03 March 2008

WIKI 2.0: 61 ways to build, manage, share & co-publish encyclopedic knowledge

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COLLABORATING 2.0, DICTIONARY 2.0, KNOWLEDGE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Mindtouch* - Wiki and application platform for communities, media, brands & enterprises. View.

Similpedia - Submit URL or 100 words & find related Wikipedia articles. View.

Veropedia - Verified Wikipedia articles. View.

Wikileaks* - Make secret documents & stories public (refugee domain from US; cf. Slashdot - http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/02/18/043211&from=rss. View.

Wikimusicguide - Co-edit music fans site. View.

Wikitag - Search wikis. View.

Aboutus - Wiki about websites. View.

Ajaxpatterns - Ajax wiki. View.

Amapedia - Amazon's product wiki. View.

Bashr - Wikipedia, Flickr & Delicious mash-up. View.

Busytonight - City guide wiki. View.

Citizendium - Wiki with gentle expert moderation. View.

Confluence - Enterprise wiki. View.

Curriki - Publish & share curriculae on this wiki. View.

Customervision - Enterprise wiki. View.

Ebaywiki - Wiki on things you can buy & sell. View.

Eol** - Wiki with a decent interface (EOL = encyclopedia of life). View.

Epictrip - Multimedia travel wiki. View.

Foopad - Create your own wiki. View.

Iterating - Wiki-like software guide. View.

Iupload - Enterprise multi-user blogging, wiki, cms. View.

Jobberwiki - Share job knowledge & experience. View.

Littlewiki - Create wiki pages. View.

Lyricwiki - Collaborate on lyrics database . View.

Mobile20 - Wiki about mobile 2.0 initiatives. View.

Netcipia - Blog & wiki hosting. View.

Pbwiki - Make a wiki. View.

Placeopedia - Wiki + Google maps mash-up. View.

Productwiki - Collaborative product info resource. View.

Qwika - Search wikis. View.

Schtuff - Wiki service. View.

Seedwiki - Create wikis & blogs. View.

Serversidewiki - Mini-wiki. View.

Shopwiki - Search 120,000 stores. View.

Socialtext - Enterprise wiki solutions. View.

Sportiki - Wiki on sports. View.

Stellent - Enterprise blogging & wiki. View.

Stikipad - Wiki solution. View.

Tiddlywiki* - Publish and share notes. View.

Traduwiki - Translate & share interesting documents. View.

Urbandictionary - Contribute to slang dictionary. View.

Valuewiki - Wiki for securities. View.

Webmarketing20 - Wiki on marketing 2.0. View.

Wereldkenner~ - Wikipedia & Google Earth mash-up. View.

Wetpaint - Wetpaint - Create & contribute to categorized wiki platform. View.

Wikiafterdark - Create, edit and learn from adult how to articles. View.

Wikibios* - Let your friends collaborate on your bio. View.

Wikicharts - Most viewed Wikipedia articles. View.

Wikicompany - Social business directory. View.

Wikihow - Collaborate on collection of how-to manuals. View.

Wikimatrix - Compare wikis. View.

Wikimindmap* - Search wiki content with mindmap interface. View.

Wikinancial - Stock picking wiki. View.

Wikipedia* - Read & co-edit encyclopedia. View.

Wikipediamobile - Wap version of Wikipedia (by Sevenval). View.

Wikisky - Navigate the stars. View.

Wikispaces - Collaborative content & editing. View.

Wikitravel - Read & co-edit travel guide. View.

Wikizic - Wiki for musician's resources. View.

Wikology - Business directory wiki. View.

Yellowikis - Social business directory. View.

Ziwiki - Create & share your wiki. View.

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