06 April 2008

GEO LOCATION 2.0: 28 ways to dynamically locate people & places

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: GEO 2.0, MOBILITY 2.0, NOMADS 2.0, PHONE 2.0, TRAVEL 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Aka-aki - Connect to people in your vicinity. View.

Dialdirections - Get free directions over your cell. View.

Jotyou - Text your friends when they arrive at a specific location. View.

Pathintelligence - Track cell owners' whereabouts & paths. View.

Superlocal - Center yourself around channels, people and posts in the area where you are. View.

Trackr~* - Put your tracks on Google maps with GPS & share them. View.

Ttsm~** - Let your sports activities be followed live on maps via GPS. View.

Where20 - Navigate the world of Geo 2.0 (PDF here: http://cdn2.esnips.com/nsdoc/8c23d539-2522-49db-882e-94d72243c113/?cdn=365) (Spanish). View.

Widr - Give your computer an IRL location & show it. View.

Atlas* - Meta social media & map mash-up with API for GPS tracking. View.

Backseatplayground - ARG using GPS for gameplay in real world (documentary video). View.

Bliin~ - Share your experience in photos, videos, text etc. View.

Buildhardlink - Link to physical objects & access data over your cell phone. View.

Dash* - Internet-connected navigation system. View.

Flagr - Bookmark the real world. View.

Geotracing~ - Share the geo-located photos you've made during a trip & your (animated!) route (and more…!). View.

Mamjam - Location based instant messaging. View.

Mobbah~ - Email or wap your photo + location. View.

Mscape - Connect media & experiences to real locations. View.

Musiclocated - Geolocate your music. View.

Nav4all~ - Mobile navigation app, claim & share places with friends. View.

Ollo~ - Location based mobile dating. View.

Panoramio - Store your geo-tagged photos on Google maps. View.

Photosynth*** - Rebuild the world in photos - other users' and your own. View.

Plazesbadge* - Show where you are (e.g. on your blog). View.

Skyhook - Wi-fi positioning. View.

Takitwithme - Upload Google maps to your GPS device. View.

Ulocate - Mobile location based services solutions. View.

Weatherbonk - Mashes up 10 API's. View.

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