05 April 2008

IM 2.0: 140 instant messenger apps

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNICATING 2.0, LIFESTREAMING 2.0, PHONE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Blockoo - Check who blocked or deleted you on MSN. View.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Flickim - Meta IM. View.

Im-history - Manage all your messaging in 1 client. View.

Irseek - Explore index of IRC conversations for hidden knowledge. View.

Kadoink - Make group calls & sms, share music. View.

Othersonline - Explore & connect to people with similar interests. View.

Peerme - VoIP, secure messaging & file transfer. View.

Puddingmedia - Advertising solutions for voice & messaging services. View.

Rmbr - Share photos, message, doodle & play games. View.

Simkl - Backup IM conversations & contacts. View.

Speaklike - You IM in your language, and others see it in theirs. View.

Vbuzzer - Cheap calling, faxing & IM. View.

Adiumx - Meta instant messenger for Mac. View.

Agile - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Aimexpress - Instant messenger (web based). View.

Airtalkr - Meta instant messenger. View.

Amsn - Instant messenger (Linux). View.

Anothr - Manage & read feeds in Skype messenger. View.

Ayttm - Instant messenger. View.

Bitlbee - IRC clients using IM protocols. View.

Bitwise - Encrypted instant messaging. View.

Buddystumbler - Search for new buddies to chat with over IM. View.

Byoms - Personalized IM search agents on your cell. View.

Causerie - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Centericq - Instant messenger (client). View.

Click4me - Call, IM, email & get Office features for free (USA). View.

Combots - Communicate & share emoti(c)ons 1 to 1. View.

Communicationtube - Meta instant messenger. View.

Cspace - Platform for P2P communications. View.

Easymessenger - Meta instant messenger with RSS. View.

Ebuddy (olim E-messenger) - Integrates several messengers. View.

Emesene - Instant messenger. View.

Eqo - Call, text & IM your buddies on your mobile. View.

Exodus - Instant messenger (Jabber client). View.

Feedcrier - Get RSS news alerts through your IM. View.

Foldera - Organize email, im’s, docs, tasks, and events instantly. View.

Gajim - Instant messenger (XMPP client). View.

Goim - Instant messenger (for players of DirectX games). View.

Good - Global mobile messaging for the enterprise. View.

Googleapps - Offer email, IM and calendar tools to your site's visitors. View.

Googletalk - Instant messenger. View.

Gossip - Instant messenger (Gnome client). View.

Gotalkmobile - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Heysan - Mobile instant messenger (web based). View.

Ichat - Instant messenger (client, Mac). View.

Icq - Instant messenger. View.

Icq2go - Instant messenger (web based). View.

Icqphone - Call at low rates. View.

Iloveim - Meta IM. View.

IM+ - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Imeem - Share words, files & people (on messenger). View.

Imeep - Chat 1 to 1 at random. View.

Imhaha - Meta instant messenger. View.

Imified - Meta instant messenger giving access to notes, tasks etc. View.

Iminent - Explore & rate apps that pimp your IM experience. View.

Imo - Instant messenger. View.

Imunitive - Instant messenger. View.

Imvu - 3D messenger. View.

Instan-t - Meta messenger. View.

Instantfeed - Messenger notifications of feeds. View.

Intertalk*** - Unified communications, streaming & community solutions. View.

Jabphone - Messenger2phone. View.

Jibdig - Instant messenger. View.

Jivetalk - Meta instant messenger. View.

Jmsn - Instant messenger (Java). View.

Jmsn - Instant messenger (Java). View.

Jumpchat - Instant messenger. View.

Jyngle - Enterprise & groups mobile messaging service. View.

Koolim - Meta messenger. View.

Kopete - Meta instant messenger. View.

Licq - Instant messenger (ICQ-like, Linus). View.

Loudtalks** - Web walkie-talkie. View.

Mabber - Mobile messenger. View.

Mamjam - Location based instant messaging. View.

Mangeloo - Run IM on all devices & everywhere. View.

Mcabber - Instant messenger (Jabber client, Linux and Mac). View.

Mecamessenger - Meta instant messenger. View.

Meebo - Integrates several messengers. View.

Meetro - Find friends nearby (thru messenger). View.

Mercury - Instant messenger. View.

Meshly - Explore, create & share your own news channel over IM. View.

Messagemate - Meta instant messenger. View.

Messengerfx - Instant messenger. View.

Micq - Meta instant messenger (ICQ-based). View.

Miranda - Instant messenger. View.

Mojizu - Create & share characters. View.

Movamessenger - Meta mobile instant messenger. View.

Mtmessenger - Meta instant messenger. View.

Mundu - Meta instant messenger. View.

Naim - Encrypted instant messaging. View.

Nimbuzz~ - Free mobile community calls, chats, IM. View.

Octro - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Openwengo - Make free PC to PC video and voice calls over IP & communicate with your IM contacts. View.

Orgoo - All your communications integrated in one dashboard. View.

Palringo - Talk, text & IM with your friends over PC & cell. View.

Pandion - Instant messenger (Jabber client). View.

Papla - Instant messenger (also mobile). View.

Peekamo - Peekamo - Mobile community. View.

Pidgin - Meta instant messenger. View.

Pinger - Instant voice messaging. View.

Pinppl - PIN messaging for Blackberry users. View.

Plugoo - Take your IM to any page you want. View.

Proteus - Meta instant messenger (Mac). View.

Psiim - Instant messenger. View.

Queoo - RSS to email, messenger. View.

Quickim - Mobile instant messenger (wi-fi). View.

Radiotime - Personalize radio. View.

Raketu - Free regional and international calls, VOD, IM, SMS, multi media player, podcasting, slide show & feeds from your PC & mobile. View.

Retroshare - Instant messaging & file sharing. View.

Sabifoo - Read & publish news through messenger. View.

Scatterchat - Secure IM for activists & dissidents. View.

Scribeit - Group chat thru mobile messaging. View.

Sideklick - Get contextually relevant video suggestions added to your IM. View.

Simdesk - Messaging & collaboration tools. View.

Skype - Call, conference, messenger, file sharing. View.

Snimmer - Instant messenger. View.

Spark - Instant messaging & free phone calls. View.

Talkster - Mobile2IM for free. View.

Timmyontime - Manage your time over IM. View.

Tipicme - Mobile instant messenger (Jabber client). View.

Tjat - Mobile instant messaging. View.

Trillian - Instant messenger. View.

Turbomsn - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Universalmessengerplus - Meta instant messenger. View.

Unyte - Enterprise instant messaging & web conferencing. View.

Userplane - Chat, messenger, record. View.

Velvetpuffin* - Mobile community. View.

Wablet** - Chat & IM from websites using several identities. View.

Wambo - IM, group messaging & media sharing. View.

Web2messenger - Send messages from web 2 messenger. View.

Wehanghere - Find, message & meet people in your favourite places (London). View.

Wengophone - Meta instant messager with conference and video calls. View.

Xfire - Instant messenger for gamers. View.

Yafumato - Meta instant messenger. View.

Yehba - Instant messenger. View.

Yeigo - Talk, IM & text for free to other users. View.

Yoomba - Email2IM&2phone (free). View.

Ysm - Instant messenger (ICQ client). View.

Zimbie - Create bots that appear as buddies on IM. View.

Zimbra - Collaboration & messaging tools. View.

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