03 March 2008

WRITING 2.0: 72 ways to write, process, publish, promote & collaborate on texts, poems, stories, scripts & books

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: BOOKS 2.0, PRINTING 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

1000keyboards - Explore, publish & read short stories. View.

Booktour - Where authors & readers meet. View.

Podiobooks - Explore or submit serialized audio books. View.

Sharedbooks - Create, publish & print a book. View.

Spellify - Check your spelling. View.

Straycinema* - Edit your own version of a film already shot. View.

1000words - Submit & share your photos with a story. View.

28chapters - Collaborate on a film script. View.

37signals* - Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List. View.

451press - Write a blog, and get a rev share. View.

Aboutus - Wiki about websites. View.

Anobii - Publish, share & discover booklists. View.

Authorhouse - Publish, promote & sell your book. View.

Beaguide - Make money on writing articles. View.

Biblica - Publish & share texts. View.

Blogabond - Publish your travel blog (map mash-up). View.

Blogburner - Write a blog, and get a rev share. View.

Bloggerwave - Make money on writing reviews on your blog. View.

Blogitive - Make money on writing articles on your blog. View.

Blogprinting - Publish, print & sell it. View.

Blogsvertise - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog. View.

Bluemountainarts - Submit your poems & get paid if they use it for greeting cards. View.

Bookrevyoo - Social book review community. View.

Booksconnect - Community for readers, authors, publishers, librarians & booksellers. View.

Bookswellread - Publish & share book reviews. View.

Bubblesnaps - Add balloons to your pics & share them. View.

Citeulike - Store, share, manage academic papers. View.

Cucumis - Translate or be translated. View.

Customervision - Enterprise wiki. View.

Daytipper - Make money on writing tips. View.

Ejamming - Write, record or play music together. View.

Ficlets - Write short stories together. View.

Flossmanuals~ - Read, write or remix open source software manuals. View.

Foopad - Create your own wiki. View.

Glypho - Collaborate on writing. View.

Gobby - Edit texts together. View.

Ilovejackdaniels - Check text readability. View.

Ilovetravelstories - Publish or bookmark & rank travel stories. View.

Imeep - Chat 1 to 1 at random. View.

Inblogads - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog. View.

Intellishop - Make money on shopping & writing a review. View.

Iuniverse - Publish, promote & sell your book. View.

Kevo - Collaborate on VIP's biographies & gossip. View.

Lifetrackers - Write your own book, compile an album, alone or with friends & print it. View.

Litespellchecker - Check spelling as you type. View.

Mailfriends - Penpals site. View.

Memorypress - Publish & print your memories (olim Imemorybook). View.

Mixbook - Create & publish books together with friends. View.

Novlet - Collaborate on writing. View.

Onlinewritingjobs - Gig directory for freelance writers. View.

Oondi~ - Publish & share your text. View.

Orangoo - Spelling checker. View.

Ourstory - Tell & share the story of your life. View.

Payu2blog - Make money on writing reviews. View.

Plotbot - Collaborate on screenplays. View.

Proz* - Global collaboration platform for translators. View.

Quickmuse - Battle of the poets. View.

Recycledpapergreetings - Submit your poems & images, and get paid if they use it for greeting cards. View.

Safariu - Create, publish & share science materials. View.

Slidestory - Publish stories with photo slideshows. View.

Smorty - Make money on writing articles on your blog. View.

Subethaedit - Edit & share texts together. View.

Sutori - Publish & vote on stories. View.

Tiddlywiki - Publish & share notes. View.

Traduwiki - Translate & share interesting documents. View.

Vitalsource - Publish & sell or buy books. View.

Wattpad - Publish & share stories on your cell phone. View.

Webbiographies - Publish & share your stories. View.

Wisdomark - Collaborate on publishing & sharing stories. View.

Wordsource - Define, rate, tag & share words in this social dictionary. View.

Writeboard - Collaborate on writing. View.

Writetomyblog - Multi blog word processor. View.

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