06 April 2008

GEO 2.0: 273 smart, funny or scary ways to create & explore maps

Italic = new in this index.Related categories: GEO LOCATION, MOBILITY 2.0, NOMADS 2.0, TRAVEL 2.0.For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Ask500people- Get a global opinion on your poll questions. View.

Earthmine- Street-level geospatial platform for urban environments. View.

Eventspace- Publish & share or sell your event or event space & services. View.

Fixmystreet*- Report, view & discuss local problems (UK). View.

Gigapan- Explore, upload & share panorama photos. View.

Gpsies- Explore, create & share tracks. View.

Gypsii~- Find people & places, map & navigate them over mobile or web. View.

Letsprovewhere- Update & share places you are going from your cell. View.

Mappas*- Curious blow ups from Google maps. View.

Musicmaps- Find who is listening to what, and where. View.

Mymapcards- Put yourself on the map, do business, or date. View.

Myoutdoors- Explore, journal, map & share outdoor experiences. View.

Myrimis- Create your private location aware friends & family community. View.

Partygps- Find bars & clubs. View.

Passportstamp- Track & share your overseas visits, create travel maps. View.

Safe2pee- Submit & find safe, gender free bathrooms. View.

Shareling*- Share your destination & car. View.

Stellarium- Open source 3D planetarium, using your own coordinates. View.

Tellmewhere- Social shopping guide. View.

Thatsmymouse- Co-browse maps with friends. View.

Urbanmapping- Geo-spatial solutions. View.

Veogeo- See videos of what people are doing, and where. View.

Viewat- Explore & share panoramic photos. View.

Where20- Navigate the world of Geo 2.0 (PDF here: http://cdn2.esnips.com/nsdoc/8c23d539-2522-49db-882e-94d72243c113/?cdn=365) (Spanish). View.

Who-s-web- Web 2.0 talent job board on a map. View.

Wikiloo- Draw & share. View.

Woophy~- Help to cover every inch of our world map with images. View.

Worldmapper- World maps where territories are re-sized according to subject. View.

Yahoomapmixer- Mash up your own map with Yahoo Maps. View.

43places- Publish & share stories about places. View.

Airdump- Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots in Great Britain. View.

Alkemis- Live traffic cam map mash-up. View.

Alpinaut- Search route maps. View.

Amicoz- Publish, explore & share mapped travel experiences & tips. View.

Amiglia- Publish & share family trees, photos, maps…. View.

Askmaps- Get driving directions. View.

Atlas*- Meta social media & map mash-up with API for GPS tracking. View.

Attendr- Mash-up your conference or party. View.

Auctionmapper- Find auctioned goods nearby (mash-up). View.

Backseatplayground- ARG using GPS for gameplay in real world (documentary video). View.

Bessed- Search & blog. View.

Bittercyclist- Bicycle accident map & community; map mash-up. View.

Bliin~- Share your experience in photos, videos, text etc. View.

Blipstar- Create your own store locator. View.

Blockrocker- Buy & sell thru classifieds; map mash-up. View.

Blogabond- Publish your travel blog (map mash-up). View.

Bluepuddle- Create & enrich maps. View.

Boompa- Show your rides & find guides & parts to improve them. View.

Boomtrek- Search for & contribute to mapped travel destinations. View.

Bouldr- Share climbing (map mash-up). View.

Buddymapping- Assemble your friends on a map & publish it. View.

Buddyping- Find friends & events locally (map mash-up). View.

Buildhardlink- Link to physical objects & access data over your cell phone. View.

Bulletin*- Share data & mash them up with geo information. View.

Butterfat- Traceroute map mash-up. View.

Buzzlogic- Monitor, map, measure & manage your rep in social media. View.

Chicagocrime- Crime dbase map mash-up. View.

Citizenbay- Get yourself on the map & meet new friends. View.

Citypixel- Claim your space in 3D cities. View.

Citytherapy- Share places, events & people. View.

Claimtheearth- Massive mash-up geo game. View.

Click2map- Create, manage, publish & share maps. View.

Clustrmaps- Map your blog visitors. View.

Communitywalk- Share places & routes (map mash-up). View.

Dash*- Internet-connected navigation system. View.

Dash*- Internet-connected navigation system. View.

DIYmap- Create maps in Flash. View.

Emotionalfootprints~- Publish & geo-phlog your history. View.

Everytrail- Share GPS geo-cached travel tracks. View.

Excio- Geotag your blog & share it. View.

Feedmap- Map your blogs. View.

Fileindex~- Real time traffic jam map mash-up. View.

Flashearth- Global maps mash-up in flash. View.

Flickrmap- Map Flickr photos. View.

Flickrvision- Flickr updates from various users on Google Map. View.

Flightaware- Maps planes that are currently in the air. View.

Flyr- Search Flickr for geotagged photos. View.

Fmatlas- Create & share searchable maps. View.

Fotogopo- Animated local route map; Google Maps & Geocoder mash-up. View.

Fotolog- Create & map your phlog. View.

Friendping- Share map, media & bookmarks with friends. View.

Froogle*- Local shopping search engine; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Funda~- Real estate locations mash-up (nice maps, nice zoom!). View.

Galaxiki- Co-create, maintain and own a universe. View.

Garbagescout- Find treasures on NY streets; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Gchart- Check local time globally. View.

Geobirds- Community for bird watchers. View.

Geofeed- Create geography-aware feeds. View.

Geojoey- Create, publish, explore & vote on travel experiences. View.

Geotagit- Upload & share geotagged collections. View.

Geotool- Map yourself. View.

Geotracing~- Share the geo-located photos you've made during a trip & your (animated!) route (and more…!). View.

Geotract- Share places & people. View.

Geourl- Location 2 URL directory. View.

Geovector***- LBS services with a usable interface.. View.

Glendor- Find & locate jobs (map mash-up). View.

Globeassistant~- Get your content mashed up with Google Earth. View.

Globeblogr- Publish & share your favourite places. View.

Gmworldwar- Risk-like MMO on maps mash-up. View.

Gofreelance- Matching homeworkers with clients. View.

Googleearth*- Global maps. View.

Googlemars- Own a red planet. View.

Gruvr- Collaborate on local music maps. View.

Gutenkarte- Maps spatial components of classic literature. View.

Gvisit- Map your site visitors. View.

Gwifi- Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots. View.

Healthmap- Global disease outbreak map. View.

Hereorthere- Create, publish, explore & rate travel experiences. View.

Hivegroup 4***- World population treemap demo. View.

Hotelworldmap~- Find a hotel (map mash-up). View.

Hotornot- Geo dating (map mash-up). View.

Hotspothaven- Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots. View.

Hotspot-locations- Search & connect to free & commercial wi-fi hotspots. View.

Hotspotr- Wi-fi café hotspot map mash-up (USA). View.

Housingmaps- Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Ibridge- Aggregates early stage research & technologies. View.

Imity- Sense phones (and friends) around you thru Bluetooth. View.

Imthere- Share where your are & where you're going. View.

Incident1- Maps 911 calls (USA). View.

Iugen- Publish your profile & see how connected you are. View.

Jaiku- Social phone directory showing where you are (Nokia S60 2nd ed.). View.

Jambo- Discover who's nearby & reconnect live. View.

Jauntlet- Track & trace yourself. View.

Jiwire- Locate & map wi-fi hotspots. View.

Kartoo**- Clustered, mapped search. View.

Kayakbuzz- Find cheap destinations; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Kdice- Multiplayer strategy game using Google's web toolkit. View.

Keegy*- Location aware news generator. View.

Landcraft*- Render your own 3D landscape & share it. View.

Licketytrip- Last minute vacation rentals (map mash-up). View.

Locallive- Windows maps. View.

Localpoint~- Google mash-up with several (Dutch) dbases. View.

Locr- Organize photos using geo information. View.

Loopt*- Find & share your friends & media on your mobile (cool demo!). View.

Lowlandsguide~**- Explore the lay of the Lowland Festival with this mobile app. View.

Mailinator- Disposable email + spam mash-up. View.

Mamjam- Location based instant messaging. View.

Map24- Route finder; 3D. View.

Mapbuilder- Mash-up your own maps. View.

Mapchatter- Chat on maps. View.

Mapeire- User generated lowest price finder; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Mapicurious- Create maps. View.

Mapjack- See what Jack sees - routefinder with panoramic photos. View.

Mapkit- Create & share your own map. View.

Maplib- Turn every photo or illustration into an interactive map. View.

Mapmix- Find your friends (map mash-up). View.

Mapmyrun- Plot & share your run route. View.

Mappedup~*- Map your feed sources geographically. View.

Mappeo- Geo-search for Youtube videos. View.

Mappr- Map Flickr photos per tag. View.

Mappyhour- Maps bars & their happy hour specials. View.

Mapquest- Look up local businesses, get driving directions. View.

Map-runner- Create & share run-maps. View.

Mapsack- Map, discover & share places. View.

Mapshark- Search maps in many websites. View.

Mapskip*- Give every place on earth a (your) memory. View.

Maps-quiz- Where is that-quiz (addictive!). View.

Mapstars~- Refers to map mash-up tools & experiments (many Dutch). View.

Mapstats- Check your PR. View.

Mapstraction- Javascript map API switching code. View.

Mapsurface- Map blog traffic. View.

Maptales- Map trips. View.

Maptrot- Create & share maps. View.

Mapwii- Map your WII number & challenge other players. View.

Mashedtickets- Ticket price comparison & shopping search (map mash-up). View.

Mashmap- Find movies & showtimes (map mash-up). View.

Mashplanet- Find & submit mash-ups per category. View.

Metacarta**- Topical + geographical search technology. View.

Metaweather- Put aggregated weather feeds on your site. View.

Mgmaps- Meta mobile map converter. View.

Minglenow- Connect with places & people. View.

Mizpee- Share information on nearby loos. View.

Mkmap- Collaborate on local maps. View.

Mobbah~- Email or wap your photo + location. View.

Mobsaver- Price comparison thru your cell. View.

Mologogo- Share where you are. View.

Moremap- Map mash-up showing earthquakes, traffic, radio stations etc. View.

Mscape- Connect media & experiences to real locations. View.

Mymapchat- Chat in & on world map (see also http://www.mymapnights.com/). View.

Mytago- Semacodes to connect offline & online worlds. View.

N2yo*- Realtime satellite tracking. View.

Naughty-au-naturelle*- Penthouse letters map mash-up. View.

Nav4all~- Mobile navigation app, claim & share places with friends. View.

Nav4all~- Mobile navigation app, claim & share places with friends. View.

Navteq- Global mapping dbase & technologies. View.

Nederkaart~- Refers to map mash-ups (many Dutch). View.

Neighboroo- Explore USA trends on map. View.

Newzingo- News tag cloud; Google News mash-up. View.

NIM- Wireless navigation apps for mobile phones. View.

Nomos~- Live reporting on sound levels around Amsterdam Airport. View.

Ollo~- Location based mobile dating. View.

Ongopongo- Search, create or submit & share maps. View.

Openlayers- Put a dynamic map on any web page. View.

Openstreetmap- View, edit & use geographical data. View.

Outsidein- Explore what locals are saying about your (USA) neighborhood. View.

Panoramio- Store your geo-tagged photos on Google maps. View.

Perspectives***- Visualizes spatio-temporaly the places we inhabit. View.

Pervwatch- Perv mash-up. View.

Photomap- Add photos to locations; multi mash-up. View.

Placeopedia- Wiki + Google maps mash-up. View.

Planiglobe- Create your own map. View.

Platial- Co-create atlas & share places. View.

Plazes***- Claim & share your locations. View.

Plazesbadge*- Show where you are (e.g. on your blog). View.

Poly9freeearth- 3D globe with various map layers. View.

Portbooker- Search & book mooring, globally. View.

Powermap- Next level Google maps. View.

Properazzi*- Promote or explore European real estate. View.

Propsmart- Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Publicloos- Share public toilets. View.

Pubwalk- Plan your night out on a map & share it. View.

Qlique- Real-time location aware community. View.

Quikmaps- Doodle on & share maps. View.

Radiotime- Personalize radio. View.

Rateordate*- Crowd match, singles event maps, online dating. View.

Redfin- Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Releton- Google + Yahoo + maps & routes. View.

Relive- Geotag your mobile cam photos, then relive & share your trip. View.

Routecraft~- Route planner; add your text to locations & share it; also for mobile. View.

Rrove*- Save & share places. View.

Schmapplets- Mash-up & publish maps. View.

Searchquest- Real estate map mash-up for cells. View.

Semapedia**- Connect the real world to the web with sema codes. View.

Signalmap- Find or add reports on cell strength. View.

Sitemeter- Blog metrics. View.

Ski3dmaps- Explore the lay of the piste. View.

Skibonk- Ski resorts (map mash-up). View.

Skyhook- Wi-fi positioning. View.

Socialight- Share pictures & notes with your cell phone. View.

Soundtransit~- Add your sounds to locations & share them. View.

Streetadvisor- Portray, review & rank streets & neighbourhoods. View.

Sundaydash- Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Tagalag- Tag & map your contacts. View.

Tagmaps- Flickr tags & map mash-up. View.

Tagzania- Share & map places. View.

Techcrunch- Comparison of mapping services. View.

Terraims- Mapping solutions. View.

Thisplaceiknow- Share places. View.

Toeat- Map & share restaurants. View.

Traffic- Local traffic maps. View.

Treadr- Track & follow people online. View.

Treinvizier~- Actual whereabouts of Dutch trains. View.

Trekmark- Track, tag & share information to mapped locations. View.

Tripmojo- Map & share hotels. View.

Trippermap- Record your trips through Flickr photos . View.

Twominuteworld- Select a location, and see related photos & videos. View.

Ulocate- Mobile location based services solutions. View.

Unofficialdb- Search & review mapped restaurants. View.

Useamap- Create your own maps with short URLs. View.

Vgmap- Library of vector overlays for Google maps. View.

Viewr- Publish on map & buy or sell homes, globally. View.

Virtualcity- Navigate map with help of photos (Toronto). View.

Virtualvideomap- Google Maps & Youtube mash-up. View.

Vivirama- Put your home on this free international map. View.

Vlogmap- Map your vlog. View.

Wayfaring- Create & share your maps. View.

Wayki- Collaborate on local maps. View.

Wayn- Log & share places & people. View.

Weatherbonk- Mashes up 10 API's. View.

Web20map- Web 2.0 companies on map mash-up. View.

Wecheese- Proximity based dating. View.

Wefi- Spot & map wi-fi access points. View.

Wegeo- Buy or sell data maps. View.

Wehanghere- Find, message & meet people in your favourite places (London). View.

Wereldkenner~- Wikipedia & Google Earth mash-up. View.

Whereto- Describe, tag & add content to places, and see where other people go to. View.

Wikisky- Navigate the stars. View.

World66- Read & co-edit travel guide. View.

X-moment*~- Publish an event at a location. View.

Yahoomaps*- Global & local maps & search mash-ups. View.

Yatam- Share where & when you are going to be. View.

Yourgmap- Map & publish your places. View.

Zackbookmaps - Locate & lend books (map mash-up). View.

Zeemaps- Create & share maps of/with friends & family. View.

Zoomf- Search with map mash-up. View.

Zopto- Add your stuff to & share places. View.

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