19 April 2008

COMMUNICATING 2.0: 65 special communication solutions

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CHATTING 2.0, EMAIL 2.0, FAX 2.0, FORUM 2.0, IM 2.0, LIFESTREAMING 2.0, SMS 2.0, SNAIL MAIL 2.0, VIDEOCOM 2.0, VOICE 2.0, WI-FI 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Adresbekend~ - Get snail mail without giving your address, or send out mail without knowing addresses. View.

Anywr - Microblogging over web & mobile. View.

Babl~ - Topical twitter. View.

Batchbook - Contact, task & communications management solution. View.

Batchbook - Contact, task & communications management solution. View.

Blabto - Keep your friends posted on what you're doing & thinking. View.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Ezgram - Write letters online & have them delivered over snail mail. View.

Firsthandtech - Enterprise mobile unified communications solutions. View.

Genbook - Convert site traffic into bookings. View.

Hellotxt - Meta twitter. View.

Im-history - Manage all your messaging in 1 client. View.

Kadoink - Make group calls & sms, share music. View.

Latergator - Send your email later. View.

Lettermelater - Send email at any future date and time. View.

Lettermelater - Send email at any future date and time. View.

Mailfreezr - Postpone sending your email for 1 - 100 years. View.

Maxtango - Design & share or just rate & send ecards. View.

Meemi - Microblog your life. View.

Metaplace - Create & publish virtual worlds & games. View.

Multitweet - Meta twitter. View.

Networktext - Send free sms (group) messages (comes with 30 character advertisements; USA only). View.

Othersonline - Explore & connect to people with similar interests. View.

Outshouts - Mix your favorite audio with your own voice and send it out to friends. View.

Perfspot - Explore, upload & share files, and socialize with other users. View.

Pronto* - Unified internet communications. View.

Ribbit - Unified user steered phone services. View.

Speaklike - You IM in your language, and others see it in theirs. View.

Squidnote* - Sign & send group ecards. View.

Stingnetworks - OverIP communication solutions. View.

Tjoon* - Split-screen video jamming, using your webcam. View.

Tringme - Push & talk web-based SIP phone. View.

Vastpark - Create your virtual world & share it with others. View.

Xo - Enterprise voice, VoIP & internet services. View.

Yap - Mobile voice2text services. View.

Convinceme - Choose from 3 debating features. View.

Croquet* - Create multi-user 3D apps and metaverses. View.

Faces - Publish & share photos, music & blogs, communicate & date. View.

Firestoker - Enterprise communications & democratization platform. View.

Friendsabroad - Meet & communicate with people globally. View.

Grafitti - Express yourself with drawing using this Facebook app. View.

Grupthink - Explore & share topics & opinions. View.

Highrise - Track your contacts & your communication history with them. View.

Intertalk*** - Unified communications, streaming & community solutions. View.

Ipoint - Video calling application platforms. View.

Komuniki - Communicate easily and strengthen your international network. View.

Messagr - Find & communicate with people with matching interests or knowledge. View.

Microsoftuc - Real time unified messaging, voice and conferencing over IP (by Microsoft). View.

Mymapchat - Chat in & on world map (see also http://www.mymapnights.com/). View.

Oyco - Meta communications toolkit. View.

Parlano - Group dialogue & document sharing. View.

Presto - Send email & photos to people who don't have a computer. View.

Saynow - Communicate with your fans. View.

Sendwordnow - Crisis alerting & response services. View.

Seriosity - Enhance enterprise communication through MOG principles. View.

Shyno*** - Contact anyone or be contacted through your clothing. View.

Sorrygottago - Anti-communication software. View.

Talkshoe - Chat, talk 1:1 or in groups (over phone or over IP), host a talkshow. View.

Teamworklive - Communicate, collaborate & share information. View.

Twitterblocks - Visualize your Twitter followers. View.

Unizr - Bring up & share your topics. View.

Vidyo - HD Video conferencing. View.

Vivox - Solutions for communities, communications, games. View.

Weblin - Create your avatar & meet others on any website. View.

Xpanity* - Communicate on every web page. View.

Zweitgeist - Meet & communicate with people on websites. View.

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