26 April 2008

AUCTION 2.0: 20 ways to buy or sell goods & services through auctions

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ECOMMERCE 2.0, ECONOMY 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Auctomatic - Auction and marketplace management system. View.

Livegamer - Player2player virtual assets trading. View.

Solow - Participate in lowest unique bid auctions. View.

Viagogo** - Secundary ticket marketplace. View.

Zuho - Swap domain names (for a small fee). View.

Auctionmapper - Find auctioned goods nearby (mash-up). View.

Bidster - Buy by placing the lowest unique bid. View.

Dutydog - Have handymen bid on your home services. View.

Ebay* - Sell, rate & buy; auction. View.

Genietown - Marketplace for local home improvement services. View.

Gumshoo - Auction analyzer; Ebay mash-up. View.

Itsdex - Trading game in 2.0-related shares & bonds. View.

Kramkoob - Submit & share your site, blog, auction, news, vidcast or podcast. View.

Lilisto - Social bookmarking. View.

Rbloc - Sell, buy & meet auction market place. View.

Rmxdirect - Auction your ad inventory. View.

Rsvpbuy - Invite people to your auctions & events, or get invites. View.

Searchinsidethemusic - Search music by content and context (stealth). View.

Unwiredbuyer - Voice-based commerce platform. View.

Uship - Auction, or bid for, transportation services. View.

Zeedive - Dutch auction. View.

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