24 December 2006

GEO 2.0 - consolidated

Map mash-ups are among the most visible & comprehensible phenomena in Web 2.0. There must be hundreds more than the accidental selection in the list below. There are only a few samples of web sites striving to go beyond the mere fun of it. I expect much more business cases to evolve around it once the telcos start offering standardized location based services.
You can find more samples of geo tracking in some of the other categories.

Alkemis - Map mash-up
Bittercyclist - Bicycle accident map & community; map mash-up
Blipstar - Create your own store locator
Bluepuddle - Create & enrich maps
Chicagocrime - Crime dbase map mash-up
DIYmap - Create maps in Flash
Excio - Geotag your blog & share it
Feedmap - Map your blogs
Flagr - Bookmark the real world
Flashearth - Global maps mash-up in flash
Flickrmap - Map Flickr photos
Flyr - Search Flickr for geotagged photos
Gchart - Check local time globally
Geotagit - Upload & share geotagged collections
Geotool - Map yourself
Geotracing.com~ - Share the geo-located photos you've made during a trip & your (animated!) route (and more…!)
Geovector*** - LBS services with a usable interface.
Googleearth* - Global maps
Googlemaps - Check local things globally
Googlemars - Own a red planet
Gutenkarte - Maps spatial components of classic literature
Gvisit - Map your site visitors
Housingmaps - Find housing (map mash-up)
Jauntlet - Track & trace yourself
Locallive - Windows maps
Lowlandsguide~** - Explore the lay of the Lowland Festival with this mobile app
Mailinator - Disposable email + spam mash-up
Map24 - Route finder; 3D
Mapbuilder - Mash-up your own maps
Mappr - Map Flickr photos per tag
Mashplanet - Find & submit mash-ups per category
N2yo* - Realtime satellite tracking
Neighboroo - Explore USA trends on map
Ononemap - Find housing (map mash-up) (UK)
Openstreetmap - View, edit & use geographical data
Packagemapper - Track your package on a map
Panoramio - Share mapped photos
Pervwatch - Perv mash-up
Pheromonetrail - Share places & sites & persons
Placeopedia - Wiki + Google maps mash-up
Placestodo - Post & share places & things
Planiglobe - Create your own map
Platial - Co-create atlas & share places
Plazesbadge* - Show where you are (e.g. on your blog)
Powermap - Next level Google maps
Propsmart - Find housing (map mash-up)
Publicloos - Share public toilets
Redfin - Find housing (map mash-up)
Skibonk - Ski resorts (map mash-up)
Sundaydash - Find housing (map mash-up)
Tagzania - Share & map places
Toeat - Map & share restaurants
Topspot-ornot - Spot & review locations (map mash-up)
Treadr - Track & follow people online
Tripmojo - Map & share hotels
Virtualvideomap - Google Maps & Youtube mash-up
Vlogmap - Map your vlog
Wayfaring - Create & share your maps
Weatherbonk - Mashes up 10 API's
Web20map - Web 2.0 companies on map mash-up
Yahoomaps* - Global & local maps & search mash-ups
Yourgmap - Map & publish your places
Zeemaps - Create & share maps of/with friends & family
Mapsack - Map, discover & share places

Update 061224

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