26 April 2008

AVID 2.0: 71 ways to download, capture, edit, mix, remix, convert, encode, subtitle, manipulate, animate, add sfx to, vodcast, share or sell videos

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: AUDIO 2.0, CAPTURING 2.0, IMAGING 2.0, MUSIC 2.0, VIDEO 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Aditall - Create or remix video ads & distribute them. View.

All2convert - Convert videos to every device's video encoding. View.

Boomshuffle - Explore, create & share remixes. View.

Cellseavideo - Online video editor. View.

Fixmymovie - Upgrade, then share your video movies. View.

Fuzzwich - Make & share your own animation film. View.

Gorillaspot - (Re)edit & publish videos. View.

Jaycut - Edit, upload & share your movies. View.

Outshouts - Mix your favorite audio with your own voice and send it out to friends. View.

Showbeyond - Slidecast your images, add your voice & text. View.

Straycinema* - Edit your own version of a film already shot. View.

Adjustables~** - Super impose clickable logos, banners, ticker tapes etc on video. View.

Aegeetv~ - Create & share video (for European students). View.

Aniboom - Create, upload, rate & rank animation movies. View.

Asterpix* - Interactivate objects in your video & publish it. View.

Azareus - Distribute bandwidth & share content. View.

Bubbleguru - Record & publish your videos (featuring you). View.

Buzzwire - Explore, create & share video & audio on your mobile. View.

Camtwist - Add sfx to your video chats (Mac). View.

Clicktv - Edit & comment on videos while you watch. View.

Coulltv - View videos & add interactive elements to it. View.

Currenttv - Create & upload, watch & vote. View.

Cuts - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

Dltv - Video podcasts for tech geeks. View.

Dotsub - Help to subtitle films. View.

Dream-recorder - Record YOU while you sleep. View.

Dumbfind - Social search platform showcasing your expertise & enabling collaboration. View.

Evideoshare - Create, publish, share & interact. View.

Eyespot - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

Fix8 - User generated video avatar animation. View.

Fliptrack - Put your photos to music & share it as a video. View.

Gameklip - Record & share your best gaming moves & tricks. View.

Geobeats - Produce, publish & share tourist videos. View.

Gizmoz* - Create your 3D video avatar & use it anywhere. View.

Heywatch - Encode your video in any format. View.

Hooqs - Explore, create & share audio & video channels. View.

Jumpcut - Create, explore, remix & share movies. View.

Kerpoof - Synthesize animation film & share it. View.

Kiptronic - Insert ads in downloadable media. View.

Livemansion - Create & produce a feature film together. View.

Media-convert - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Mediaconverter - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Mixercast - Mix your own media with professional footage & publish it. View.

Mixpo - Present yourself in multimedia. View.

Motionbox - Edit & share videos. View.

Movavi - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Moviemasher - Add video editing to your website. View.

Muveemix - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

Myvideokaraoke - Sing & share your song on video. View.

Nayio - Record your music, add video & share. View.

Octopz - Collaborate on & in any file format. View.

Okaytoplay - Tools & resources for podcasters & vloggers. View.

On2* - Video compression solutions. View.

Operator11 - Create, edit, remix, view & share videos. View.

Photobucket - Create, edit, upload & share photos & videos. View.

Picostation - Create & share your phone cam videos. View.

Remix - Remix & share videos. View.

Screencast-o-matic - Create, publish, share, explore & rate screencasts. View.

Screenvader - Compose algorithmic music, image and video presentations. View.

Sketchbasement - Sketchcast your presentation . View.

Smstunes - Smstunes - Explore, create & share video, karaokes & radio. View.

Spotrunner - Recycle, recreate & air tv ads. View.

Stashspace - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

Veeker - Shoot, send & share videos while you travel. View.

Vidaveegrafitti - Add graphics and text to videos. View.

Viddler - Create, enhance & share your video. View.

Videobomb - Discover, digg & share videos on Democracy Player. View.

Videoegg - Capture, edit & publish video. View.

Vixy - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Votigo** - Create & share a video or photo contest (addictive!). View.

Webjam - Collect, mix & share content from many sources. View.

Zentation* - Synchronise & publish video & Powerpoint presentations. View.

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