08 April 2008

FILE SHARING 2.0: 130 ways to upload, collaborate on & swap or share media & data

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: EMAIL 2.0, MULTIMEDIA 2.0, MUSIC 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0, STORAGE 2.0, VIDEO 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Anjo - Search, download, convert & share media files. View.

Clip2net - Share your screen & your files. View.

Crunchyroll - Explore, upload & share anime videos (and pay for HQ). View.

Diino* - Back up, store & share files. View.

Doubletwist** - Transfer, share & sync media regardless of device, file format or social network (DVD Jon is back!). View.

Downloadyoutubevideos - Capture online videos. View.

Dropio - Store & share media with your friends. View.

Eatlime - (Olim: Youswap). Share files with your friends. View.

Enfranetworks - Access & share documents on your PCs, cell phone or PDA. View.

Ffwd* - Explore tv content from all over the web based on your profile & connect to other users. View.

Fileio - Share files with your friends. View.

Fileio - Share files with your friends. View.

Filespots - Store, manage & share files. View.

Filestube - Search & share files. View.

Fileurls - Get a temporary shareable url for your file. View.

Freemusiczilla - Meta music download service. View.

Freenetproject - P2P software to publish and consume information without fear of censorship. View.

Ftp2share - Over ftp filesharing. View.

Giftube - Explore, upload, tag & share gifs. View.

GridNetworks - P2P TV over IP network. View.

Hotmarx - Store, organize & share bookmarks, files & notes. View.

Hotshare - Store & share all your files for free. View.

Houseglue - Storing & sharing for family & friends. View.

http://www.mxplay.com/ - Search & share music playlists, play music & music videos over browser plugin. View.

Intomusic - Legal independent MP3 music downloads. View.

Metracks - Store, share & listen to music. View.

Musiclovr - Search & share music. View.

Musicstation* - Explore & share music playlists on your mobile. View.

Palshare - Share files with your friends. View.

Peel - MP3 blog reader & player. View.

Peerme - VoIP, secure messaging & file transfer. View.

Perfspot - Explore, upload & share files, and socialize with other users. View.

Pipebytes - Send files to friends. View.

Seetoo* - Invite buddies to cobrowse your videos (without uploading). View.

Sendyourfiles~ - Send & share your files. View.

Soundcrank - Show & share the music you're listening to. View.

Tinyload - Meta storage & filesharing solution. View.

Transferbigfiles - Send large files to anyone. View.

Videohybrid - Request or hunt for videos. View.

Whohasfiles - Storage & filesharing. View.

Wuala - Store encrypted files & share them with friends. View.

Wuzam - MP3 search engine. View.

Yoinkd - Create, play, manage & share media playlists. View.

Zoogmo - Backup community. View.

4shared - Upload & share files. View.

Actionize - Project, task, contact, network & file management solution. View.

Allpeers - Upload & share your media (Czech). View.

Badongo - Store & share your media. View.

Beamfile - Email big files. View.

Bittorrent - Share files & bandwidth. View.

Bolt - Watch, upload & share media. View.

Ccpublisher - Tag your media files with Creative Commons, publish them on your website a/o get free hosting. View.

Civilnetizen - File swapping. View.

Collanos - Share & collaborate on files in groups. View.

Collectivex - Communicate, share files & schedules, group-wise. View.

Cspace - Platform for P2P communications. View.

Dijjer - Swap your files. View.

Dropsend - Email & store large files. View.

Dumpert~ - Explore, upload, share & rate photo, video & audio files. View.

Egnyte - Upload, store & share all your media & docs. View.

Everybit - Share your media. View.

Exaroom - Connect to & share files with family & friends. View.

Exclaimable - Create or grab all media & share them. View.

Filemobile - Store, organize, share & blog your media. View.

Fluctu8 - Create & share your sourcelists. View.

Foldershare - Store, access & share files. View.

Gigasize - Upload & share files. View.

Gigatribe - Filesharing network. View.

Gurulib - Organize, review & share your media. View.

Hamachi - VPN peer-to-peer connectivity for businesses, without config. View.

Ifolder - Filesharing for groups. View.

Ijamr - Music community for artists, fans & site owners (& P2P swapping). View.

Ijot - Write, manage, publish & share text files. View.

Imeem - Share words, files & people (on messenger). View.

Insolitus* - Upload & share all your files & docs. View.

Jajah - Free phone calls, glocally. View.

Jooce - Online desktop & file sharing. View.

Krunch - Email files. View.

Lphant - Multi compatible P2P file sharing. View.

Mailbigfile - Mail large files. View.

Mediamax* - Store, manage & share media. View.

Mobiluck - IM, text & share media on your mobile. View.

Mofile - Upload & share your files. View.

Myfabrik - Store, manage & share your media. View.

Myvideokaraoke - Sing & share your song on video. View.

Nakido - Upload & share your files. View.

Octoshape - Free live P2P audiocasting. View.

Odeo - Record & share audio. View.

Orbitfiles - Store, access & share files. View.

Ovosuite - Information, group calendar, file & collaboration management solution. View.

Peercast - Broadcast, listen to or watch P2P live streams. View.

Peerimpact - Swap video P2P and get paid. View.

Peerio - Server-free P2P communications. View.

Pubet - P2P filesharing (client). View.

Quickeo - Store & share your files. View.

Rawflow - Broadcast & watch P2P video. View.

Redswoosh - Upload & share video, audio & other big files. View.

Reeltime - P2P solution to download & rent movies over IP. View.

Relaytor - Group-email messages, files & polls & aggregate all response. View.

Relaytor - Group-email messages, files & polls & aggregate all response. View.

Retroshare - Instant messaging & file sharing. View.

Sendspace - Email large files. View.

Senduit - Email files. View.

Sharefile - Store & share files. View.

Sharenow - Explore, upload & share multimedia. View.

Sideload - Share free music files. View.

Skype - Call, conference, messenger, file sharing. View.

Snapvine - Send audio files to & communicate with your friends, on your cell. View.

Songbird - Media player & web browser. View.

Spoxel - Upload & share your files. View.

Squirl - Organize & share your media collections. View.

Steekr - Store & share media. View.

Strongspace - Upload, store, back-up & share your files. View.

Tinyload - Upload & share your files. View.

Totoexpress - Send and receive large files. View.

Treemo - Olim: Hyperboy. Explore, create & share video, audio, photography, words & visual art (web & mobile). View.

Trueshare - Store, manage & share files. View.

Turboflix - Upload & share media. View.

Tvtoon - P2P tv solution. View.

Twango - Upload & share your media. View.

Uspot - Upload & share media. View.

Veotag - Enrich media files with meta data & share. View.

Vidilife - Upload & share media. View.

Wambo - IM, group messaging & media sharing. View.

Webripper - Rip files from sites. View.

Wixi - Manage, mix & share all media from a desktop. View.

Woofiles - Store & share files. View.

Yousendit - Email large files. View.

Zapr - P2P file swapping. View.

Zshare - Host & share your media. View.

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