15 March 2008

RECRUITING 2.0: 167 ways to manage your career, or find talent

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ECOMMERCE 2.0, SEARCH 2.0, SERVICE COMMERCE 2.0, TEST 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Facecontact - Set a referral bonus, find new clients & candidates. View.

Gigtide - Compile, post & manage your resumes, contacts and cover letters online. View.

Gigtide - Compile, post & manage your resumes, contacts and cover letters online. View.

Hiretrade - Legal services matching engine. View.

Ipsojobs - Free job board focused on urgent employment. View.

Jiibe* - Find or create a better place to work by matching company cultures View.

Jobvite - Manage your recruiting & hiring process. View.

Ki-work - Offer or sell services. View.

Mployd - Social job & talent finder. View.

Realitywanted - Apply to & get cast in reality TV shows View.

Risesmart - Search jobs with help of experts who personally prescreen your employment opportunities. View.

Videojobshop - Job board where job seekers insert video resumes & employers submit video ads. View.

Who-s-web - Web 2.0 talent job board on a map View.

Alumwire - Job board for college graduates and young alumni. View.

Amiko - Online resume generator. View.

Authenticjobs - Job board for web designers. View.

Berecruited - College recruiting & athletic scholarship network. View.

Beyond** - Career management software, facilitating 15,000 niche sites & job boards. View.

Bixee - Job finder. View.

Bluechipexpert - Profile yourself, invite friends & recruit other professionals, and get paid. View.

Bookalesson - Matching service for instructors & students. View.

Care - Board for babysitting, nannies, child care, tutoring, pet care & senior care. View.

Careerbuilder - Find jobs yourself or get recommendations. View.

Careertours - Experience your next employer through video and audio clips. View.

Catchthebest* - Vote on candidates together & select the best one. View.

Catchthebest* - Vote on candidates together & select the best one. View.

Catsone - Track, manage & streamline your hiring process. View.

Chinwagjobs - Post jobs, look for vacancies, get alerts. View.

Clickbeurs~ - Create your avatar & apply for a job through a chat with your future employer. View.

Clickforlessons - Matching service for instructors & students. View.

Climber - Profile based job board. View.

Companymeetcreative - Job board for creatives. View.

Considerati - Job board for techies (Europe). View.

Coolworks - Job board for summer and seasonal jobs View.

Coroflot - Job board for for creatives. View.

Craigslistjobs - Classified job ads. View.

Crunchboard - Job board for Techchrunch readership. View.

Curriki - Publish & share curriculae on this wiki. View.

Cvwarehouse - Job board. View.

Ddir - Get listed as or book a designer. View.

Designquote - Job search for designers & programmers View.

Domystuff - Get assistants to bid on your chores & errands, or assist others. View.

Doostang - Community for professionals. View.

Dutydog - Have handymen bid on your home services. View.

Ebeebo - Matchmaking for jobs & freelance assignments (UK). View.

Elance - Job board for for creatives. View.

Eluta - Search new jobs (Canadian). View.

Emurse* - Create, share & send your permanent resume page in any format. View.

Findlaw - Matching lawyers with clients. View.

Flexdirectory - List people, groups, jobs. View.

Freelanceauction - Pitch for a design job. View.

Freelanceportfolios - Submit your portfolio & get assignments. View.

Freep~ - Profile yourself as a freelancer & score gigs. View.

Freshwebjobs - Job board for web developers. View.

Frylance - Promote yourself as a freelancer or find one (French). View.

Getafreelancer - Matching freelancers with clients. View.

Giggedup - Video resume-based job board. View.

Glendor - Find & locate jobs (map mash-up). View.

Gnf - Building tools & services for your resume. View.

Gofreelance - Matching homeworkers with clients. View.

Gojobby - Publish your resume & blog. View.

Gotomyjob~ - Search the Dutch web for jobs. View.

Guru - Marketplace for freelancers. View.

Happyobs~ - Share your personality & get matched to job opportunities. View.

Headmobile - Mobile job board matching service. View.

Hictu - See thru which channels you can best communicate with your contacts. View.

Hirevue - Online video job interviews. View.

Hivegroup 8*** - Treemap for purchasing performance management. View.

Hrsalad - Submit & rate articles on hrm. View.

Ihipo~ - Find international jobs & internships. View.

Indeed - Finds jobs on what & where. View.

Interviewstudio - Job board with video interviews & other online screening tools. View.

Isabont - Keep track of your job search activities. View.

Itzbig - Explore relevant career oportunities, find relevant candidates. View.

Jibberjobber - Manage & organize a job search. View.

Jobalize - Get yourself on the map as a Web 20 specialist. View.

Job-a-matic - Post job listings & publish job board to your site. View.

Jobaria - Shoot job interview & link to it in your resume. View.

Jobazaar - Tagged job offerings. View.

Jobbee~ - Upload your cv & get job offers. View.

Jobberwiki - Share job knowledge & experience. View.

Job-brokers~ - Submit your resume & get job offers. View.

Jobburner - Job board for techies. View.

Jobcoin - Get a mini job board on your website & make money on it. View.

Jobcrawler - Search for jobs. View.

Jobfox - Profile based job board. View.

Jobisjob - UK job search. View.

Jobitems - Publish, archive or re-publish jobs. View.

Jobmeeters - Job board community (French). View.

Jobneters - Job vacancies & map mash-up (UK). View.

Jobomatic - Add paid job listings to your site View.

Jobpile - Job search engine. View.

Jobsandgigs - Job board for designers & web developers. View.

Jobsearch20 - List of job boards 2.0. View.

Jobsearcheasy - Job search engine, win prizes. View.

Jobster - Profile based job board. View.

Jobthread - Start a job board or add paid listings to your site. View.

Jobtonic - Find a job or refer to one & get a reward. View.

Knacktion - Share & sell your talent & content. View.

Krop - Job board for creatives. View.

Kudos - Recognize, incentivize, and retain your employees. View.

Layoffspace - Community for the unemployed. View.

Linkup - Job search engine. View.

Lootzy~ - Search the Dutch web for jobs. View.

Mapdango - Classified job ads. View.

Monster - Job board. View.

Monthlydollar - The world's 1st internet employee. View.

Mosthired - Aggregates job vacancies from other 2.0 job boards. View.

Mturk* - Complete simple tasks & get paid. View.

Mybestplay* - Profile your skills in sports & find a new club. View.

My-wage - Share & benchmark your salary. View.

Newstoday** - Publish & share cool jobs, gadgets, etc. View.

Nimblecat - Get alerts for the best jobs matching with your profile. View.

Odesk* - Work as or hire remote workforce. View.

Odinjobs - Job board for techies. View.

Onlinewritingjobs - Gig directory for freelance writers. View.

Pagebites - Resume search. View.

Paycycle - Payroll & taxes management solution. View.

Payscale - Get & share salary information. View.

Peekface - Review employers. View.

Peoplejam - Get a better career, relationships, health, life by networking. View.

Peoplet - Plan & manage your career. View.

Place4langs - Find people to practice or teach languages. View.

Plateau* - Enterprise e-learning, performance & career management solution. View.

Professionalontheweb - Submit & share your (company's) profile & portfolio. View.

Programmermeetdesigner* - Partner matching for IT projects. View.

Project4hire - Pitch for a freelance job. View.

Projectstars - Enterprise consultants community. View.

Recruit - Job search engine. View.

Recruiterredbook - Find the right recruiter. View.

Recruitv - Video recruitment solutions. View.

Rentacoder - Pitch for a coding job. View.

Reputator~ - Manage your reputation online. View.

Resolio - Create & publish resume View.

Salarybase - Share & benchmark your salary data. View.

Salaryscout - Share salary info & discover your true value. View.

Scriptlance - Pitch for a coding job. View.

Selectrecruiters - Find the right recruiter. View.

Seriousteachers - Matches teachers with schools. View.

Sidejobtrack - Job tracker. View.

Simplyhired - Local job search. View.

Sitepoint - Crowdsource your design assignments, or participate. View.

Sologig - Pitch for a gig. View.

Sonicbids - Connects musicians to promoters. View.

Spotajob~ - Help each other to build a better career. View.

Talentdatabase - Job boards for creatives. View.

Talentspring - Build your resume, get peer reviews View.

Talicious** - Share your talents (by uploading stuff) & get discovered. View.

Talkbean - Matches teachers with students. View.

Textkernel~ - Text extraction & understanding engines. View.

Theladders - Profile yourself & connect to your recruiter. View.

Trovit - Publish & find jobs. View.

Tutorlinker - Matches tutors with students. View.

Tutorz - Matches tutors with students. View.

Vault - Benchmark your career & employers, and find a job. View.

Viewbook - Create & share presentations, photo albums & portfolios. View.

Wageexchange - Share your salary. View.

Webprojobs - Matches web professionals with clients. View.

Wetfeet - Research, assess & manage your career. View.

Whototalkto - Job referral exchange. View.

Wiziq - Connecting teachers and students for distance learning. View.

Workcircle - Find recruiters or jobs. View.

Workmagnet - Search, find & apply for jobs, or recruit. View.

Worktree - Job board. View.

Yahoohotjobs - Job board. View.

Yorz - Join group, upload resume. View.

Youronramp* - Community of professional women, on- or offramping their career. View.

Zubka - Find a job & earn money for referring to other jobs. View.

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