03 March 2008

VOICE 2.0: 48 special ways to make your voice heard online & over mobile, and other awkward voice apps

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: AUDIO 2.0, PHONE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Comeks - Create & share mobile strips & talking avatars. View.

Firsthandtech - Enterprise mobile unified communications solutions. View.

Showbeyond - Slidecast your images, add your voice & text. View.

Spokentext - Text2speech converter. View.

Stingnetworks - OverIP communication solutions. View.

Stixto* - Add & share notes, spoken messages and chat-boxes to any page. View.

Vozme - Add text2MP3 sounds to your website. View.

Xo - Enterprise voice, VoIP & internet services. View.

1-800-GOOG-411 - Google's voice & sms directory service. View.

Blabberize - Create & share talking pictures. View.

Braincast - Voicemail2web. View.

Captcha - Get & help improve visual & auditive captchas. View.

Celltell - Send voice notes from your phone. View.

Chinswing - Voice message board. View.

Evoca - Create, manage, share & search voice recordings. View.

Evoice - Voicemail2web. View.

Getabuz - Create a voicemail with music. View.

Google411 - Voice rec-based search. View.

Gotvoice - Save & share your voicemail in email. View.

K7 - Unified messaging; voicemail & fax to email. View.

Kishkish - Detect lies thru phone. View.

Loudtalks** - Web walkie-talkie. View.

Newsaloud - RSS2voice. View.

Nowpos - Voice2Email community. View.

Odiogo - Convert feeds to speech. View.

Opuzzvoice - Make money on doing voice overs. View.

Pervwatch - Perv mash-up. View.

Phonevite - Record your voice to cellcast updates & reminders to groups. View.

Pinger - Instant voice messaging. View.

Podscope - Voice rec-based audio and video search engine. View.

Promptu - Voice based search for all media. View.

Protus - Enterprise communication solutions. View.

Readspeaker - Text2speech app (Spanish). View.

Ringcentral - Phone & fax services. View.

Sitepal* - Design speaking animated avatars. View.

Slawesome - Add voice to your email. View.

Springdoo - Add your voice to your email. View.

Talkr - Convert blog text to podcasts. View.

Tellme - Search businesses thru voice, get rich info or text back. View.

Utterz - Use your mobile to publish your voice, videos, pictures & text on your blog. View.

V4s - Add voice to your email. View.

V-enable - Mobile speech search. View.

Voice-pay - Voice rec based payment system. View.

Voices - Market place for voice-overs. View.

Voicesignal - Voice2Test solution for your mobile. View.

Voicethread - Add voice comments to your publications. View.

Waxmail - Add voice to your email. View.

Yackpack - Group voicemail. View.

Youmail - Record unique voicemail recordings for anyone that calls you. View.

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