10 March 2008

SEMANTICS 2.0: 27 fuzzy ways to extract, search & analyse & data

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DATA 2.0, KNOWLEDGE 2.0, SEARCH 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Findingdulcinea - Best of the Web selection, based on research, giving context, adding bold statements & ideas. View.

Groupme - Create, style, tag & share groups of multimedia web resources via drag & drop. View.

Accoona - A.I. Enhanced search. View.

AI3 - Articles & lists re semantic softwares. View.

Clearforestsws - Semantic textanalysis2XML. View.

Cognitionsearch* - Meaning-based search. View.

Ekoss - Semantic search for engineers. View.

Factbites - Search results in sensible sentences. View.

Growl - Semantic knowledge management. View.

Hakia - Meaningful results. View.

Healthline - Contextual search for health information. View.

Helenos - Semantic knowledge discovery. View.

Lijit* - Social contextual search. View.

Linkedwords - Search with context. View.

Lumrix - Semantic search engine. View.

Mendix*~ - Semantic application development. View.

Monitor110** - One-stop semantic financial research suite. View.

Ontoworld - Semantic web wiki-community. View.

Piggy-bank - Semantic web browser (Firefox). View.

Proximic - Adds contextual links to your content. View.

Searchtheweb2 - Search & get suggestions to sharpen your search. View.

Semantical - Semantic search engine software. View.

Simile - Semantic interoperability of metadata and information tools. View.

Similicious - Search for similar websites. View.

Swoogle - Semantic web search engine. View.

Textkernel~ - Text extraction & understanding engines. View.

Thnlnk - Semantic URL shortener. View.

Watson - Add contextual search to all documents. View.

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