06 April 2008

GOOD CAUSES 2.0: 43 ways to contribute

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ECOMMERCE 2.0, ECONOMY 2.0, GREEN 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Dosomegoodnow - For every Good House sold; a West-African home-builder's training will be funded. View.

Everyclick - Search, and raise money for charity. View.

Fixmystreet* - Report, view & discuss local problems (UK). View.

Golightly - Communication, collaboration & fundraising community solutions. View.

Helphookup - Add badge to your Facebook profile & get alerts on volunteer opportunities in your area. View.

Livepetitions - Create a petition & have it signed. View.

Onebigu - Community where you can earn funds for Darfur by contributing answers. View.

Rosaloves - Buy cool T-shirts; procedes will be donated to good causes. View.

Takingitglobal - Social action community for youth. View.

Ablindcall*** - Donate accidentally to charities. View.

Aidpage - People help people. View.

Begreen - Here it's easy being green. View.

Brokenotbeat - Donate to a needy person each day. View.

Care2 - Digg sustainable things. View.

Catchtomorrow* - Customize & localize your search and support your local public school system. View.

Change - Community for social activism. View.

Changethis - Share & rate thoughtful, rational, constructive manifestos about important issues. View.

Changingthepresent - Invite friends to donate to your good causes. View.

Collactive - Make your voice & opinion heard though collective action. View.

Cooperationcommons - Knowledge base re cooperation & collective action. View.

Counteracttv - Reveal truth & injustice by sharing your films. View.

Darmik - Sell & share profits with charities. View.

Donorschoose - Donate to schools. View.

Dropcash - Create & manage online fundraiser. View.

Economie - Interact for a sustainable future. View.

Etapestry - CRM solution. View.

Family-to-family - F2F sponsoring of poor American families. View.

Freepledge - Support charities every time you shop. View.

Givebobadollar - Begging. View.

Givemeaning - Give or take fundraising community. View.

Givezilla - Create fundraising storefront. View.

Greentv - Environment focused video channel. View.

Hugg - Digg on environmental matters. View.

Interraproject - Do & consume good with your credit & debit cards. View.

Inviteforgood - Schedule & invite for events & parties (and have guests donate to charities). View.

Kiva* - Give a micro credit to an entrepreneur from a developing country. View.

Longbets - Prediction competition for charities. View.

Robinfood - Subscribe to gameshow, donate; if you win spend 1 million on good causes. View.

Savetoby - Donate or else…. View.

Searchkindly - Search Google from this page & donate to charities. View.

Stargazer - Free web-based tools for families & charities. View.

Stuffyourrucksack - Share & get tips on what to bring with you for local charities & NGOs. View.

Tree-nation - Plant a tree in Niger. View.

Wordofblog - Spread the word for good causes. View.

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