10 March 2008

SECURITY 2.0: 19 ways to make this web a better place

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: PRINTING 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Billeo - Transaction management solution for SME & consumers (bill pay-, profile- & password assistant). View.

Defensio - Spam blocker for blogs. View.

Jondonym - Anonymize your online behavior. View.

Middlepost - Document collaboration, e-signature & storage. View.

Nanoscan* - Free instant virus scan. View.

Oauth - Share your private digital resources on one site with another site without handing out username & password. View.

Slashid - Get access to multiple web sites with 1 UN & PW. View.

Webmarkers - Print documents to safe remote storage. View.

Cleversafe - Software for dispersed data storage. View.

Covenanteyes - Anti-porn filter for… you. View.

Echosign - Contract management solution. View.

Imbee - Secure networking & blogging for kids. View.

Industriouskid - Kidfriendly, parent-approved websites & apps. View.

Kittenauth - Protection against spambots. View.

Lifelock - Identity theft protection. View.

Livesquare - Anti-piracy protection for streaming media. View.

Numly - Tag & protect your content with serial numbers (formerly ESBN). View.

PSI - Check your installed software for malware & updates. View.

Sprajax - Security for Ajax. View.

Vyatta - Open source router & firewall solution. View.

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