05 April 2008

KNOWLEDGE 2.0: 248 ways to enhance & share your knowledge

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COLLABORATE 2.0, SERVICE COMMERCE 2.0, SEARCH 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Andunite - Unite with people who are looking for the same things; ask when Google lets you down. View.

Bambora - Q&A for travelers. View.

Baynote - Recommendation solutions. View.

Bazaarvoice - Add social features to your ecommerce site. View.

Bignumbr - Explore, collect and share numbers. View.

Bigthink - Explore interviews with today's leading thinkers, movers and shakers & respond in kind. View.

Blabbermash - Video Q&A on love & life. View.

Blubet - Vote on any topic & win virtual bucks. View.

Buggd - Search for errors that other people searched for. View.

Civilanswers - Free & cheap legal advice. View.

Comindwork - Project management & enterprise knowledge sharing. View.

Doublecheckmd** - Check your prescriptions & their interactions. View.

Edgeio - Find classified listings, publish your own. View.

Edocr - Explore, tag, rank, upload & share documents. View.

Exploratree* - Download, use online & collaborate in brainmapping & brainstorming models. View.

Findingdulcinea - Best of the Web selection, based on research, giving context, adding bold statements & ideas. View.

Graspr - Explore & share how-to videos. View.

Groupme - Create, style, tag & share groups of multimedia web resources via drag & drop. View.

Ideablob - Submit, share & get votes on business ideas. View.

Irseek - Explore index of IRC conversations for hidden knowledge. View.

Keepup - Create tasks, share how-to knowledge & get reminders. View.

Mamaherb* - Share knowledge on natural remedies. View.

Mindbites - Publish & sell knowledge, skills and passions through audio and video lessons. View.

Modernmedicine - Clinical decision-support for healthcare professionals. View.

Myprogress - Track & manage your knowledge, skills, financials. View.

Mysolvr - Share your knowledge of IP networking. View.

Nesteggr - Find & share advice & suggestions for all financial decisions. View.

Neulio - Explore, create & share how to-videos. View.

Onebigu - Community where you can earn funds for Darfur by contributing answers. View.

Palbee - Share knowledge using video conferencing & whiteboard. View.

Phoja - Share a photo, start a discussion or ask for advice. View.

Sclipo - Broadcast your skills & have them rated. View.

Scriblink - Collaborate on whiteboard. View.

Shoulddothis - Submit suggestions to anyone for improving anything. View.

Spongefish - Share your knowledge, learn from others & win prizes. View.

Supportspace* - Get or give live tech support for a small fee. View.

The5reasons - Contribute to list of 5 reasons-why on any issue. View.

Thepoint - Involve a group in getting a problem solved. View.

Trythis* - Ask questions, get & give recommendations on what to buy where. View.

Tutorialfeed - Share software tips & tricks. View.

Twidox - Explore & contribute to library of documents. View.

Utipu - Record & share screen demos. View.

Vibecapital - Community solutions for the enterprise. View.

Wesabe - Share tips & advice to help each other make better financial decisions. View.

Wisemapping - Create & share mindmaps. View.

Wizlite - Share highlighted text on any web page with anyone. View.

Yalicoo - Participate in virtual stock trading competitions, share knowledge & win cash. View.

Youfig - Create your own secure collaboration community. View.

Youwereme - Share knowledge with other users based on If you were me-question. View.

Yudomagic - Community produced magic video performances and tutorials. View.

43things - Publish, share, find your goals. View.

5min - Upload, explore & share how to-videos ('videopedia'). View.

7tipson - Browse & share tips. View.

Able2know - Q&A. View.

Acorn - Map your mind. View.

Aggregateknowledge - Recommendation engine. View.

Allexperts - Q&A. View.

Annotea - Create & share metadata. View.

Annoyances - Q&A on Windows. View.

Answerbag - Q&A. View.

Answerlytics - Q&A. View.

Answers - Best answers to your questions. View.

Answeru - Q&A on education. View.

Askalibrarian - Q&A (Library of Congress). View.

Askaninja - Got questions? Ask a ninja!. View.

Askeet - Ask & answer it. View.

Askmehelpdesk - Provides answers & get tipped. View.

Asktheworld - Q&A. View.

Askville - Q&A by Amazon. View.

Askvox - Write a question & hear the answer. View.

Barcamp - Ongoing interactive event. View.

Betocracy - Create your own decision markets. View.

Bitwine - Get or give video advice for a price. View.

Blinkbits - Share knowledge. View.

Bluesmiley - Manage your online life. View.

Brainkeeper - Capture, distribute & collaborate on corporate knowledge. View.

Brainreactions - Participate in brainstorms & share ideas. View.

Bubblus - Brainstorm together online. View.

Circleup - Ask questions, get consolidated group's answer. View.

Citizendium - Wiki with gentle expert moderation. View.

Comapping - Mindmap tool. View.

Companyloop - Network & share knowledge with your colleagues. View.

Cooperationcommons - Knowledge base re cooperation & collective action. View.

Craftster - Share crafting ideas. View.

Cramster - Q&A. View.

Crowdrules - Upload your media, ask questions & get unbiased results. View.

Dailystrength* - Share health challenges & get wellness support. View.

Daytipper - Make money on writing tips. View.

Daytipper - Make money on writing tips. View.

Dizzay - Q&A (instant answers through chat). View.

Dumbfind - Social search platform showcasing your expertise & enabling collaboration. View.

Duno - Q&A. View.

Education - Q&A. View.

Eyebeam*** - Bleeding edge R&D. View.

Faqqly - Trade Q&A, advice, lend things to friends. View.

Feedbuddy - Find new friends with similar feed needs. View.

Firestoker - Enterprise communications & democratization platform. View.

Fluther - Q&A. View.

Foresightexchange - Bet on your predictions. View.

Funadvice - Q&A. View.

Gliffy - Mindmap tool. View.

Globalideasbank - Submit & share ideas to improve society. View.

Goodnotes - Bookmark, leave notes at & categorize web pages. View.

Googleanswers - Get your questions answered for money. View.

Googlecoop - Share knowledge on line. View.

Grokker - Enterprise search & knowledge management. View.

Growl - Semantic knowledge management. View.

Grupthink - Explore & share topics & opinions. View.

Gstock - Volunteer to participate in supercomputing for stocks. View.

Guruza - Ask, or answer questions & get paid. View.

H2O - List & share readings on topics. View.

Hackpress - Explore, publish & share life hacks. View.

Hanzoweb - Bookmark, tag & share knowledge online. View.

Hedgestreet - Bet on all kinds of economical parameters. View.

Helenos - Semantic knowledge discovery. View.

Helium - Buy, sell & trade knowledge. View.

Hellup~ - Q&A. View.

Helpfulvideo - Share your knowledge via video clips. View.

Hitchhikr* - Share knowledge & experiences on conferences. View.

Hodgepodge - Share ideas, tips & opinions on gambling. View.

Homeandtell - Showcase your home, share ideas & ask questions. View.

Hubpages - Share your genius. View.

Idea-a-day - Submit an idea, get comments & a publication. View.

Illumio - Q&A. View.

Imaginatik - Enterprise idea & innovation management solutions. View.

Imakemistakes - Read, rate & share funniest email fwds. View.

Inkling* - Social delphi, exchange for futures. View.

Instantnotes - Bookmark & leave notes at web pages. View.

Instructables - Share what you make & how you made it. View.

Intrade - Trading exchange for prediction markets. View.

Intute - Validate & share academic information. View.

Iquestions - Ask & get video answers to life's questions. View.

Issuetrackerproduct - Deal with problems together. View.

Jabbits - Ask questions, watch answers. View.

Jots - Information sharing. View.

Justanswer - Make money on sharing your knowledge. View.

Jyve - Get live answers on your questions. View.

Kaboodle - Information sharing. View.

Kayuda - Mindmap tool. View.

Kluskring~ - Share ideas & knowledge on DIY. View.

Knowbrainers - Q&A. View.

Launchtags - Publish & share your knowledge on a mini-page. View.

Lifetango - Publish your goals & ask others to support you. View.

Local2me - Q&A for neighbors. View.

Longbets - Prediction competition for charities. View.

Lycosiq - Social bookmarking + Q&A. View.

Manyworlds - Explore business info reviewed & ranked by experts. View.

Mapul - Map your mind. View.

Mayomi - Mindmap & share. View.

Mdjunction - People helping people in health matters. View.

Mecanbe - Share your goals and inspirations. View.

Messagr - Find & communicate with people with matching interests or knowledge. View.

Mind42 - Mindmap tool. View.

Mindmeister - Collaborative mind mapping. View.

Mindomo - Mindmap tool. View.

Mindpicnic* - Share & learn from online knowledge. View.

Minitellus - Share your experience with & meet students. View.

Moka - Subscribe to book wisdom delivered thru sms. View.

Mosio - Mobile Q&A. View.

Motleyfoolcaps - Pool your knowledge on stock buying. View.

Mousebrains - Thought starter for advertising creatives. View.

Mozesmob - Mobile Q&A. View.

Mycool - Search, create & share special interest groups. View.

Mydecide - Take decisions together. View.

Neighbor - Q&A (local). View.

Networkltd - Share research. View.

Nownow - Ask a question, get three answers by email. View.

Numinalmeme - Share & vote for ideas. View.

Okcupid - Submit questions, define parameters & get matched for a date. View.

Onlyhuman - Share mistakes & get or give advice. View.

Opinionaggregator - Q&A. View.

Organizedwisdom - Publish & share your wisdom on health matters. View.

Ownyourc* - Get help in making choices. View.

Oyogi - Share Q&A. View.

Patientslikeme - Share your experience & learn from other patients. View.

Postgenomic* - Share & rank life science knowledge. View.

Qnalive - Microsoft's Q&A. View.

Qoolsqool - Digg school knowledge. View.

Questionize - Q&A. View.

Questionville - Q&A. View.

Quomon - Q&A for IT issues. View.

Railslodge - Ruby on Rails developers community. View.

Rallypoint - Share knowledge. View.

Readme - Exchange info & compare notes on books. View.

Realself - Expert Q&A and community on anti-aging remedies. View.

Relatime - Present & share ideas about time. View.

Reviewbasics* - Provide & get feedback on content & creative work. View.

Rootvaults* - Store, manage & share knowledge online. View.

Sayoutloud - Post questions & issues, get answers or reactions. View.

Say-so - Share problems & get advise. View.

Shareyouropml - Share outlines, feed & taxonomy. View.

Simplyexplained - Q&A. View.

Skillsfeed - Share knowledge. View.

Skinkers - Should-know information broadcast technology for consumers, employees or partners. View.

Smarkets - Stock markets for products. View.

Socialpicks - Analyse & recommend stocks with your peers. View.

Socialsaga* - Video Q&A. View.

Sparkhive - Store & share thoughts, research, bookmarks. View.

Spigit - Show, simulate & share your solutions with other developers. View.

Spillr - Q&A. View.

Squidoo - Share knowledge. View.

Standpoint - Share & evangelize convictions. View.

Startupbusinessschool* - Tools & tutorials to set up your business. View.

Startupping - Share knowledge on starting up a company. View.

Suggestica - Get media suggestions from experts. View.

Superviva - Share & get ideas for a better life. View.

Sutree - Knowledge sharing (thru video) community. View.

Systemone - Enterprise knowledge sharing & management. View.

Takethisthought - Submit & rate ideas & thoughts. View.

Tallstreet - Trade search results like stock market. View.

Taumed - Share knowledge on health matters. View.

Teachthepeople - Create your own community & share knowledge. View.

Theanswerbank - Q&A. View.

Theinjuries - Share knowledge & experiences about industrial injuries. View.

Thewsx - Collectively predict Washington politics. View.

Tips-search - Google & Yahoo meta search to find how to-results. View.

Tipstrs - Publish & share tips on anything. View.

Traineo - Get motivated & supported in losing weight. View.

Trendio - Bet on popular news (prediction market). View.

Tutocle - Find, submit & share tutorials. View.

Twocrowds - Share your predictions & have them assessed. View.

Uclue - Q&A. View.

Uhuroo - Collaboration tools. View.

Useamap - Create your own maps with short URLs. View.

Vatortv - Entrepreneurs share their ideas thru video. View.

Videojug - Share know-how thru video. View.

Visuarios - Publish & share how-to videos. View.

Vitamint - Explore & share tips, and get paid. View.

Watvindenwijover~ - Find & vote for information. View.

Wealthbasecamp - Share knowledge & ideas on wealth creation. View.

Webmunism - Search media & knowledge in self-organizing categories. View.

Webssyst - Project, knowledge, file, photo, email marketing & newsletters management solution. View.

Wehow - Profile & share your expertise. View.

Wereldkenner~ - Wikipedia & Google Earth mash-up. View.

Wesquare - Sell your knowledge over Skype. View.

Whatshouldisay - Q&A. View.

Wikihow - Collaborate on collection of how-to manuals. View.

Wikimindmap* - Search wiki content with mindmap interface. View.

Wisdm - Q&A. View.

Wisdomdb - Rate & share solutions to problems. View.

Wondir - Share Q&A. View.

Yahooanswers - Share Q&A. View.

Yedda - Q&A. View.

Yoono - Search, exchange & share information. View.

Youmeus - Relationship advice community. View.

Youtorials - Collaborate on tutorials. View.

Zenosworld - Adopt a robo kid & save the world. View.

Zogix - Innovators' community. View.

Zuzzid - Insurance customers help eachother to get better insurance deals. View.

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