05 April 2008

IMAGING 2.0: 77 ways to create, animate or manipulate images

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DESIGN (GRAPHICAL -) 2.0, ILLUSTRATING 2.0, PHOTOS 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

3D-pack - Instantly create 3d-box images online. View.

Adready* - Customize proven performance ads & run them. View.

Animoto* - Explore, create & share slideshows generated from music & photos. View.

Avatargenerator - Create an avatar. View.

Blender - Free open source 3D content creation suite. View.

Bluesky - Have yourself reproduced in 3D. View.

Comicssketch - Explore, draw & share comics. View.

Contourcrafting - Automating construction of whole structures inc. sub-components (also on other planets). View.

Faceto3d - Have 2D images of your face converted into 3D stereolithography (and then into 3D sculpture). View.

Favikon - Create & publish a favicon for your blog. View.

Fotline - Add water fx to your photos. View.

Fotosizer - Batch image resizer. View.

Gickr - Create & publish animated GIFs & slideshows. View.

Gifup - Create & publish avatars, slideshows & gif animations. View.

Hairmixer - Mix your face into anybody else's. View.

Loonapix - Put a fancy frame around your photo & publish it. View.

Morphthing - Morph two faces into one. View.

Paint* - Free photo editing software. View.

Papercritters - Create & share 3D paper critters. View.

Photodrop - Drag, drop, resize & trim & export photos to another app or widget. View.

Pixoo - Have your portrait pimped up. View.

Puricute - Cute up your photos & publish them in your profiles. View.

Rsizr - Flash app to resize images. View.

Rssbuttons - Customize your RSS button. View.

Splashup - (Olim: Fauxto). Photo editor. View.

Wallpapermaker - Edit your own wallpapers. View.

Webresizer - Make photos lighter. View.

Zoomorama - Store, edit, publish & zoom in on your photos. View.

Ajaxload - Generates animated Ajax load gifs. View.

Ajaxsketch - Create drawings & diagrams. View.

Amaztype - Create typeface from word-relevant book covers (Amazon mash-up). View.

Brusheezy - Photoshop brushes for download. View.

Cellsea - Photo editor. View.

Converticon - Convert PNGs or ICOs. View.

Creatingonline - Design & image editing toolbox. View.

Dosize - Resize & send your photos. View.

Epassportphoto - Upload, manipulate, download your pass photo. View.

Fastone - Clip, capture & publish any (part of any) thing on your computer. View.

Fauxto - Photo editor. View.

Flauntr - One click dummy proof photo editing. View.

Fotoflexer - Online photo editor. View.

Grafitti - Express yourself with drawing using this Facebook app. View.

Graphita - Edit your photos. View.

Imageeditor - Edit your images online. View.

Imagegenerator - Add special fx to your images. View.

Jellybarn - Upload, edit, manage, share your photos. View.

Landcraft* - Render your own 3D landscape & share it. View.

Litha-paint - Create & share vector graphics. View.

Mymetar - Link to & share favourite metars, tafs & radar images. View.

Mytheme - Animate images online. View.

Neximage - Online imaging. View.

Onlinephototool - Photo editor. View.

Phixr - Edit & publish your photos. View.

Photocrank - Add graphics & caption to your cell cam photos & share them. View.

Photosynth*** - Rebuild the world in photos - other users' and your own. View.

Picasa - Find, edit & share photos. View.

Picnik - Photo editor. View.

Picture2life - Edit pics online. View.

Pikifx - Edit your photos. View.

Pikipimp - Pimp your photo & share it. View.

Pixelmator - Photo editor. View.

Pixenate - Photo editor. View.

Pixerus - Edit your photos online. View.

Preloadr - Edit your photos. View.

Processing - Share code for imaging, animations, sound. View.

Pxn8 - Manipulate & publish your photos. View.

Resizr - Resize images online. View.

Smilebox - Pimp up your photo presentation. View.

Snagit*** - Clip, capture & publish any (part of any) thing on your computer. View.

Snipshot - Edit pics online (a.k.a. Pixoh). View.

Sprintsweets - Compose & send postcards with animated typography. View.

Textorizer - Image2Text. View.

Vecteezy - Get vector graphics from top artists. View.

Vgmap - Library of vector overlays for Google maps. View.

Warholit - Warholize your pics. View.

Webshotspro - Create & publish thumbs. View.

Wiredness - Edit your photos. View.

Xmgimage - Photo editor. View.

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