03 March 2008

VISUALIZATION 2.0: 78 ways to visualize complex data sets

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DESIGN 2.0 (GRAPHICAL -), ILLUSTRATING 2.0, TREEMAPS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Best4c - Create, edit & share charts anytime, anywhere. View.

Browsegoods - Zoom & pan interface to visual searching of shopping goods. View.

Chartchooser - Choose the right template for your chart visualization. View.

Classtools - Create & publish educational Flash games, activities & diagrams. View.

Crazyegg* - Analytics with nice visualizations. View.

Displaywars - Graphically compare screen sizes. View.

Dprsim* - Platform where researchers can simulate behavior of large ensembles of catoms. View.

Drawanywhere - Draw & share charts & diagrams online. View.

Graphwise - Explore,upload & share table data. View.

Humanbraincloud - MMP word association game. View.

Hungrysuitcase* - Plan your vacation by the contents of your suitcase. View.

Itol - Interactive tool for phylogenetic tree of life display and annotation. View.

Kartoovisu*** - Clusters search results in 'surfacic maps'. View.

Neoworx* - Extremely well designed & interfaced site visitors stats widgets. View.

Oskope* - Visual search. View.

Silobreaker - News search; contextual results with relational analysis and explanatory graphics (Aatski). View.

Tenori-on - Play music intuitively, creating a "visible music" interface. View.

Thinkingmachine - Watch a chess program think. View.

Trendblend - "Map of 2008 trends in society, policy, technology, and economy inc.
reality mining, 3D printers, Virtual protest, geospatial web, networked risk, data visualisation, constant partial attention".

Twinglyscreensaver - Screensaver visualizing global blog activity in real time. View.

Twitterposter - Visualization of influence of Twitter posters. View.

Walk2web** - Visualize the connections of your site, review, bookmark & vote for your favorites. View.

Worldmapper - World maps where territories are re-sized according to subject. View.

Aduna~ - Visualize search results. View.

Albumart - Search for CD and DVD covers. View.

Anymails - Visualize your email inbox (prototype demo). View.

Cloudalicious - Follow site's tags over time. View.

Codecubed - Treemap to popular things on web. View.

Coverpop - Shopping assortment visualizations. View.

Datamining - Reporting on new things with a focus on movies, NLP, blogosphere data & visualizing them. View.

Diggstack - See diggers fall on active stories. View.

Fidgt* - Create a dynamic address bookto keep track of your contacts across multiple social networks, and visualize what everybody is talking about. View.

Flickrgraph** - Visualize your network on Flickr. View.

Flowser - Visual Amazon search. View.

Flyspy - Graph all of your choices in air travel. View.

Gapminder** - visualize Google search statistics. View.

Hivegroup - Treemap specialist. View.

Hivegroup 1*** - Purchasing performance management. View.

Hivegroup 2*** - iTunes treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 3*** - Amazon treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 4*** - World population treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 5*** - Process & quality management treemap demo. View.

Hivegroup 6*** - Salesforce management treemap demo. View.

Honeycomnewsmap* - News treemap. View.

Hypetracker - Popular news searches in graphs. View.

Keyworddensitychecker - Visualizes keywords (metatags) in clouds. View.

Like - Find article you want and do a likeness search. View.

Liveplasma* - Search & find other things to your taste. View.

Manyeyes* - Explore, create, upload & share data visualizations. View.

MCLC*** - Equipment readiness information tool treemap demo by Hivegroup. View.

Merit - Treemap for Marine Corps Equipment Readiness Information Tool. View.

Musicovery - Web radio from Liveplasma . View.

Newsmap*** - Newsmap. View.

Newzbubble - Watch your news in bubbles. View.

Peets*** - Coffee selector treemap. View.

Retrievr* - Search images by sketching. View.

Revealicious - Explore, search & visualize Delicious tags. View.

Rssvoyage - Organize & read your feeds on a timeline. View.

Searchcrystals - visualize your search. View.

Searchmapr - Cluster your search results in treemap. View.

Sizeasy - Compare sizes of online goods with everyday items. View.

Smartmoneymarketmap*** - Presenting approx. 500 stocks in 1 view. View.

Stabilo-boss - Web 2.0 annotated logo cloud. View.

Tafiti - Visualize, store & share research . View.

Textorizer - Image2Text. View.

Timeline - Visualize time-based events. View.

Touchgraph* - Visualize online data. View.

Treemap*** - A brilliant GUI to huge databases. View.

Treemaptechniques - Comprehensive article. View.

Trustedopinion - Social recommendations engine (with visualisation of trusted circle of friends). View.

Ujiko** - Visualize your search, manipulate results, manage your reputation (by the wizards from Kartoo); the more you use it, the more cool features you get. View.

Universe** - Presents search results in stellar clouds. View.

Visual literacy*** - E-learning tutorial on visualization. View.

Visualcomplexity - Visualize complexity. View.

Visuwords - Graphical dictionary offering meanings & associations. View.

Webbrush - Collaborative drawing, charting, etc. View.

Websitesasgraphs - Show your links as a graph. View.

Well-formed-data - Elastic list browsing demo for multi facetted data. View.

Yworks - Analyze, view & draw graphs, diagrams, and networks. View.

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