24 December 2006

GAME 2.0 - consolidated

This is my former introduction to this category:

"I think that many online multiplayer games (specifically of the MMORPG kind) already are in a 'Web 3.0' stage, and that this category will dominate much of the discussion on where interactive media and channels are going for the coming years.
This is the only category where I don't dump all my research in Everything 2.0 ;-)
In this list you'll mainly find samples of small games with one or more typical 2.0 symptoms."

The recent craze around Second Life is proving my point: the best MMORPG's are about being and having - and that's exactly what makes them Web 3.0.

Alexadex* - Buy & sell shares in sites
Arcaplay - Rate & share games
Averageshoveler - Game & RSS news mash-up
Babble - Word game community
Backseatplayground - ARG using GPS for gameplay in real world (documentary video)
Bliss - Customize game to couple’s needs
Blocksavvy - Habbo for adults
Blufr - Multi-player trivia knowledge game
Bunchball - Play games with your friends
Claimtheearth - Massive mashp-up geo game
Crowdiq - Social delphi; set up your own exchange for futures
ES3** - Social military training game
Faketown - Create, buy, sell, trade & share virtual assets
Fastr - Guess game; Flickr mash-up
Flagrantdisregardcardgame - Create & share your collectble card game
Fotograb* - Participate in & create photo treasure hunts
Gamerankings - Vote for & rank games
Gmworldwar - Risk-like MMO on maps mash-up
Goggles* - Flight simulator's map mash-up
Guess-the-google - Guess game; Google mash-up
Gunzonline - Shoot, stab, run & jump
Imstar - IM & game with your 3D avatar
Inkling* - Social delphi, exchange for futures
Ispott - Mobile treasure hunt
Itsdex - Trading game in 2.0-related shares & bonds
Kwizzical - Play quiz & share or donate money
Llor - Build your street
Memory - Memory + Yahoo images mash-up
Millionsofgames - Review & share games
Mobspray* - Create & share graffiti in places thru mobile2RFID
Montage-a-google - Tag based random photo montage; Google mash-up
Multitap - Share, rate, discuss & categorize screenshots
Multiverse - Network of MMOGs and 3D virtual worlds
Mybigfishgames - Review & share casual games & get rewarded
Naughtyamerica* - Multiplayer video sexgame
Phrasr - Add photos to phrases; Flickr mash-up
Pickdee - Organize & share competitions
Pickspal - Compete with friends on sports bets
Relate-a-zon - Pathfinder game (mash-up with Amazon)
Sf0 - Collaborative production game & community
Sfzero - Build your character by completing group tasks
Spore*** - User generated gameplay & characters
Trivionomy - Create, edit & play trivia game
Weblo - Play & earn in world game
Windowslocallive - Race your own street

Update 061224

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