05 April 2008

IDENTITY 2.0: 138 ways to manage your identity & reputation

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNITY 2.0, REPUTATION 2.0. SEARCH 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Avatargenerator - Create an avatar. View.

Befunky - Cartoonize & avatarize yourself. View.

Billeo - Transaction management solution for SME & consumers (bill pay-, profile- & password assistant). View.

Bugmenot - Find and share logins for websites that force you to register. View.

Clipperz - Online password manager with one click log in. View.

Comeks - Create & share mobile strips & talking avatars. View.

Dataportability - Open standards for sharing and remixing of data. View.

Faceowner - Link names to faces & never forget them. View.

Hairmixer - Mix your face into anybody else's. View.

Hyplet - Create & publish IDs and badges to promote yourself. View.

Jondonym - Anonymize your online behavior. View.

Knome - Whole-genome sequencing & analysis for individuals. View.

Lifestreams - Aggregate everything, (re)publish, build different reputations & educate your info agent. View.

Livezuu* - Collect your social network accounts and combine them in 1 lifestream. View.

Modazzle - Connect to your communities through your mobile device. View.

Noserub - Protocol to aggregate all your social networks into one. View.

Oauth - Share your private digital resources on one site with another site without handing out username & password. View.

Pageonce - Aggregate & manage all your digital accounts. View.

Pixoo - Have your portrait pimped up. View.

Reachby* - Create, manage, and share personalized contact page as your online business card. View.

Slashid - Get access to multiple web sites with 1 UN & PW. View.

Socialurl - Connnect to all your social network sites with one URL. View.

Webfetti - Create blinkblink for your profile page. View.

Wieowie*~ - People & company search engine based on social networks & media data. View.

8hands - Profile aggregator. View.

Adactio - Search me. View.

Browzar - Surf anonymously. View.

Buzzlogic - Monitor, map, measure & manage your rep in social media. View.

Cafe - Casul gaming community with with 3D avatars, social networking & item-based economy. View.

Captcha - Get & help improve visual & auditive captchas. View.

Claimid - Manage your online identity. View.

Clickbeurs~ - Create your avatar & apply for a job through a chat with your future employer. View.

Correlate - Profile aggregator. View.

Craigsnumber - Get a temporary, anonymous phone number. View.

Defendmyname - Outsource your personal search engine optimization. View.

Egosurf - Search yourself, get ranking. View.

Elfyourself - Xmas greeting featuring You. View.

Epassportphoto - Upload, manipulate, download your pass photo. View.

Explode - Aggregate your digital personae & friends. View.

Famesource - Enhance your fame by buying exposure. View.

Findmeon - Manage your online identities in 1 place. View.

Fix8 - User generated video avatar animation. View.

Fliva - Express your personality & share it anywhere. View.

Foafproject - Contribute to web of machine-readable pages describing people & their networks. View.

Freedigits - Stay anonymous with this VoiP service (USA). View.

Freeyourid* - Open ID +.name + your domain = FreeyourID. View.

Frenzoo - Dress up your avatar, then chat. View.

Garlik - Find & track private data online (UK only). View.

Geotool - Map yourself. View.

Gizmoz* - Create your 3D video avatar & use it anywhere. View.

Gleamd - Discover, add, rate & share people. View.

Goingon - Always on network of networks. View.

Googleaccounts - Account authentication API. View.

Gravatar - Your globally recognized avatar. View.

Humanpages - Add, share & sell your profile. View.

Iceflake - Aggregate your friends' digital personae. View.

Identitysweep - Manage & protect your identity (USA). View.

Ikarma - Document & promote your reputation. View.

Internetaddressbook**~ - Find & be found, with all your 2.0 profiles. View.

Jangl - Hide your cell phone number. View.

Kerpass - Personal security software for web & mobile. View.

Klostu* - Connect yourself to all message boards, communities & people. View.

Lifelock - Identity theft protection. View.

Lijit* - Social contextual search. View.

Linkmybox - List & share all your online presences here. View.

Loowa - Claim your email address, share your profile. View.

Lyro - Publish, manage & share contact data. View.

Meez - Create & share your 3D avatar. View.

Mego* - Create an avatar, profile it & share it anywhere. View.

Metathings - Aggregate & share all your online personal profiles. View.

Minggl - Profile aggregator. View.

Mojizu - Create & share characters. View.

Msinfocard - Microsoft's identity metasystem. View.

Mugshot - Profile & content aggregator. View.

Mylid - Multi-protocol identity provider. View.

Mylifebrand - Profile aggregator. View.

Myme - Create your online avatar. View.

Myopenid - Skip tedious profile form-filling. View.

Mypictr* - Create & publish your profile pic for social softwares. View.

Naymz - Edit & share your own online meta profile. View.

Netmesh - Manage your online digital identity. View.

Onxiam - Aggregate your digital personae & find similar meta-profiles. View.

Openid - Distributed identity system. View.

Opinity - Manage your reputation. View.

Otherego - Profile aggregator. View.

Peekyou - Editable white pages people finder. View.

Peopleaggregator - Create or join networks, build & connect your community. View.

Pikipimp - Pimp your photo & share it. View.

Pingidentity - Identity authentication solutions. View.

Populationone - Your pixel and 6.5 billion other ones. View.

Prefpass - Universal ID validator. View.

Profilactic - Aggregate your digital profiles, content & friends. View.

Profilebuilder - Create a consistent profile & manage it across the web. View.

Profilefly - Aggregate & share your online profiles, contacts & bookmarks. View.

Profilelinker* - Bring in all your profiles here. View.

Profileomat - Profile aggregator. View.

Psiphon* - Surf the web anonymously. View.

Rapleaf* - Manage your reputation & rate your friends. View.

Reputationdefender - Have all negative things about yourself destroyed online. View.

Reputator~ - Manage your reputation online. View.

Rolobiz - Upload your contact data, bringing them back to one simple URL. View.

Safemail* - Create an uncrawlable image of your email address. View.

Secondbrain - Profile aggregator. View.

Serph - Search for buzz around & reputations of persons & brands. View.

Sfzero - Build your character by completing group tasks. View.

Showyourself - Show all your community & social media memberships in one widget. View.

Simplifid - Zap from identity to identity online. View.

Siteblimp - Promote your online identity thru search. View.

Sitepal* - Design speaking animated avatars. View.

Slut-o-meter - Calculate your popularity. View.

Smartpox - Sema-encode & share URLs, phone numbers & email addresses. View.

Smikioo - Catch yourself smiling & get comments. View.

Socialnetworkin - Aggregate & share your online profiles. View.

Socialrurl - Profile aggregator. View.

Socialstream - Profile aggregator. View.

Sowesay - Rate, review & survey people. View.

Spock - Tagged profile aggregator (http://challenge.spock.com/). View.

Spokeo - Aggregate & share your social network profiles & content here. View.

Stalkerati - Meta search for people. View.

Sxip - Control personal digital identity. View.

Sxipper* - Wand service (with OpenID; Firefox only). View.

Sxore - Manage your online reputation. View.

Tempinbox - Receive inmail anonymously. View.

Trustplus - Manage your reputation wherever you go online. View.

Urbaniacs - Create your avatar & fight against others. View.

Uselessaccount - Impress your friends with your ability to tab through form fields and arrow through saved field values!. View.

Venyo - Manage your online reputation. View.

Verisignpip - Personal identity provider. View.

Vidoop - Login authentication & identification solution by image associations. View.

Wablet** - Chat & IM from websites using several identities. View.

Wakoopa~* - Create your software profile, share it & get suggestions for cool stuff. View.

Weblin - Create your avatar & meet others on any website. View.

Weeworld - Create your avatar & share it everywhere. View.

Whobar - Sign on software. View.

Yadis - Foundation for URL-based identity management. View.

Yuku - Share your profiles & media. View.

Zilzle - Profile yourself & your friends. View.

Zoolit - List & share all your community memberships. View.

Zoominfo* - Search persons; create your own page. View.

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