08 April 2008

FINANCE 2.0: 154 ways to track, manage your investments, invoicing, expenses, loans, allowances online & a few ideas to disrupt the financial sector

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ECOMMERCE 2.0, ENTERPRISE 2.0, PRODUCTIVITY, PSP 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Cashview - Invoice & cashflow management solution for SME. View.

Covestor - Prove your investment skills, track other members' trades, profit from sharing your decisions. View.

Crowdfunder* - Raise money in your own community. View.

Currencytrading - Index of stock trading tools & sources. View.

Etoro - Forex currency trading platform. View.

Fusu - List up to 45% of your domain on the public market and get immediate liquidity as investors buy in. View.

Fynanz - Get your study funded by a loan from friends, family, alumni. View.

Invoicejournal - Process your invoices online, for free. View.

Loyaltymatch* - Turn your loyalty points into cash, or purchase from other loyalty programs. View.

Marketsimplified - Manage your investments (http://www.marketsimplified.com/mobile). View.

Medbillmanager - Manage your medical cost & paperwork. View.

Meiraware - Invoice customers online. View.

Myprogress - Track & manage your knowledge, skills, financials. View.

Mytrade - Customizable financial startpage. View.

Mywallstreet - Test your trading skills against other users. View.

Nesteggr - Find & share advice & suggestions for all financial decisions. View.

Netbooks - Small business ERP solution. View.

Nvohk** - (Pronounce: Invoke) Co-finance clothing company at $ 50, and share the profit. View.

Predictwallstreet - Forecasts of stock prices based on the collective wisdom of people like you. View.

Revolutioncard - Extra secure credit card with flexible features. View.

Revolutionmoneyexchange* - Send & receive money online between accountholders for free. View.

Searchhedgefunds - Find funds. View.

Smartstartups - Get your community start-up score & maybe some funding. View.

Strategyeye* - Real-time intelligence dashboard tracking digital media markets (free trial). View.

Techstars - Get your startup funded & learn from the best. View.

Updown - Practice investing with a $1M play-money portfolio & make money on submitting analyses. View.

Virginmoney - Manage your loans between familiy & friends. View.

Weatherbill - Bet on weather & get paid when it's bad for your business. View.

Wesabe - Share tips & advice to help each other make better financial decisions. View.

Wikinancial - Share watchlists & stock picking knowledge. View.

Xoom - Transfer money internationally from your PC. View.

Yalicoo - Participate in virtual stock trading competitions, share knowledge & win cash. View.

Activeallowance - Kids & parents manage kids' allowances. View.

Ampminsure - Submit & rate insurance information & help each other. View.

Beggr - Give me your money. View.

Billhighway - Budget, collect, pay between roommates, fraternities, etc.. View.

Billingorchard - Billing solution. View.

Billmonk - Manage debts. View.

Billmyclients - Invoicing solution. View.

Billq - Keep track of your bills. View.

Billq - Keep track of your bills. View.

Billster - Track where your money goes. View.

Blinksale - Web-based invoicing. View.

Boober~ - Get or bid for giving loans. View.

Budgetpulse - Manage your budget. View.

Budgettracker - Track your finances. View.

Bullpoo - Find, share & collaborate on investment information. View.

Buxfer - Keep track of shared costs. View.

Cakefinancial - Track your performance and benchmark it against other investors. View.

Capitoolvertical - Search VCs & entrepreneurs. View.

Cashboard - Track your expenses. View.

Celoxis - Manage workflow, time & expenses, and collaborate. View.

Chipin - Connect, collect & give money. View.

Clearcheckbook - Track your expenses. View.

Clevertools - Project, time, financial, sales & lead management solution. View.

Clicktime - Track your staff's time & expenses. View.

Collectiveintellect - Collect, filter, analyze & trade on financial data. View.

Cyclr - Manage financial obligations. View.

Digstock - Digg stock. View.

Dimewise - Manage your finances. View.

Dun&bradstreet - API for D&B credit check. View.

Expensestracker - Track your expenses. View.

Expensr - Track your expenses. View.

Fatpitchfinancials - Submit & rate financial news. View.

Feedthebull - Submit info and have the community vote on it. View.

Feelingbullish - Rate, view & discuss stocks. View.

Financialengines - Personalized financial advice & portfolio management. View.

Financify - Manage your finances online. View.

Fintag - Finds LSE stocks. View.

Flowcatch - Track your expenses. View.

Fluttervoice - Invoicing solution. View.

Foonance - Manage your finance. View.

Foxway - Track your budget. View.

Freshbooks - Online invoicing and time tracking service. View.

Fundable - Pledge for funding. View.

Futuresboard - Explore, discuss, comment & share your analysis on futures. View.

Gastus - Control your expenses. View.

Geezeo - Check your bank accounts & learn from other users - over mobile. View.

Givebobadollar - Begging. View.

Gradr - Rank, research & discuss stocks. View.

Gstock - Volunteer to participate in supercomputing for stocks. View.

Halfshare - Find a second home & a co-owner. View.

Helpmework - Business management services for consultants and freelancers. View.

Herdst - Track, improve & share your stock trading performance. View.

Homeequityshare - Find investors for your mortgage downpayment. View.

Honeypitch* - Proposal automation solution. View.

Invoicegenie - Invoicing, time tracking, contact management & scheduling solution. View.

Invoicemachine - Invoicing solution. View.

Invoiceplace - Proposal & invoicing solution. View.

Invoicesmadeeasy - Invoicing solution. View.

Invotrak - Invoice tracking solution. View.

Ioweyou - Manage loans & shared expenses. View.

Itsdex - Trading game in 2.0-related shares & bonds. View.

Kiva* - Give a micro credit to an entrepreneur from a developing country. View.

Lendingclub - Community where members can borrow & lend money. View.

Lessaccounting - Simple SME bookkeeping & sales management solution. View.

Lightspoke - Automate your business processes in a whim. View.

Marketpicks - Digg for stock information. View.

Mileguru - Aggregate all your loyalty points on 1 page. View.

Mint - Personal finance manager. View.

Moneytrackin' - Manage your budget & expenses & share it. View.

Moneytwins - Exchange currencies without banks. View.

Monitor110** - One-stop semantic financial research suite. View.

Motleyfoolcaps - Pool your knowledge on stock buying. View.

Mvelopes - Manage your finances. View.

Myfootballclub - Collectively take over a soccer club, and then co-manage it. View.

Mymilemarker - Keep track of your mileage over your phone or Twitter. View.

Neighborrow - Borrow from, lend to or trade with neighbours, friends & strangers. View.

Networthiq - Track, share & compare your net worth. View.

Onestatement - Track your expenses. View.

Paycycle - Payroll & taxes management solution. View.

Pearbudget - Create your budget, track your expenses. View.

Perquest - Payroll & taxes management solution. View.

Prosper - P2P lending. View.

Rentyield - Manage rental property. View.

Saasu - Accounting solution. View.

Sanebull - Customizable start page for stock information. View.

Santexq - Time, task & billing management solution. View.

Secondsite - Web-based invoicing. View.

Sharedspaces - Co-buy, co-rent or co-invest in property. View.

Shoeboxed - Manage your paper & email receipts. View.

Simplifythis - Manage your invoicing. View.

Simplybill - Invoice management. View.

Simplyinvoices - Invoicing solution. View.

Smartmoneymarketmap*** - Presenting approx. 500 stocks in 1 view. View.

Socialpicks - Analyse & recommend stocks with your peers. View.

Spicydigits - Manage shared expenses. View.

Squawklive* - Mashes up stock data & news, sends alerts. View.

Stockarena - Post on stocks, get graded & make money with it. View.

Stockdigg - Read, submit & rank financial news. View.

Stockfriend - Community for investors sharing and collaborating on investment ideas. View.

Stocknoise - Submit & vote on stock related news stories. View.

Stocktickr - Create & share stock watchlists. View.

Swarmofangels - Participate in new cinema financing. View.

Tallstreet - Trade search results like stock market. View.

Textpayme - Pay with your phone. View.

Thefunded - Rate VC's. View.

Top25Finance20 - List of FINANCE 2.0 apps & services (peculiar similarities with my list...). View.

Valueinvestingnews - Submit & rate investment news. View.

Valuewiki - Wiki for securities. View.

Vcnewscentral - Digg start-up & VC news. View.

Vebio - Accounting solution. View.

Walletproof - Personal finance organizer. View.

Wealthbasecamp - Share knowledge & ideas on wealth creation. View.

Wikimindmap* - Search wiki content with mindmap interface. View.

Wikinvest - Contribute to investment wiki & build your reputation as an expert. View.

Xero - Accounting solution. View.

Yodlee - Bank, pay, manage your wealth & risk. View.

Youbethevc - Brainstorm, swap ideas, & find your future business partner or investor. View.

Yoursishere - Beg money from relatives & friends, with celeb support, to buy Dell stuff. View.

Zebo - List & share what you own & what you want. View.

Zedoffice - Track your staff's time & expenses. View.

Zillow - Get your home valuated (map mash-up). View.

Zopa - P2P banking services. View.

Zuzzid - Insurance customers help eachother to get better insurance deals. View.

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