15 March 2008

RESEARCH 2.0: 91 ways to conduct, analyse & participate in online r&d

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COLLABORATION 2.0, SCIENCE 2.0, SEARCH 2.0, STATS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Ask500people - Get a global opinion on your poll questions. View.

Blubet - Vote on any topic & win virtual bucks. View.

Chictini - Hype or diss products. View.

Criticalmention - Search & get alerts on critical tv information. View.

Dprsim* - Platform where researchers can simulate behavior of large ensembles of catoms. View.

Findingdulcinea - Best of the Web selection, based on research, giving context, adding bold statements & ideas. View.

Forecast* - Design, conduct & analyze surveys from your blog. View.

Heynielsen - Rate tv shows. View.

Hooeey - Improve your research by recording & analyzing your browsing history. View.

Lumifi - Manage, share, publish & collaborate on research. View.

Peanutlabs - Olim: Xuqa. Market research service (get samples from 70+ social networks). View.

Rcache - Archive data from many unrelated sources. View.

Rivalmap - Keep track of competitors collaboratively. View.

Strategyeye* - Real-time intelligence dashboard tracking digital media markets (free trial). View.

Toluna - Create, publish & participate in polls. View.

Votekast - Create & publish polls. View.

Yacapaca - Explore & create quizzes, surveys, tests, eportfolios for your class. View.

Youpop* - Quiz or poll your friends & get multimedia answers. View.

Askitonline - Create & conduct online surveys. View.

Betterdesktop - Share usability tests. View.

Buzzdash - Create & share polls. View.

Buzzlogic - Monitor, map, measure & manage your rep in social media. View.

Buzzvote - Conduct polls. View.

Clicky** - 2.0-ish presentation of web stats (e.g. referring sites in cloud, users in Google maps mash-up). View.

Confirmit - Survey solution with user panels. View.

Connotea - Social bookmarking (for researchers). View.

Contentvote - Add voting to your blog content. View.

Crazyegg - Watch users' click paths as a movie. View.

Crowdstorm - Add & research products & share opinions. View.

Culturecloud* - Research, discuss & share topics, associating randomly with facts and people. View.

Doodle - Create & publish polls. View.

Embracemobile - Mobile survey solution. View.

Eyebeam*** - Bleeding edge R&D. View.

Focuspointe - Make money on participating in focus groups. View.

Formspring - Create & publish forms & surveys. View.

Frogpond - Add to, explore & share consumers' opinions. View.

Googleanalytics - Folksonomied visitor stats. View.

Googlesurvey - Make money on giving feedback to Google. View.

Hedgestreet - Bet on all kinds of economical parameters. View.

Icontact - Create, publish & track results of email marketing & surveys. View.

Iem - Futures markets dependable on real events. View.

Immi - Media measurement linked to consumer action using cell phones. View.

Inkling* - Social delphi, exchange for futures. View.

Intrade - Trading exchange for prediction markets. View.

JS-Kit - Poll, rate & comment. View.

Microsoftresearch - Make money by participating in Microsoft's research. View.

Monitor110** - One-stop semantic financial research suite. View.

Moodviews~* - Track or predict global mood levels (based on Live Journal). View.

Mscape - Connect media & experiences to real locations. View.

Neighboroo - Explore USA trends on map. View.

Networkltd - Share research. View.

Newsfutures - Trade on tomorrow's news today. View.

Nexidia - Transform av data into business intelligence. View.

Polldaddy - Create & publish polls. View.

Pollection - Explore, create, conduct & share market research. View.

Pollgenius - Conduct polls. View.

Pollground - Publish & participate in surveys. View.

Polloo - Polls about happiness. View.

Pollplaza~ - Collective polling. View.

Pollpub - Create & share polls & contests. View.

PSFK - Share trends watched. View.

Questionform - Create, publish & analyse surveys. View.

Quibblo - Create & share your own quiz, poll or survey online. View.

Quimble - Create, vote for & search polls. View.

Qvey - Create & pay or participate & get paid for surveys. View.

Rateitall - Rate & share opinions on everything. View.

Relationals - CRM solution for media. View.

Relevantview - Captures behaviour & opinions. View.

Serph - Search for buzz around & reputations of persons & brands. View.

Shespeaks - Get free products & participate in consumer research. View.

Smarkets - Stock markets for products. View.

Snipitron - Create & share group research scrapbooks. View.

Sodahead - Create & conduct polls. View.

Sparkhive - Store & share thoughts, research, bookmarks. View.

Stickis - Publish & share notes on websites. View.

Synthetron - Activate groups to take better decisions. View.

Tafiti - Visualize, store & share research. View.

Tapoll - Create, manage & predict outcome of polls. View.

Techforx* - Technology foresight exchange. View.

Tezaa - Create, modify & participate in polls. View.

Thewsx - Collectively predict Washington politics. View.

Thumbwarz - Create & share your own Hot or Not on any subject. View.

Trendio - Bet on popular news (prediction market). View.

Triporama - Plan, research & book trips together. View.

Velvetpuffin* - Mobile community. View.

Vizu - Create, share & vote for polls. View.

Voteo - Create, modify & participate in polls. View.

Votingcentral - Create or participate in polls & contests. View.

Voxpop - Opinion games re pop culture topics. View.

Zohochallenge - Create & conduct tests. View.

Zohopolls - Create, share & vote. View.

Zoomerang - Conduct polls. View.

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