - Online desktop & file sharing. View.

Klipfolio - Personal portal. View.

Live - Personal portal. View.

Miniboxs - Start page ("RSS magazine"). View.

Mobileglu - Web services to your mobile. View.

Monitorus - Personalized portal. View.

Mooglets - Startpage. View.

Mybooo - Store & share content & services. View.

Myhommy - Personal portal (Israeli). View.

Mywebdesktop - Widget promotion & advertizing network. View.

Netjaxer - Launch Web 2.0 apps from a customized desktop or tray icon. View.

Netvibes***** - Personal portal. View.

Nivio - Access your desktop from anywhere. View.

Nowsy - Customizable startpage. View.

Only2clicks - Speed-dial startpage. View.

Orb - Personal portal. View.

Orca - Online personal desktop. View.

Pageflakes - Personal portal. View.

Perooz - Mobile content portal. View.

Personalweb - Personalized portal solution (download). View.

Pobb - Personal portal. View.

Protopage - Personal portal. View.

Purevideo - RSS startpage for videos. View.

Pushy*~ - Personal portal; also mobile. View.

Pytagor - Online desktop & collaboration tools. View.

Q-phrase - Search solutions (clients). View.

Quickbrowse - Combine your favourite pages in 1 email. View.

Sanebull - Customizable start page for stock information. View.

Schmedley - Personal start page. View.

Siteshuffle - Make a slideshow from your favourite websites. View.

Spacetime* - 3D browser. View.

Sparc - Customizable startpage. View.

Splutr - Submit & rate porn. View.

Srchr** - Meta search startpage. View.

Startforce - Start page with OS features. View.

Superstart - Personalized shopping portal (Swedish). View.

Suprglu - Meta mash-up startpage. View.

Surfninja - Ajax start page. View.

Symbaloo~* - Speed-dial startpage. View.

Synapselife - Customizable 2.0 services portal. View.

Tappity - Submit, explore & rate mobile-friendly web pages, and create your mobile startpage. View.

TFD - Personal portal. View.

Tiggdo - Personal mobile portal. View.

Vizurl - Plaster your startpage with logos. View.

Wavelayer - Desktop-like startpage facilitating all media. View.

Webtop - Social desktop. View.

Webwag - Customize your start page. View.

Widgetop - Personal portal. View.

Widgetplus - Widgetize your desktop. View.

Wixi - Manage, mix & share all media from a desktop. View.

Yoosi - Create your personal start page. View.

Yourminis - Goowy without the news -> personalized services portal. View.

Zcubes - Integrate & personalize media consumption, production & management. View.

Zimbio - User generated network of public portals. View.

Zoozio - Personal homepage. View.

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