19 April 2008

COMMUNITY 2.0: 726 ways to find back old or make new friends, to share & exchange emotions, opinions, content & other things you care about

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNICATING 2.0, FAMILY 2.0, FORUM 2.0, IDENTITY 2.0, IRL 2.0, NOMADS 2.0, REPUTATION 2.0, SOCIAL SOFTWARE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

123people* - People search. View.

Activerain - Community of real estate agents: share your knowledge & promote your business. View.

Activeworlds - Visit and chat in 3D worlds that are built by other users. View.

Advogato - Resource for free software developers & testbed for social networking technologies. View.

Africanloft - Community for Africa lovers. View.

Badoo - Share your profile & photos, and make new friends. View.

Bahu* - Share your talents & make new friends (for students). View.

Blippr - Explore, briefly recommend & organize media. View.

Boomr~ - Dutch artists & fans community. View.

Boredat* - Create your own bored at-space, and twitter anonymously. View.

Bounty* - Club for growing families. View.

Broadcaster - Communicate 1:1 over webcam or broadcast prerecorded video. View.

Buddytv - Gossip, chat, and connect with other fans about your favorite TV shows. View.

Cardomain - Community of car enthusiasts. View.

Cargurus - Automotive community. View.

Caring - Community sharing information & advice about elderly care. View.

Clan-networks* - One stop hosting & community solution for game clans. View.

Cofoundr - Community where you can find co-founders, build teams, and get advice on starting up a business. View.

Comicspace - Community for comic fans where you can create a gallery & sell from it. View.

Contrastream - Tap into community filtered indie music. View.

Crowdfunder* - Raise money in your own community. View.

Crowdvine* - Set up your own social network in a minute (http://everything20.crowdvine.com/). View.

Curriculumillusione**~ - Get insight in & share your future life, and reach the Walhalla. View.

Diettv - Healthy living and dieting community. View.

Doof** - Rich community environment where you can play & communicate with your friends. View.

Drumtable - Share stories, images & videos with family & friends. View.

Egglad - Community for gamers. View.

Famillion - Build your family tree & create a community around it. View.

Familyoven - Explore, upload & share recipes. View.

Famspam - Family community. View.

Fanyard - Predict outcome of football & basketball games & compare your performance. View.

Fastcompany* - Share ideas on work & life, and your profile. View.

Fatsecret - Diet community. View.

Fixmystreet* - Report, view & discuss local problems (UK). View.

Godkut - Faith based community (that will attract wrong audience in Holland & Flanders; http://www.vertalen.nu/vertaal?van=nl&naar=eng&vertaal=kut). View.

Gotcast - Submit your profile & videos, get votes, and get discovered as a star. View.

Greenopolis - Share green ideas & things. View.

Gypsii~ - Find people & places, map & navigate them over mobile or web. View.

Habbo*** - Virtual hangout for teens where you can meet & make friends. View.

Healthworldweb - Blog, chat and post to forums about your healthcare needs & meet likeminded users. View.

Helphookup - Add badge to your Facebook profile & get alerts on volunteer opportunities in your area. View.

Holidot~ - Travel search engine & community. View.

Holidot~ - Travel search engine & community. View.

Houyhnhnmstv - Art television community. View.

Imedix - Healthcare community. View.

Isourtree - Create family tree & stay in contact with your relatives. View.

Italki - Language exchange and learning community. View.

Kadoink - Make group calls & sms, share music. View.

Knockatv - Democratic, collaborative, social professional television network. View.

Leveragesoftware - Create a full-featured online community for $ 299/m. View.

Linqia** - Search, review & join online communities and groups matching your interests & needs. View.

Livingmemory - Upload & share family trees, timelines, stories & photos (or create memories for someone you love). View.

Lovestat - Find, list & connect to similar people. View.

Makemesustainable - Help each other to identify and accomplish sustainable goals. View.

Marzar - Form business relationships, create groups, find suppliers & clients. View.

Meetin - Make new friends through a local social network. View.

Mindtouch* - Wiki and application platform for communities, media, brands & enterprises. View.

Mindviz - Share your profile & media, and make new friends. View.

Modazzle - Connect to your communities through your mobile device. View.

Moli - Manage multiple profiles & separate your social, business and family relationships. View.

Mvolve - Community for mobile telecom industry. View.

Mycampfriends - Share camp experiences. View.

Myhappyplanet - Teach & learn from each other through live chat, messaging, videos & lessons. View.

Myoutdoors - Explore, journal, map & share outdoor experiences. View.

Myrimis - Create your private location aware friends & family community. View.

Next2friends - Video sharing, messaging & broadcasting over your mobile. View.

Noserub - Protocol to aggregate all your social networks into one. View.

Nuzizo - Empowers ethnic communities and diasporas online. View.

Onebigu - Community where you can earn funds for Darfur by contributing answers. View.

Openads - Open source publishers community on advertizing. View.

Othersonline - Explore & connect to people with similar interests. View.

Ourbania - Community of real estate enthusiasts. View.

Outeverywhere - Gay chat & community + IRL events. View.

Passado - Share your profile & media, and make new friends. View.

Passportstamp - Track & share your overseas visits, create travel maps. View.

Perfspot - Explore, upload & share files, and socialize with other users. View.

Petownr - Share pictures of & stories about pets. View.

Photophlow** - Invite friends, search Flickr together, chat & comment all at once. View.

Picktastic - Pick winning teams, get higher ranking & connect to other users. View.

Picocool - Explore & share obscure content from peer media, social networks & subcultures. View.

Pmbuzz - See, hear, plan, blog & live NY nightlife. View.

Profileheaven - Create your profile mini-site & make new friends (British teens). View.

Propertyqube - Share experiences related to your property. View.

Puricute - Cute up your photos & publish them in your profiles. View.

Recipematcher - See what you can make with the groceries you have. View.

Recipezaar - Community for people who like to cook. View.

Rememble - Scrap or share all your digital bits & pieces in one place. View.

Rouxbe - Video cooking lessons & forum. View.

Scenecaster* - Create & share 3D locations & trade in 3D objects. View.

Screamingsports - Community for fantasy sports players. View.

Sermo - Physicians exchange medical insights & improve patient outcomes. View.

Shelfmates - Catalog your media collections, meet people with similar tastes, get recommendations. View.

Sixgroups - Set up & manage your own community. View.

Smartstartups - Get your community start-up score & maybe some funding. View.

Socialshots - Grab, publish, share & rate game stills. View.

Socialurl - Connnect to all your social network sites with one URL. View.

Soundcrank - Show & share the music you're listening to. View.

Sportsvite - Discover, organize, recruit for & participate in recreational sports teams. View.

Spruz - Create free website for social networking, ecommerce, etc. View.

Stickk - Make & share a commitment to healthier living, and get help from other users. View.

Storyofmylife - Link your life to everyone else's. View.

Takingitglobal - Social action community for youth. View.

Tastetv - Cross media food platform. View.

Techstars - Get your startup funded & learn from the best. View.

Thepoint - Involve a group in getting a problem solved. View.

Thesimsonstage - Sing, act, record & share. View.

Thingfo - Share any experience in an instant community (and share updates on Twitter). View.

Thinkgottalent - "Submit your thing on video & get discovered

Toonlet - Create & share cartoons. View.

Townconnect - Private, members-only community that mirrors your offline community. View.

Travellerspoint - Create & share your trip diary & find (back) travelling pals. View.

Tribewanted*** - Community tourism based on Vorovoro Island & online. View.

Trixietracker - Track & share daily patterns in your baby's needs & behavior. View.

Trugo - Explore or create & maintain communities around shared interests in media. View.

Ultrafan - Share your profile & sports content, and connect to other fans. View.

Vibecapital - Community solutions for the enterprise. View.

Vibely - Meet new people, hang out with friends & find hotspots. View.

Vijftigplusser~ - Community for people over 50. View.

Weblixr - Explore & share alcoholic knowledge. View.

We-row - Community for rowers. View.

Wesabe - Share tips & advice to help each other make better financial decisions. View.

Woot - Online store & community that sells cool stuff cheap. View.

Workclan - Community for coworkers and colleagues. View.

Xakasha - Share your life path & experiences & make new friends. View.

Yooguu - Create a profile, share media & make new friends. View.

Youfig - Create your own secure collaboration community. View.

Yudomagic - Community produced magic video performances and tutorials. View.

Yuniti - Connect with anyone in the world. View.

Zdotb - Share your activities & mood status reports with friends. View.

Zolve - Community for real estate professionals. View.

Zoogmo - Backup community. View.

Zynga - Social gaming network (games live on 3d parties' communities). View.

3voor12~** - Profile yourself & share media. View.

43people - Tag based matching & dating. View.

43places - Publish & share stories about places. View.

71miles - Read & contribute to regional travel portals. View.

8020publishing* - Enables online communities to co-create printed magazines (cf. JPG Magazine http://www.jpgmag.com/ about imagemaking andEverywhere http://www.everywheremag.com/ about travel). View.

99moments - Collaborate on & share a timeline of events & experiences. View.

Abk-soft - Dating & community software. View.

Adultswim - Episode previews, games, community. View.

Agester - Let other users tell how old you look. View.

Aggreg10 - IT community & collaboration space. View.

Aidpage - People help people. View.

Aim - Myspace for AOL users. View.

Americantowns - Virtual town & community centers. View.

Amiamo - Find things & people you like. View.

Amiglia - Publish & share family trees, photos, maps…. View.

Askvox - Write a question & hear the answer. View.

Asoboo - Find people & places in your city. View.

Attendio - Submit your interests, get event suggestions picked by the most members in your region. View.

B4class - Group & video chat, scheduling, photo sharing & tutoring. View.

Backfence - Publish & share community news. View.

Badged - Add your social networking badges to your blog. View.

Bakespace - Recipe sharing community for cookers & cakers. View.

Bandchemistry - Find band members or a band to play in. View.

Barcardz - Network in real life. View.

Bebo - Find back school & college friends. View.

Begreen - Here it's easy being green. View.

Berecruited - College recruiting & athletic scholarship network. View.

Betabug - Bug tracking community. View.

Betsgowild* - Cash-free betting community. View.

Bibliochat - Get book excerpts and reviews, and discuss books - live. View.

Biddingbuddies - Meet other eBayers through friends, groups, shared bookmarks, blogs & events. View.

Bigoven - Publish & share recipes. View.

Bioteams* - Blog on team dynamics & virtual collaboration. View.

Bittercyclist - Bicycle accident map & community; map mash-up. View.

Biznik - Business network. View.

Blackplanet - Community for African-Americans. View.

Blnk - Publish & share your profile and make new friends. View.

Blocksavvy - Habbo for adults. View.

Blogher - Blogging community for women. View.

Blogtronix - Blogging & corporate community software. View.

Bluechipexpert - Profile yourself, invite friends & recruit other professionals, and get paid. View.

Bookrevyoo - Social book review community. View.

Booksconnect - Community for readers, authors, publishers, librarians & booksellers. View.

Brickfish* - Submit, vote for & review content, and get rewarded for it. View.

Bringsome - Ask the world to bring you some, or bring something to someone else. View.

Buddymapping - Assemble your friends on a map & publish it. View.

Buddymedia - PSP for Facebook's Ace Bucks. View.

Buddyping - Find friends & events locally (map mash-up). View.

Buddystumbler - Search for new buddies to chat with over IM. View.

Buurtlink~ - Find people, places & news in your hood. View.

Buzzchurch - Community & forum for music makers. View.

C4-world - Fight poverty by participating. View.

Cafe - Casul gaming community with with 3D avatars, social networking & item-based economy. View.

Cafe-list - Community for coffee & tea lovers. View.

Cafemom - Community for moms. View.

Cakefinancial - Track your performance and benchmark it against other investors. View.

Canvaspainter - Painter. View.

Carepilot - Connect & share with caregivers. View.

Catster - Digg cats. View.

Cellcast - Record audio or video with your cell phone & share it with friends. View.

Cerado - Networking platform for organizations. View.

Change - Community for social activism. View.

Changingthepresent - Invite friends to donate to your good causes. View.

Chartu - Rate music. View.

Chickadvisor - Get & share advise on what chicks should do & buy. View.

Chokti - Create, publish & share your travel experiences. View.

Chorebuster - Organize & schedule your household chores. View.

Cingo - Keep your family together online. View.

Citizenbay - Get yourself on the map & meet new friends. View.

Citycita - Find likeminded people & meet them. View.

Citytherapy - Share places, events & people. View.

Clicmobile - Mobile social software. View.

Clipfire - Shop search engine & community. View.

Collactive - Make your voice & opinion heard though collective action. View.

Collarity - Customize your search & find people with similar search interests. View.

Collectivex - Communicate, share files & schedules, group-wise. View.

Collegefanz - College sports community. View.

Commongate - Create your own social network. View.

Communitywalk - Share places & routes (map mash-up). View.

Companyloop - Network & share knowledge with your colleagues. View.

Confirmit - Survey solution with user panels. View.

Connectbeam - Intranet community solution. View.

Contactnetworks - Enterprise relationship management solutions. View.

Contakme - Upload & share photos. View.

Coolcomment - Create & publish sexy and funny MySpace comments. View.

Couchsurfing* - Home swapping & holiday dating. View.

Cozi - Organize your family. View.

Cpluv - Community for designers. View.

Craftster - Share crafting ideas. View.

Criteo - Review, compare & share films. View.

Criticker - Rate films and get recommendations. View.

Croquet* - Create multi-user 3D apps and metaverses "Supports synchronous communication, collaboration, resource sharing and computation among large numbers of users on multiple platforms and multiple devices". View.

Crowdabout* - Get or contribute to timelined comments on podcasts. View.

Crowdfactory - Create & manage a social network site. View.

Crowdspirit - Electronics design community. View.

Curse - MMOG portal & community. View.

Cyworld - Community for friends & neighbors. View.

Dabble - Share, manage & explore your information. View.

Daddaily - Community for dads. View.

Daisy - Meet & share with fellow site visitors. View.

Dandelife - Describe & share your life. View.

Dawanda - Social market place for people producing or buying handicraft. View.

Daz*~ - Explore, contribute to & share the biggest music dbase. View.

Developerid - Community for web industry. View.

Diarised - Manage your time. View.

Difm - Radio community. View.

Disaboom - Community for people with a disability or functional limitation. View.

Dishola - Explore, publish & share your favorite dishes. View.

Dnaancestryproject - Trace & share your ancestry. View.

Dodgeball - Hook in with your mobile & meet friends. View.

Dogster - Digg dogs. View.

Dollpalace - Create a doll & share it. View.

Dontdatehimgirl - Women community. View.

Dontstayin - Clubber community (UK). View.

Doostang - Community for professionals. View.

Dopplr* - Share your future travel plans with your friends. View.

Downelink - Gay community. View.

Eazyportal - Content management system for communities. View.

Ebase - Web-based community CRM. View.

Ecirkit - Explore & expand your network (Java interface). View.

Economie - Interact for a sustainable future. View.

Effectivebrand - Create your own community toolbar. View.

Ekudoz - Give & receive kudoz. View.

Engrade - Helps teachers, students parents to connect. View.

Entropia*** - 3D entertainment & trading community. View.

Eons - Babyboomers' community. View.

Eroshare - Upload, explore, rate & share photos. View.

ES3** - Social military training game. View.

Exaroom - Connect to & share files with family & friends. View.

Experienceproject - Share your experience & meet people who understand you. View.

Facebook*** - Student communities. View.

Faceparty - Clubber community (UK). View.

Facilitycookie - Mobile office forum for small businesses and freelancers. View.

Faketown - Create, buy, sell, trade & share virtual assets. View.

Famiva - Collaborate on your family tree. View.

Famster - Family community. View.

Fanpop - Share bookmarks & meet fellow fanatics. View.

Fantasticc - Rate, review, explore & collect porn. View.

Feedback20 - Engage an audience in a themed conversation. View.

Feedbeat** - Bookmark videos, create & share internet tv-shows. View.

Feedbuddy - Find new friends with similar feed needs. View.

Fetishtowers - Fetishists community. View.

Ficlets - Write short stories together. View.

Fidgt* - Create a dynamic address book to keep track of your contacts across multiple social networks, and visualize what everybody is talking about. View.

Flickrgraph** - Visualize your network on Flickr. View.

Flingr - Connect with people you've ever met. View.

Fliva - Express your personality & share it anywhere. View.

Flux - Add content distribution & community features to your blog or website. View.

Fobfire - Show the right part of your profile to the right people. View.

Folkstr - Easy to install social networking solution. View.

Fon*** - Share, buy, sell wi-fi connections. View.

Foratv - Explore video discussions on political, social and cultural issues & join the conversation. View.

Forterra - Generate & deploy collaborative 3D Internet simulated environments. View.

Frappr - Put your group on the map, share photos. View.

Freespire - Community-involved, Linux-based operating system. View.

Frengo - Mobile entertainment & communications community. View.

Friendping - Share map, media & bookmarks with friends. View.

Friendsabroad - Meet & communicate with people globally. View.

Friendster - Connect with friends. View.

Frühstückstreff - Meet people for breakfast. View.

Fuser - Fuse all email and social media messages in 1 page. View.

Futuresboard - Explore, discuss, comment & share your analysis on futures. View.

Fuzzster - Meet pets & their owners. View.

Gaia - Play games & make friends. View.

Gameklip - Record & share your best gaming moves & tricks. View.

Gamervision - Publish & share profiles, news & blogs on gaming. View.

Gazzag - Post & share photos, find friends. View.

Geek2geek - Find your geek match. View.

Geni - Create & share your family tree, in Ajax. View.

Genwi - Upload, share & promote all your media. View.

Geotract - Share places & people. View.

Gigoit - Reuse, donate or receive 2nd hand goods in your community. View.

Gigya - Myspace2email. View.

Gimme20 - Discover, create, track & share workout routines. View.

Givemeaning - Give or take fundraising community. View.

Gizmoojo - Geek community. View.

Glee - Community for gays & lesbians. View.

Glinkr - Map & share views on issues. View.

Globalfreeloaders - Get & provide accommodation. View.

Go211 - Share your profile & media with other action sports athletes and enthusiasts. View.

Gobignetwork - Community of startup companies. View.

Going - Show where you go around town. View.

Goingon - Always on network of networks. View.

Goodreads - List, review & recommend books. View.

Goombah - Analyse & match your musical taste to other users' (client). View.

Gottabet* - Bet on anything with friends or colleagues - for money or glory. View.

Grandparents - Community for oldtimers. View.

Groovr - Text to & network with friends. View.

Groupomatic - Start a local group, get members & schedule events. View.

Groupr - Groups photos from Flickr groups. View.

Groups - Create groups & share content. View.

Guildcafe - Share your MMORPG history & play. View.

Gusto - Share trips with friends & family. View.

Hamsterster - Community for hamster lovers. View.

Hashbush - Meet your friends' friends. View.

Haystack - Music community. View.

Hi5 - Connect & share ideas with friends. View.

Highschoolsports - Athletes community. View.

Hiitch - Start your own open sourced desktop social networking platform. View.

Hivelive - Post & share information. View.

Hobeez - Find & make friends people with similar hobbies. View.

Hobnobster - Web and mobile community & social bookmarking. View.

Hodgepodge - Share ideas, tips & opinions on gambling. View.

Holotof - Pitch your ad project among creatives. View.

Homeandtell - Showcase your home, share ideas & ask questions. View.

Homeaway - Vacation rentals market place. View.

Hooktv - Flyfishing video community. View.

Hoovers - Manage & connect to your personal & corporate networks. View.

Hotsoup - Community for political debate. View.

Hotspots - Network for urban professionals. View.

Houndbite - Explore, publish & share entertaining audio clips. View.

Hoverspot - Publish & share your profile. View.

Humblevoice* - Publish, share bands, music, other media & arts. View.

Hypercomics - Create, explore & share comics. View.

I4giveu - Confess, share & forgive. View.

Iboogie - Clustered search engine. View.

Ibridge - Aggregates early stage research & technologies. View.

Icebreaker - Mobile community software. View.

Iconnecte - Community for start-ups. View.

Ideawhip - Community for students, alumni, start-ups. View.

Ideawicket - Community for start-ups & innovators. View.

Ikarma - Document & promote your reputation. View.

Iloho - Create, publish, explore & rate travel experiences. View.

Ilovetocomplain - Publish, share & rate complaints ("5 degrees outside and we have to worry about global warming"). View.

Imagini* - Profile yourself with images & find people with similar visual DNA. View.

Imbee - Secure networking & blogging for kids. View.

Imeem - Share words, files & people (on messenger). View.

Iminlikewithyou - Browse profiles & play Q&A games. View.

Imthere - Share where your are & where you're going. View.

Instablogs - Share your views, blogs, comments & make friends.. View.

Instructables - Share what you make & how you made it. View.

Internetaddressbook**~ - Find & be found, with all your 2.0 profiles. View.

Interraproject - Do & consume good with your credit & debit cards. View.

In-the-casino - Gambling online community. View.

Intronetworks - Social networking solutions. View.

Ipubble - List & promote your website & have it reviewed. View.

Isanyonegoingto - Find car shares, meet new friends & explore new places. View.

Islandoo - Temporary (?) community for tv show's casting. View.

Isolatr - Isolate yourself from requests http://isolatrcom/. View.

I-spy - Community based meta search. View.

Ittoolbox - Community for IT professionals. View.

Iugen - Publish your profile & see how connected you are. View.

Iwiw - Find your friends. View.

Jaman - Watch or distribute international & art movies over IP. View.

Jambo - Discover who's nearby & reconnect live. View.

Jibberjobber - Manage & organize a job search. View.

Jibjab - Create & share your funniest stuff. View.

Joga - Nike + Google community. View.

Join2growbiz~ - Community for European entrepreneurs (by Fortis Bank). View.

Kancept - Submit design concepts and have them reviewed & rated by other users. View.

Karmadu - Thank people by sending them karma points. View.

Karmus - Create, share & contribute to cards. View.

Kincafe - Create a community for your family. View.

King - Casual gaming community. View.

Klostu* - Connect yourself to all message boards, communities & people. View.

Kluskring~ - Share ideas & knowledge on DIY. View.

Komuniki - Communicate easily and strengthen your international network. View.

Kongregate - Gamers community. View.

Konnects - Networking for professionals. View.

Koolanoo - Jewish social network. View.

Krawlerx - Create, search, share & build community around your media. View.

Kuler - Publish, rate & share colour schemes. View.

Latengo* - Upload or publish & share all your digital things (German). View.

Layoffspace - Community for the unemployed. View.

Lessnetworks - Provide wi-fi connectivity & make some money, or share wi-fi for free as a community member. View.

Lifeat* - Private websites for exclusive use by members of residential communities. View.

Lifesterblog - Publish & share & connect with friends. View.

Lifetango - Publish your goals & ask others to support you. View.

Lightstalkers - Networking & discussion tools for professional travellers. View.

Lime - Help & inspire each other. View.

Lingr - Chat community. View.

Livejournal - Join or create your own community. View.

Livemocha* - Language learning & practice community. View.

Liveworld - Moderation & member care services for communities. View.

Lo8os - Graphic design gallery & community. View.

Longtimelost* - Find back lost friends thru Google. View.

Lookery - Ad network for companies publishing apps on Facebook. View.

Lookupahookup - Create or join an expert or experience group. View.

Loopt* - Find & share your friends & media on your mobile (cool demo!). View.

Lostcherry - Social network for youngsters. View.

Lovento - Find friends & events. View.

Lovli - Share, buy & sell art, crafts and handmade products. View.

Lyrics~ - Share lyrics & music information. View.

Madville - Submit & share mad stuff. View.

Mainada - Create & share comics. View.

Mapable - Build & share chatrooms & communities. View.

Mapmyrun - Plot & share your run route. View.

Mapskip* - Give every place on earth a (your) memory. View.

Matador - Global travel community. View.

Mayasmom - Parenting community. View.

Mdjunction - People helping people in health matters. View.

Me* - Build, manage & exploit your online community. View.

Meetro - Find friends nearby (thru messenger). View.

Meetup - Find common interests & organize meetings. View.

Menutopia - Community for diners. View.

Messagr - Find & communicate with people with matching interests or knowledge. View.

Miaplaza - Connect with friends, family etc.. View.

Minglenow - Connect with places & people. View.

Minitellus - Share your experience with & meet students. View.

Minti - Parents community. View.

Mix - Explore, upload, download & share playlists & public mixes. View.

Mixd - Text & send pics & vids to groups of friends. View.

Mizpee - Share information on nearby loos. View.

Mmoguildsites - Manage your MMORPG clan's hosting & community needs. View.

Mmotr - Automotive (dating) community. View.

Mobber - Create instant community & chat while you surf. View.

Mobicious - Discover, create & share mobile content, services & apps. View.

Mobiluck - IM, text & share media on your mobile. View.

Mog - Share your playlists (automated). View.

Mojizu - Create & share characters. View.

Mologogo - Share where you are. View.

Mommybuzz - Moms connect with moms. View.

Monsterdare - Create, do or sponsor a dare. View.

Moob - Party scene community. View.

Moodle - Course management system for learning communities. View.

Mosh - Upload, share & browse all your stuff on your mobile (Nokia). View.

Mosuki - Hear about events from people you know. View.

Mothersclick - Share knowledge on motherhood. View.

Mozes - Share information & people thru your mobile. View.

Mp3 - Community of artists & fans. View.

Multiverse - Network of MMOGs and 3D virtual worlds. View.

Musichawk - Share the artists you're into. View.

Musicplustv - Enjoy clips, put in requests, chat with dj's. View.

Musicstrands - Tag, share & post music community. View.

Musocity - Music community. View.

My50 - List & share your to do things. View.

Mycoogee - Access, store & share your cell's contents (client). View.

Mycool - Search, create & share special interest groups. View.

Mydeathspace - Directory of dead Myspace members. View.

Myfrienemies - Connect with people, show & share the same dislikes, annoyances & disappointments. View.

Mygamma - Mobile community. View.

Myheritage - Upload & share photos & recognize faces. View.

Mylot - Make money on posting, commenting & participating in this social network. View.

Mymetar - Link to & share favourite metars, tafs & radar images. View.

My-moment - Share what you're doing & find new friends. View.

Mymovienetwork - Community for filmmakers. View.

Myspace - Communicate with & share content with your friends. View.

Myspacegecko - Tools & codes to spice up your My Space profile. View.

Mystrands - Share your taste, get recommendations & party. View.

Mytripz - Plan, publish & share your travel experiences. View.

Nav4all~ - Mobile navigation app, claim & share places with friends. View.

Naymz - Edit & share your own online meta profile. View.

Neighborology - Come together to meet, talk, share info, and have fun with your neighbors. View.

Neighborrow - Borrow from, lend to or trade with neighbours, friends & strangers. View.

Neobinaries - Web 2.0 developers, users & experts. View.

Netlog - Publish & share photos, blogs etc & make new friends. View.

Netomat - Share profiles, blogs, photos, etc. View.

Newstoday** - Publish & share cool jobs, gadgets, etc. View.

Nexo - Collaboration tools. View.

Nextcat - Platform for entertainment professionals. View.

Nicktropolis - Create, play games & connect safely with Nickelodeon friends. View.

Ning* - Start a community, create social apps. View.

Noovo - Create a website & share with other users. View.

Nooz - News for Myspace members. View.

Onmycity - Upload, post & share everything locally. View.

Ontoworld - Semantic web wiki-community. View.

Openarchiteturenetwork~ - Share, review & collaborate on architectural projects. View.

Openpeople - Invite your friends & explore your network. View.

Operator11 - Create, edit, remix, view & share videos. View.

Opinity - Manage your reputation. View.

Opmom - Community for mothers. View.

Orgasms2~ - Share creativity & inspiration. View.

Orkut - Connect to your friends. View.

Otherego - Profile aggregator. View.

Ourchart - Community for lesbians. View.

Outorin - Gated community. View.

Ownyourc* - Get help in making choices. View.

Oz - Mobile IM, email & social networking solutions. View.

Ozmozr - Import, store, share & manage feeds in bulk or individually. View.

Pagii - Design, publish & collaborate on social pages. View.

Pairup - Find & connect to fellow travellers. View.

Palabea* - Learn languages & share your culture. View.

Paralysiscommunity - Spinal cord injury community. View.

Partnerup - Community for professionals. View.

Partystrands* - Let partygoers interact with you & each other IRL, mobile & online. View.

Patientslikeme - Share your experience & learn from other patients. View.

Peekamo - Peekamo - Mobile community. View.

Peerprofile - Publish & share your profiles. View.

Peertrainer - Buddy up, slim down. View.

Peopleaggregator - Create or join networks, build & connect your community. View.

Peoplejam - Get a better career, relationships, health, life by networking. View.

Photobucket - Create, edit, upload & share photos & videos. View.

Phusebox - Community for sophisticated people. View.

Pickupgame* - Find people locally to play games. View.

Picnicmob - Answer 30 questions & get picnic location advise, meeting people with similar profile. View.

Picostation - Create & share your phone cam videos. View.

Piczo - Community for girls. View.

Pixsense - Take, manage & share cell phone pics & videos. View.

Placesite - Wi-fi portal & location communities. View.

Planypus - Plan events with your friends. View.

Plaxo - Contact synchronizer community. View.

Playdo* - Gaming community. View.

Playful-bent - Create erotic stories together. View.

Playtxt - Socialize, flirt thru sms. View.

Plazes*** - Claim & share your locations. View.

Plazesbadge* - Show where you are (e.g. on your blog). View.

Plone - Content management system for groups, communities, extranets and intranets. View.

Poddater - Create vodcast & connect. View.

Popfly* - Create & share pages & mash-ups. View.

Popist* - Social networking. View.

Post282 - Create community blogs. View.

Presto - Send email & photos to people who don't have a computer. View.

Preventionweb - UN disaster risk reduction community.. View.

Prisonerlife - Prisoners community. View.

Profil3 - Get to know the people you play with. View.

Profilactic - Aggregate your digital profiles, content & friends. View.

Projectstars - Enterprise consultants community. View.

Prospero - White label community software. View.

Publicsquare - Create communities of passionate readers. View.

Pubwalk - Plan your night out on a map & share it. View.

Purevolume - Music community. View.

Qlique - Real-time location aware community. View.

Qype - Find & recommend best spots in town. View.

Radeo - Compile & share playlists. View.

Railslodge - Ruby on Rails developers community. View.

Raisingthem - Publish & share parenting tips. View.

Rapleaf* - Manage your reputation & rate your friends. View.

Rapspacetv - Rap & hiphop community. View.

Rateyourmusic - Music recommendation community. View.

Readme - Exchange info & compare notes on books. View.

Redlightcenter - 3D adult community. View.

Reesycakes - Social shopping community. View.

Referralkey - Community for business referrals. View.

Refurber - DIY community. View.

Relive - Geotag your mobile cam photos, then relive & share your trip. View.

Renkoo - Arrange when & where to meet your friends. View.

Respectance~* - Come together to remember loved ones. View.

Reverbnation - Music community. View.

Revish - List, discuss & review books. View.

Rrove* - Save & share places. View.

Rsvpbuy - Invite people to your auctions & events, or get invites. View.

Rupture - Publish your profile as a gamer & connect to people you play with. View.

Saki - Mobile community. View.

Saynow - Communicate with your fans. View.

Sayswap - Game trading community. View.

Schoolbank~ - Profile yourself & find back class mates. View.

Scratch* - Animate games & tutorials, share & educate eachother. View.

Scribeit - Group chat thru mobile messaging. View.

Scriptovia - Community for students; collaborate & receive feedback on your academic work. View.

Selectminds - Facebook & collaboration tools for staff and alumni. View.

Sellaband~* - Promote your music & find 5000 fans. View.

Selsius - Real estate community. View.

Seomoz - Search marketers community. View.

Sf1 - Collaborative production game & community. View.

Sharea - Manage what you share with whom. View.

Sharethis - Access all of your profiles, blogs & contacts to share & update content. View.

Shareyourlook - Community for fashion addicts. View.

Shoutcentral - Publish yourself & chat while you surf. View.

Shoutfit - Share trends & friends. View.

Shuzak - Community for geeks (with Digg-like features). View.

Simplespark - International Web 20 indexing community. View.

Siteframe - Content management system. View.

Slurlmaker* - Bookmark sites in Second Life. View.

Smllr - Tag your Flickr photos with smells. View.

Snag - Find friends & get other features from all your networks. View.

Snubster - Get rid of your friends. View.

Socialexplorer - Find out about your neighbours. View.

Socialgrapes - Find & keep track any member of any social network. View.

Somuchworld - User-generated insights from a community of passionate travelers. View.

Sonific - Claim a song & publish it on your site. View.

Soundflavor - Music community. View.

Soundsnap - Upload, explore & share sound FX. View.

Spicydigits - Manage shared expenses. View.

Sploder** - Play, make & share games. View.

Spoke - Community for professionals. View.

Spore*** - User generated gameplay & characters. View.

Sportsmates - Sports bloggers community. View.

Spotajob~ - Help each other to build a better career. View.

Springspotters~* - Watch & share trends. View.

Sprinko* - Do & share everything here. View.

Squadrapiloti - Tell about & share your car. View.

Stardoll* - Dress up & share your favourite celebrities. View.

Stickam* - Multimedia communication community. View.

Stixy - Publish & share documents, photos, to do lists with family & friends. View.

Stockfriend - Community for investors sharing and collaborating on investment ideas. View.

Streetfire - Car enthusiasts community. View.

Stylespy - Publish, vote for & discuss trends. View.

Sugar - Ecosystem of Women's communities. View.

Suicidegirls - Sex (& culture) positive community of women (& men). View.

Swapthing - Community of people who want to swap, buy or sell things. View.

Swingingheaven - Swingers community. View.

Switchdiscs - Media trading community. View.

Swopster - Share game software. View.

Tagalag - Tag & map your contacts. View.

Tagged - Tag yourself and the ones you love. View.

Tangler - Get together for groups, chat, debate & share whatever. View.

Tapuxmobile* - Mobile fun & community content & apps. View.

Taumed - Share knowledge on health matters. View.

Teachthepeople - Create your own community & share knowledge. View.

Teapotters - Publish, explore & share 3D design. View.

Teebeedee - 40+ community. View.

Tendango - Top 10 list community. View.

Thatschillin - Submit & rate trivial news & videos. View.

Thebeststuffintheworld* - Publish, discover & share cool things. View.

Theparalysiscommunity - Spinal cord injury community. View.

Thinkpassenger - Collaboration & community solution. View.

Thoos - Social networking for athletes. View.

Threadless - Submit & rate T-shirt designs. View.

Tickle - Lifestyle community. View.

Tickle - Lifestyle community. View.

Tinfinger - Search persons. View.

Tipt~ - Submit & rate tips. View.

Toolstolife - Change yourself together!. View.

Topufo - Publish & share encounters of 1st, 2nd & 3d kind. View.

Towncrossing - Create & participate in communities. View.

Travelistic - Upload, explore, rate & share travel videos. View.

Traveltogether - Plan & deal out trips together. View.

Treblenation - Community connecting musicians and venues with fans. View.

Treemo - Olim: Hyperboy. Explore, create & share video, audio, photography, words & visual art (web & mobile). View.

Tribe - Connects you to friends, neighbourhoods & forums. View.

Trig* - Create & share your network & content, get featured. View.

Triphub - Plan group trips. View.

Tripmates - Meet locals, get tips. View.

Triptie - Mix your trip from trip plans by other users. View.

Tripup - Share & explore travel content, link up with people traveling to your city. View.

Trustmymail - Spam filter based on your circle of contacts. View.

Tubes - Create your own social network & share your stuff. View.

Tubesnow - Create, invite & share. View.

Tupalo - Explore, review & share things in cities. View.

Twisted - Event-driven Python networking engine. View.

Twones~ - Share your playlists & make new friends. View.

Ubiplanet - Explore, share, discuss & manage your content. View.

Ubu* - Upload, explore & share avant-garde art (since 1996). View.

Unalog - Share what you read, in groups. View.

Uniteddogs - Dog-lovers community. View.

Uplayme - Share music & meet people with same taste. View.

Upscoop - Discover which of your friends are on social networks. View.

Upspring - B2B social networking. View.

Urbis - Community for creative people. View.

Uselessaccount - Impress your friends with your ability to tab through form fields and arrow through saved field values!. View.

Userscripts - Publish, request & comment on scripts. View.

Utensil-ed* - Submit ideas and concepts & brainstorm about them with other users. View.

Vault - Benchmark your career & employers, and find a job. View.

Vcarious - Travel community. View.

Velvetpuffin* - Mobile community. View.

Vertagio - Connect with friends. View.

Videobomb - Discover, digg & share videos on Democracy Player. View.

Videostumble - Link to, rate & share videos. View.

Vidivodo - Profile yourself & share media. View.

Virb - Upload & share multimedia. View.

Virtualworldsreview - Lists & reviews virtual worlds. View.

Vivapets - Global pet community. View.

Vles - Virtually visit & meet new friends in New York's lower east side. View.

Vuze - Hi-def video community (based on Azureus). View.

Wadja - Use & share the web on your mobile phone. View.

Wakoopa~* - Create your software profile, share it & get suggestions for cool stuff. View.

Wallop - Publish & share media. View.

Wankr - Collaborative masturbation community. View.

Wasabi - Share news with friends. View.

Watvindenwijover~ - Find & vote for information. View.

Wayn - Log & share places & people. View.

Wazap - Search for games & connect with other gamers. View.

Webjay - Playlist community. View.

Weblin - Create your avatar & meet others on any website. View.

Weekendr - Plan & share weekend activities. View.

Wehanghere - Find, message & meet people in your favourite places (London). View.

Where - Upload & share photos on community walls & maps. View.

Whereareyou~ - Diary for travellers, interns and expats. View.

Whisher - Share free wi-fi. View.

Wikihow - Collaborate on collection of how-to manuals. View.

Witness - Improve the world through documenting injustice with videos. View.

Xanga - Blog rings. View.

Xindesk - Desktop operating system with file sync. View.

Xing** - Community for entrepreneurs & professionals. View.

Xone8 - Start your own tv network community. View.

Xuqa - Publish yourself & connect to anyone. View.

Yacs - Content management system for blogging communities. View.

Yafumato - Meta instant messenger. View.

Yahoopipes** - Remix feeds, create mash-ups & share them. View.

Yatam - Share where & when you are going to be. View.

Yfly - Meet celebrities, share content. View.

Yippykya - Make new friends a/o get discovered. View.

Yomedia~ - Upload, explore & share mobile media. View.

Youmeus - Relationship advice community. View.

Yournextdrink - Publish, vote for & share drink recipes. View.

Youronramp* - Community of professional women, on- or offramping their career. View.

Yourtrumanshow - Community of tomorrow's online reality stars and their fans (comes with Videomap widget). View.

Yourville - Community for expats. View.

Youshouldmeet - Refer your friends to friends. View.

Yuku - Share your profiles & media. View.

Yuvutu - Upload & share your private sex videos. View.

Zaadz~ - Network of inspired people. View.

Zexsports - Networking for extreme sports lovers. View.

Ziggs - Index of professionals. View.

Ziki - People matching thru tagged interests. View.

Zilzle - Profile yourself & your friends. View.

Zimdesk - Web OS with community. View.

Zogix - Innovators' community. View.

Zoints - Publish & share your content, and meet. View.

Zolved - Users help users to solve computer problems. View.

Zoodango - Have a coffee with other professionals. View.

Zoominfo* - Search persons; create your own page. View.

Zoomtags - Tag cloud-based affiliate network. View.

Zooomr~ - Find photos & make friends in many languages. View.

Zpeech - Publish, share & discuss comments on any website. View.

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