03 March 2008

WORD 2.0: 22 ways to process words online (some collaboratively)

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT 2.0, OFFICE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Spellify - Check your spelling. View.

Alphabetizer - Put any list in alphabetical order. View.

Nicedit - JS/AJAX wysiwyg content editor . View.

Onlineviewer - Online viewer for PDF, PostScript and Word. View.

Abiword - Web-based word processing (download). View.

Buzzword - Work on documents together (acquired by Adobe). View.

Ebiwrite - Process & share word documents. View.

Ehusbook - Turn Word into Publisher. View.

Fckeditor - Web-based word processor. View.

Femo - Tag & share memos online. View.

Goffice - Web-based word processing. View.

Greendoc - Process & share word documents. View.

Ijot - Write, manage, publish & share text files. View.

Inetword - Web-based word processing. View.

Subethaedit - Edit & share texts together. View.

Synchroedit - Group editor. View.

Textkernel~ - Text extraction & understanding engines. View.

Tinymce - Wysiwyg editor. View.

Workfriendly - Make surfing look like working in Word. View.

Writer - Process & share word documents. View.

Writetomyblog - Multi blog word processor. View.

Yourdraft - Create & collaborate on drafts. View.

Zohowriter - Online word processor. View.

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