26 April 2008

AUTOMOTIVE 2.0: 20 sources that help you to repair, sell or share (your love for) cars

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ECOMMERCE 2.0, MOBILITY 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Autonetmobile* - Rent a portable wi-fi hotspot & turn your car into a hotspot. View.

Cardomain - Community of car enthusiasts. View.

Cargurus - Automotive community. View.

Platewire* - Hold other drivers accountable for their actions on the road (or send a flirt message…). View.

Servicebeacon* - Book service with your car dealer. View.

Shareling* - Share your destination & car. View.

Zomoto~** - Submit your car, get its valuation & monthly cost assessed. View.

Autospies - Digg cars. View.

Fixexpert - Automotive repair wiki. View.

Isanyonegoingto - Find car shares, meet new friends & explore new places. View.

Mmotr - Automotive (dating) community. View.

Motormapusa - Locate or find vehicle for sale on Ebay. View.

Motorpulse - Digg cars. View.

Pooln - Schedule your car pooling. View.

Reply - Get info on value of homes & cars in USA. View.

Smashmyviper - Buy pixels to destroy car. View.

Squadrapiloti - Tell about & share your car. View.

Streetfire - Car enthusiasts community. View.

Vast - Car search. View.

Web2carz - Shop for cars, publish & share reviews of dealers. View.

Zipcar - Share your car. View.

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