08 April 2008

FOOD 2.0: 47 ways to enjoy recipes, food, coffee, tea, wine & beer, restaurants & bars, lunch & dinner

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNITY 2.0, ECOMMERCE 2.0, GUIDE 2.0, HEALTH 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Biggestmenu - Share pictures of your favorite food. View.

Diettv - Healthy living and dieting community. View.

Familyoven - Explore, upload & share recipes. View.

Fatsecret - Diet community. View.

Foodtube - Explore video recipes & add your own. View.

Fridgewatcher~ - Share the contents of your fridge with the rest of the world. View.

Iensrecepten~ - Browse recipes & compile your cooking book & shopping lists. View.

Imcooked - Film your cooking & share the video. View.

Menupix - Search for restaurants, but check their menu first. View.

Partygps - Find bars & clubs. View.

Recipematcher - See what you can make with the groceries you have. View.

Recipezaar - Community for people who like to cook. View.

Rouxbe - Video cooking lessons & forum. View.

Sirhanssloane - Order hand crafted limited edition artisanal chocolates and pralines. View.

Tastebook* - Collect, organize & share recipes; design & publish printed cooking book. View.

Tastetv - Cross media food platform. View.

Weblixr - Explore & share alcoholic knowledge. View.

Youbars* - Specify & order customized nutrition bars. View.

Bakespace - Recipe sharing community for cookers & cakers. View.

Bigoven - Publish & share recipes. View.

Cafe-list - Community for coffee & tea lovers. View.

Cafespot - Social guide to cafes, restaurants, etc. View.

Coastr - List & share your beers and beer places. View.

Crazymenu - Automate your office lunch, vote for restaurants with friends. View.

Dine52 - Social bookmarking. View.

Dishola - Explore, publish & share your favorite dishes. View.

Extratasty - Publish & share drink recipes. View.

Hngry - Rate & pick your restaurants. View.

Itsjustlunch - Lunch dating for professionals. View.

Lunchprodigy - Process your lunch orders online. View.

Mangezmangez - Publish, review & share restaurant information. View.

Menutopia - Community for diners. View.

Mobo - Order food on the go, get discounts & avoid waiting lines. View.

Nutrax - Monitor & modify eating habits with your camera phone. View.

Picnicmob - Answer 30 questions & get picnic location advise, meeting people with similar profile. View.

Receptencocktail~ - Share & rate cooking ideas. View.

Recipething - Organize & share your recipes. View.

Searoo - Review bars, restaurants & clubs or ask for recommendations. View.

Snooth* - Social wine selection & buying guide. View.

Stormhoek - Web 2.0 mash-up wine shop. View.

Tastefora - Publish, share & rate recipes. View.

Tastydrop - Submit & rate wines. View.

Thedailyplate - Search food & find healthiest options. View.

Toeat - Map & share restaurants. View.

Unofficialdb - Search & review mapped restaurants. View.

Wineryexchange - Have your private label wine brand sourced, designed, and developed. View.

Yelp - Find, review & discuss local restaurants etc. View.

Yournextdrink - Publish, vote for & share drink recipes. View.

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