08 March 2008

SPORTS 2.0: 64 ways to explore & share sports media, news & games

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: GAMING 2.0, GAMBLING 2.0, HEALTH 2.0, NEWS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

F11 - Share soccer video clips. View.

Fanyard - Predict outcome of football & basketball games & compare your performance. View.

Ifutbal - Explore & share soccer videos. View.

Istats - Manage & share your workout & training stats. View.

Picktastic - Pick winning teams, get higher ranking & connect to other users. View.

Screamingsports - Community for fantasy sports players. View.

Skufftv - Share music & action sports videos. View.

Sportsvite - Discover, organize, recruit for & participate in recreational sports teams. View.

Ttsm~** - Let your sports activities be followed live on maps via GPS . View.

Ultrafan - Share your profile & sports content, and connect to other fans. View.

We-row - Community for rowers. View.

Youbeqb - Improve your high ranking by choosing what plays will be called next in live sports games. View.

Allaboutsport - Submit & rate sport news. View.

Allspotsmarket - Sports stock market. View.

Ballbug - Memeorandum for baseball. View.

Ballhype - Explore, discuss & vote on sports news. View.

Berecruited - College recruiting & athletic scholarship network. View.

Betbug - Betting exchange. View.

Betbull - Betting exchange. View.

Betdaq - Betting exchange. View.

Betmate - Betting exchange. View.

Betonbet - Bet on sports, poker & casino games. View.

Betsson - Betting exchange, poker & casino tournaments. View.

Bouldr - Share climbing (map mash-up). View.

Broadbandsports - Upload, explore, rate & share sports videos. View.

Collegefanz - College sports community. View.

Competitious - Track & get alerts on your competition. View.

Crankk - Submit & vote for cycling news. View.

Eurogoalnews - Submit & rate & tag football news . View.

Fannation* - Customize your sports team's content here. View.

Gimme20 - Discover, create, track & share workout routines. View.

Go211 - Share your profile & media with other action sports athletes and enthusiasts. View.

Highschoolsports - Athletes community. View.

Hooktv - Flyfishing video community. View.

Introplay - Exercise, track your fitness & play together. View.

Isolatr - Isolate yourself from requests http://isolatrcom/. View.

Joga - Nike + Google community. View.

Mansion - Betting exchange. View.

Mapmyrun - Plot & share your run route. View.

Map-runner - Create & share run-maps. View.

Matchbook - Betting exchange. View.

Mybestplay* - Profile your skills in sports & find a new club. View.

Mybet - Betting exchange. View.

Myfootballclub - Collectively take over a soccer club, and then co-manage it. View.

Pickspal - Bet on sports with friends. View.

Redbet - Betting exchange. View.

Scoreguru - Submit & rate sports news. View.

Skibonk - Ski resorts (map mash-up). View.

Sportiki - Wiki on sports. View.

Sportingo - Publish & share sports content. View.

Sportsblink - Digg sports news. View.

Sportscast - Submit & rate sports news. View.

Sportsflip - Submit & rate sports news. View.

Sportsmates - Sports bloggers community. View.

Sportsplugs - Submit & rate sports news. View.

Spreadfair - Spread betting exchange. View.

Talksoccer - Submit & rate soccer news. View.

Thepool - P2P sports betting. View.

Thoos - Social networking for athletes. View.

Tiredandtested - . View.

Tradebetx - Betting exchange. View.

Tradesports - Betting exchange. View.

Tradindex - Spread betting exchange. View.

Yardbarker - Digg sports news. View.

Zexsports - Networking for extreme sports lovers. View.

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