09 March 2008

SERVICE COMMERCE 2.0: 110 ways to sell, promote or buy small services

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CONTENT COMMERCE 2.0, ECOMMERCE 2.0, KNOWLEDGE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Americanwell - Consult a doctor anytime without leaving home. View.

Andunite - Unite with people who are looking for the same things; ask when Google lets you down. View.

Babbel - Learn languages online with a personal trainer. View.

Bigsister - Have a prostitute for free & be a star in a webcast. View.

Carol* - Gather & share health care information, buy services & products. View.

Enurgi - Manage family care through scheduling, messaging & referral ratings. View.

Fortumo - Set up, promote & make money on your own mobile service (Scandinavia & Baltics). View.

Geniusrocket - Choose a client, create an ad, get votes & make money. View.

Gigtide - Compile, post & manage your resumes, contacts and cover letters online. View.

Hireahelper - Search for & hire low cost labor in your local area. View.

Italki - Language exchange and learning community. View.

Ki-work - Offer or sell services. View.

Libersy*~ - Book or sell services online. View.

Mindbites - Publish & sell knowledge, skills and passions through audio and video lessons. View.

Pixoo - Have your portrait pimped up. View.

Risesmart - Search jobs with help of experts who personally prescreen your employment opportunities. View.

Servicebeacon* - Book service with your car dealer. View.

Siteheart* - Have a chat dialogue, deal it out & transact. View.

Supportspace* - Get or give live tech support for a small fee. View.

Tipjoy - Share tips for things you like online. View.

Updown - Practice investing with a $1M play-money portfolio & make money on submitting analyses. View.

Utest - Get paid to test software. View.

Wengo* - Share knowledge, get paid per minute. View.

Ximmy - Get paid to share & vote for news, videos, pictures and websites. View.

Agloco - Subscribe to portal & get paid for it. View.

Aiga - Customize terms & conditions for design engagements. View.

Angieslist - Explore, review & rate home services. View.

Appingo - Make money as an editor or proof reader. View.

Arise - Make money on providing support. View.

Askmehelpdesk - Provides answers & get tipped. View.

Avvo - Search a lawyer. View.

Battleofconcepts~ - Help companies to innovate or solve problems; and win. View.

Bluechipexpert - Profile yourself, invite friends & recruit other professionals, and get paid. View.

Care - Board for babysitting, nannies, child care, tutoring, pet care & senior care. View.

Carepilot - Connect & share with caregivers. View.

Chorebuster - Organize & schedule your household chores. View.

Clickforlessons - Matching service for instructors & students. View.

Creative-weblogging - Make money on blogging. View.

Cucumis - Translate or be translated. View.

Curbly - Share design & get advise on it. View.

Dada - Make money on referring friends and driving traffic. View.

Designbyhumans - Design T-shirts, win rewards. View.

Dotsub - Help to subtitle films. View.

Dsimobile - Start an mvno network. View.

Dutydog - Have handymen bid on your home services. View.

Ejury - Make a few bucks per verdict rendered as a mock juror. View.

Faqqly - Trade Q&A, advice, lend things to friends. View.

Fellowforce~* - Help companies to innovate, pitch & get rewards. View.

Fixya - Social helpdesk. View.

Focuspointe - Make money on participating in focus groups. View.

Fon*** - Share, buy, sell wi-fi connections. View.

Forex-affiliate - Make some money on accepting ads on your blog or website. View.

Freelanceauction - Pitch for a design job. View.

Freelanceportfolios - Submit your portfolio & get assignments. View.

Freep~ - Profile yourself as a freelancer & score gigs. View.

Freewifiproject - Acrivate a free router & draw in new business, or get free wi-fi connectivity. View.

Getafreelancer - Matching freelancers with clients. View.

Getsatisfaction* - People powered customer service. View.

Gettomas - Online artist management tool. View.

Getvendors - Find service professionals & manage your own household chores. View.

Gofreelance - Matching homeworkers with clients. View.

Goloco - Share rides & trip costs online. View.

Googleanswers - Get your questions answered for money. View.

Googlesurvey - Make money on giving feedback to Google. View.

Greener - Search for green products, services, organizations & other info. View.

Guru - Marketplace for freelancers. View.

Guruza - Ask, or answer questions & get paid. View.

Helium - Buy, sell & trade knowledge. View.

Italknews - Digg news & get paid for it. View.

Jigsaw - Subscribe, buy, sell sales contacts. View.

Jobalize - Get yourself on the map as a Web 20 specialist. View.

Listsomething - Share any list to buy & sell things, services. View.

Mahalogreenhouse - Make money on submitting websites to a directory. View.

Microsoftresearch - Make money by participating in Microsoft's research. View.

Mturk* - Complete simple tasks & get paid. View.

Mylot - Make money on posting, commenting & participating in this social network. View.

Netgranny - Choose a granny to knit your socks. View.

Opuzzvoice - Make money on doing voice overs. View.

Parkmatch - List & find parking spots. View.

Pawspot - Exchange pet care. View.

Programmermeetdesigner* - Partner matching for IT projects. View.

Quomon - Q&A for IT issues. View.

Qvey - Create & pay or participate & get paid for surveys. View.

Recycledpapergreetings - Submit your poems & images, and get paid if they use it for greeting cards. View.

Savefinder - Personal shoppers help you to find anything online at the best possible price. View.

Savemyass - Send your wife flowers frequently. View.

Sherrands - Share errands &save time, gas, money & the environment. View.

Slashmysearch - Make money on searching the web. View.

Smorty - Make money on writing articles on your blog. View.

Sologig - Pitch for a gig. View.

Solomodels - Upload, communicate with, vote for, hire or buy from photographers & models. View.

Spotscout - Find or sell parking space. View.

Talkbean - Matches teachers with students. View.

Thembid - Put up your business for the best price & quality offering, locally. View.

Tipit~ - Tip people who share good stuff. View.

Tutor - Make money on tutoring people. View.

Tutorlinker - Matches tutors with students. View.

Tutorz - Matches tutors with students. View.

Upspring - B2B social networking. View.

Vitamint - Explore & share tips, and get paid. View.

Voices - Market place for voice-overs. View.

Voteallvideos - Submit & rate funny videos and get paid for it. View.

Webpagesthatsuck - Submit & rate web sites that suck. View.

Wehow - Profile & share your expertise. View.

Wesquare - Sell your knowledge over Skype. View.

Wifitastic - Turn your wi-fi connection into a profit center. View.

Wiziq - Connecting teachers and students for distance learning. View.

Workingsol - Make money on providing technical support. View.

Wuraweb - Find local prices & credentials. View.

Xhtmlized - Have your design converted into a web site for $ 249. View.

Zocdoc - Instantly make dentist & doctor appointments. View.

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