15 March 2008

REPUTATION 2.0: 25 ways to manage your online reputation

Italic = new in this index. Related category: IDENTITY 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Blockoo - Check who blocked or deleted you on MSN. View.

Lifestreams - Aggregate everything, (re)publish, build different reputations & educate your info agent. View.

Noserub - Protocol to aggregate all your social networks into one. View.

Twitterposter - Visualization of influence of Twitter posters. View.

Authorati - Get an authority rating for your blog posts. View.

Bloglebrity - Compute your blog's influence. View.

Buzzlogic - Monitor, map, measure & manage your rep in social media. View.

Flikzor - Profile yourself in a video & publish it anywhere. View.

Fliva - Express your personality & share it anywhere. View.

Gleamd - Discover, add, rate & share people. View.

Googlefight* - Compare search results. View.

Ikarma - Document & promote your reputation. View.

Naymz - Edit & share your own online meta profile. View.

Opinity - Manage your reputation. View.

Peopleized - Get interviewed & promoted by other users. View.

Pimpmefamous - Submit & rate videos. View.

Rapleaf* - Manage your reputation & rate your friends. View.

Reputationdefender - Have all negative things about yourself destroyed online. View.

Reputator~ - Manage your reputation online. View.

Slut-o-meter - Calculate your popularity. View.

Sxore - Manage your online reputation. View.

Trucast - Track & analyze brands in social media. View.

Trustplus - Manage your reputation wherever you go online. View.

Truview - Monitor, optimize & manage your brand's rep in search engines. View.

Venyo - Manage your online reputation. View.

Wikinvest - Contribute to investment wiki & build your reputation as an expert. View.

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