03 March 2008

WIDGETS 2.0: 49 cool ways to unbundle content & services, and some more sources of cool widgetty stuff

Italic = new in this index. Related category: PUBLISHING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Cleverhippo - Search for social apps and widgets. View.

Feedflash - Create feed readers & widgets, and publish them anywhere. View.

Feednames - Create a name cloud widget from your feed. View.

Flickerdna - Widgetize your Flickr content & behavior. View.

Gbox* - Social commerce widget for gift-giving. View.

Justsayhi - Take & share quizzes on your blog. View.

Launchy - Widget replacing your start menu. View.

Learnitlists - Learn a language bit by bit. View.

Mashupmania - Create & publish your own mashup widgets, without coding. View.

Myustats* - Widget aggregating page & other ranks. View.

Neoworx* - Extremely well designed & interfaced site visitors stats widgets. View.

Rocketdock - Drop your shortcuts on this app launcher. View.

Vortexme - Create & publish info & media widget for your brand (also see http://www.realtimematrix.com/). View.

Votekast - Create & publish polls. View.

Amnestywidgets - Collect, manage, share and publish browser2desktop widgets . View.

Blogrush - Sydicate your blog content, add widget to your blog & get more visitors. View.

Clearspring - Cross-platform widget development app. View.

Coolcomment - Create & publish sexy and funny MySpace comments. View.

Dailypainters - Widgets to put paintings on your blog. View.

Fbexchange - Ad network for companies publishing apps on Facebook. View.

Goodwidgets - Create, publish & share photo widgets. View.

Grazr - Compile your own RSS widget. View.

Jaxtr - Link your phone to the web. View.

Majikwidget - Customize & integrate widgets on your blog. View.

Mego* - Create an avatar, profile it & share it anywhere. View.

Mirwidget - Make & publish widgets in 1 minute. View.

Nabbr - Create & share lists. View.

Netjaxer - Launch Web 2.0 apps from a customized desktop or tray icon. View.

Netvibes***** - Personal portal. View.

Opod - Ajax OPML & RSS widget . View.

Optimal - OPML widget. View.

Plinkme - Publish your photos-widget or get photos for free. View.

Proto - Create desktop mash-ups. View.

Showyourself - Show all your community & social media memberships in one widget. View.

Snipperoo - Add, remove & manage widgets. View.

Spinlets - Create, publish & share spinlets (= widgets) from your own website. View.

Springwidgets - Widgetize your blog. View.

Teqlo - Mash-up APIs and widgets. View.

Thebroth - Collaborate & share global mosaic. View.

Thinkingvoice - Publish this click-to-call widget on your blog. View.

Widgetbox - Directory for web widgets. View.

Widgetoko - Aggregates social widgets. View.

Widgetplus - Widgetize your desktop. View.

Widgipedia - Digg widgets. View.

Widsets - Create mobile widgets. View.

Wixi - Manage, mix & share all media from a desktop. View.

Worklight - Feed reader widget also connecting to intranet. View.

Wyacracker - Build your own widgets. View.

Youcams - Videochat in widgets. View.

Yourminis - Goowy without the news -> personalized services portal. View.

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