05 April 2008

LEGAL 2.0: 19 ways to deliver, manage & execute legal matters

Italic = new in this index. Related category: VAS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Civilanswers - Free & cheap legal advice. View.

Divorce360 - Help each other contemplating, going through or recovering from divorce. View.

Hiretrade - Legal services matching engine. View.

Mynewcompany - Incorporate or form your company online. View.

Shootandproof** - Turn you cam pics into legal evidence (French). View.

Aiga - Customize terms & conditions for design engagements. View.

Avvo - Search a lawyer. View.

Binarylaw - Submit & rate legal news. View.

Cellswapper - Swap out or in a mobile phone contract. View.

Contractpal - Manage your contracts. View.

Ejury - Make a few bucks per verdict rendered as a mock juror. View.

Esignforms - Get your contracts signed. View.

Findlaw - Matching lawyers with clients. View.

Helpmework - Business management services for consultants and freelancers. View.

Lawfavorites - Submit & rate special interest articles for lawyers. View.

Legalforce - Buy, sell & license patents. View.

Livesquare - Anti-piracy protection for streaming media. View.

Sertifi - Deliver, manage & execute contracts. View.

Tractis - Create, manage & close contracts. View.

Yozons - Get your contracts signed. View.

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