26 April 2008

ART 2.0: 21 ways to collaborate on, showcase, promote & share your art or put it up for sales

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CONTENT COMMERCE 2.0, ECOMMERCE 2.0, ECONOMY 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Artistrising - Publish your portfolio & sell your art. View.

Bahu* - Share your talents & make new friends (for students). View.

Designflavr - Search for inspiration in website & digital art. View.

Houyhnhnmstv - Art television community. View.

Strayform - Fund artists' proposals & get their stuff free of DRM. View.

Woophy~ - Help to cover every inch of our world map with images. View.

Artbreak - Publish, share & sell your art. View.

Artfaceoff - Strives to emulate natural intelligence thru accumulated experience. View.

Artimusart - Publish & share your kid's art. View.

Artslant - Showcase, share & buzz art & events. View.

Bloginfluence - Let your art compete with other artists' submissions. View.

Deviantart - Publish or buy from art portfolios. View.

Geotracing~ - Share the geo-located photos you've made during a trip & your (animated!) route (and more…!). View.

Humblevoice* - Publish, share bands, music, other media & arts. View.

Imagekind - Start your own art gallery online. View.

Jaman - Watch or distribute international & art movies over IP. View.

Lovli - Share, buy & sell art, crafts and handmade products. View.

Ondergrond~ - Upload photos of public art. View.

Openstudio - Create, collaborate, share, buy & sell. View.

Sexycanvas~ - View & purchase erotic art (browse through tastefully decorated rooms or upload an image of your own room to experience the works in various settings).. View.

Treemo - Olim: Hyperboy. Explore, create & share video, audio, photography, words & visual art (web & mobile). View.

Ubu* - Upload, explore & share avant-garde art (since 1996). View.

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