11 April 2008

DUTCH 2.0: 179 Web 2.0-ish companies & initiatives

Italic = new in this index. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

2collab~ - Bookmark favorite internet resources, then discuss them privately or in groups. View.

Adresbekend~ - Get snail mail without giving your address, or send out mail without knowing addresses. View.

Babl~ - Topical twitter. View.

Backupagent~ - Local & online backups. View.

Boomr~ - Dutch artists & fans community. View.

Cobrowser~ - Chat & co-browse with your site visitors. View.

Curriculumillusione**~ - Get insight in & share your future life, and reach the Walhalla. View.

Foc~* - Design for rapid 3D manufacturing. View.

Fridgewatcher~ - Share the contents of your fridge with the rest of the world. View.

Gladorsad~ - Have emotions in portrait photos assessed by software. View.

Gypsii~ - Find people & places, map & navigate them over mobile or web. View.

Helphookup - Add badge to your Facebook profile & get alerts on volunteer opportunities in your area. View.

Hernnerdingen*** - Memory shrine where children can publish things by which they remember deceased loved ones (More: http://mastersofmedia.hum.uva.nl/2007/09/30/stifosandberg/). View.

Iensrecepten~ - Browse recipes & compile your cooking book & shopping lists. View.

Independentip~* - Digital music supply chain management solution. View.

Libersy*~ - Book or sell services online. View.

Livecastr~ - Broadcast live to the web using your cell cam. View.

Mobypicture~* - Phlog your phonecam pics. View.

Musiqlub~ - Share your music playlist, clips & events. View.

Portomail~ - Pay or get paid for your email. View.

Qbichotels***~ - Chain of pod hotels (Cubi: Each Cubi features a practical configuration, with an extra long Hästens bed, Philippe Starck design bathroom elements, LCD TV, high-speed Internet, safe and an ingenious work-and-dine set). View.

Qelp~ - Customer selfcare platform for mobile applications. View.

Redesignme*~ - Suggest redesigns for products submitted by you or others & win prizes (someone help them to redesign this site!). View.

Sendyourfiles~ - Send & share your files. View.

Splinq~* - Register as a member & get 50% of the kick-back if you buy something. View.

Thenextweb - Media platform covering Web 2.0 startups, entrepreneurs and technology. View.

Trackr~* - Put your tracks on Google maps with GPS & share them. View.

Vijftigplusser~ - Community for people over 50. View.

Wauw~ - Link your pc to your phone. View.

Woophy~ - Help to cover every inch of our world map with images. View.

Yamelo~ - Find back melodies through music videos on a timeline. View.

Zomoto~** - Submit your car, get its valuation & monthly cost assessed. View.

24eyes~ - Personalize your start page or subscribe to someone else's. View.

3voor12~** - Profile yourself & share media. View.

Adjustables~** - Super impose clickable logos, banners, ticker tapes etc on video. View.

Aduna~ - Visualize search results. View.

Aegeetv~ - Create & share video (for European students). View.

Amapedia - Amazone's product wiki. View.

Ariadne - Content management system. View.

Aukyla~ - Platform for web-based PHP apps. View.

Backbase~* - Ajax applications. View.

Battleofconcepts~ - Help companies to innovate or solve problems; and win. View.

Bliin~ - Share your experience in photos, videos, text etc. View.

Bondd*~ - Call for free, get advertising. View.

Boober~ - Get or bid for giving loans. View.

Brandgossip*~ - Find what people say about your brand. View.

Butlerbob~ - Advertise, find, book & buy concierge services. View.

Butterfly~ - Bookmark & annotate. View.

Buurtlink~ - Find people, places & news in your hood. View.

Clickbeurs~ - Create your avatar & apply for a job through a chat with your future employer. View.

Daz*~ - Explore, contribute to & share the biggest music dbase. View.

Deligio~ - Discover, manage & share your downloads. View.

Desnackbar~ - Find the one you want to have a snack with. View.

Dumpert~ - Explore, upload, share & rate photo, video & audio files. View.

Dutchpipe~ - Create multi-user environments. View.

Eformcreator~ - Form editor. View.

Ekudos~ - Digg Dutch news. View.

Elkhuistekoop~ - Find a house that's not even for sale. View.

Emotionalfootprints~ - Publish & geo-phlog your history. View.

Epointment~ - Schedule meetings online. View.

Farcast~ - Manage, store & distribute content in all formats. View.

Favr~ - Social bookmarking. View.

Febber~ - Enterprise RSS aggregation solutions. View.

Feeds4all~ - Feed aggregator. View.

Feedxs~ - Create personal feeds (without website), submit thru messenger. View.

Fellowforce~* - Help companies to innovate, pitch & get rewards. View.

Fileindex~ - Real time traffic jam map mash-up. View.

Filmpjes~ - Upload, rate & share videos. View.

Fisz~ - Social bookmarking. View.

Fleck - Annotate web pages (& share your notes thru email). View.

Floorplanner~ - Design your floorplan online. View.

Flossmanuals~ - Read, write or remix open source software manuals. View.

Freep~ - Profile yourself as a freelancer & score gigs. View.

Funda~ - Real estate locations mash-up (nice maps, nice zoom!). View.

Geotracing~ - Share the geo-located photos you've made during a trip & your (animated!) route (and more…!). View.

Globeassistant~ - Get your content mashed up with Google Earth. View.

Gotomyjob~ - Search the Dutch web for jobs. View.

Grootbedrijf~ - Merge your company virtually with "Big Company". View.

Happyobs~ - Share your personality & get matched to job opportunities. View.

Headr~ - Get contextually relevant pages visited by other users. View.

Heeii~ - Get context relevant suggestions for further reading while you browse. View.

Hellup~ - Q&A. View.

Hippo~ - Open source cms. View.

Homeforexchange~ - Exchange for vacation homes. View.

Hotelworldmap~ - Find a hotel (map mash-up). View.

Hyves~ - Share your profile in hives & meet friends. View.

Ihipo~ - Find international jobs & internships. View.

Internetaddressbook**~ - Find & be found, with all your 2.0 profiles. View.

Inviteshare* - Get on waiting list for beta releases. View.

Jippy~ - Share your birthday calendar & get reminders to congratulate friends thru email, ecards or sms. View.

Jobbee~ - Upload your cv & get job offers. View.

Kapaza~ - Free classified ads marketplace. View.

Kast*~ - Visual shopping in many categories from specialized shelfspace (concept deserves better design). View.

Kewego~ - Publish, rate & share videos. View.

Kluskring~ - Share ideas & knowledge on DIY. View.

Kodakgallery - Upload, publish & print photo(book)s on demand. View.

Leugens~ - Submit & share lies. View.

Lirama~ - Upload, explore & share song lyrics. View.

Localpoint~ - Google mash-up with several (Dutch) dbases. View.

Lootzy~ - Search the Dutch web for jobs. View.

Lowlandsguide~** - Explore the lay of the Lowland Festival with this mobile app. View.

Lyrics~ - Share lyrics & music information. View.

Madkast - One-click share widget & analytics for bloggers. View.

Mailmydisc~ - Exchange your media. View.

Mappedup~* - Map your feed sources geographically. View.

Mapstars~ - Refers to map mash-up tools & experiments (many Dutch). View.

Markthisdate~ - Publish & share events. View.

Mendix*~ - Semantic application development. View.

Mimoa~* - Social European architecture guide. View.

Mobbah~ - Email or wap your photo + location. View.

Mobilereporters~ - Upload & share your video. View.

Moodviews~* - Track or predict global mood levels (based on Live Journal). View.

Nav4all~ - Mobile navigation app, claim & share places with friends. View.

Nav4all~ - Mobile navigation app, claim & share places with friends. View.

Nederkaart~ - Refers to map mash-ups (many Dutch). View.

Neurocampus~* - Train your brain, and win prizes. View.

Nimbuzz~ - Free mobile community calls, chats, IM. View.

Nomos~ - Live reporting on sound levels around Amsterdam Airport. View.

Numarketing~ - Digg on marketing. View.

Numpa~ - Dutch Twitter. View.

Ondergrond~ - Upload photos of public art. View.

Oondi~ - Publish & share your text. View.

Openacs - Content management system. View.

Openinhoud~ - Share links to and reviews of open source software. View.

Orgasms2~ - Share creativity & inspiration. View.

Partyvibes~ - Publish & share parties in Holland. View.

Payter~ - Pay with your mobile phone. View.

Phlog~ - Upload & share photos. View.

Ping-service~ - RSS ping tool. View.

Pollplaza~ - Collective polling. View.

Pushy*~ - Personal portal; also mobile. View.

Q-phrase - Search solutions (clients). View.

Rasasa~ - RSS-based news alert service. View.

Receptencocktail~ - Share & rate cooking ideas. View.

Reporter~ - Submit & rate (Dutch) news. View.

Reputator~ - Manage your reputation online. View.

Respectance~* - Come together to remember loved ones. View.

Respons~ - Submit & rate Dutch news. View.

Routecraft~ - Route planner; add your text to locations & share it; also for mobile. View.

Schoolbank~ - Profile yourself & find back class mates. View.

Scoopgo~ - Create & maintain news search agents. View.

Sellaband~* - Promote your music & find 5000 fans. View.

Sexycanvas~ - View & purchase erotic art (browse through tastefully decorated rooms or upload an image of your own room to experience the works in various settings).. View.

Sharecare~ - Organize yourselves in groups to share care. View.

Shotcode~ - Scan branded sema code with your cell to get access to website. View.

Skoeps~ - Citizen journalism based news. View.

Souki*~ - Get better search result through your taste mates. View.

Soundtransit~ - Add your sounds to locations & share them. View.

Spotajob~ - Help each other to build a better career. View.

Starhome~ - Mobile roaming solutions. View.

Swoot**~ - Build your own browser. View.

Symbaloo~* - Speed-dial startpage. View.

Sync~ - Customize your info on special interests. View.

Tagmos~ - Social bookmarking. View.

Terk~ - Meta search for articles. View.

Textkernel~ - Text extraction & understanding engines. View.

Tipit~ - Tip people who share good stuff. View.

Treinvizier~ - Actual whereabouts of Dutch trains. View.

Tribler~ - Watch, rate & share video. View.

Twones~ - Share your playlists & make new friends. View.

Viraltracker~ - Track & analyze the results of your viral video commercials. View.

Visitopia~ - Explore user generated info & book city trips, hotels etc (rev share for good causes now, for contributors later). View.

Wakoopa~* - Create your software profile, share it & get suggestions for cool stuff. View.

Watchmouse~ - Site & server monitoring services. View.

Watvindenwijover~ - Find & vote for information. View.

WCC** - Matching & search solutions. View.

Weblogistan~ - Tools that add interaction to your blog. View.

Wereldkenner~ - Wikipedia & Google Earth mash-up. View.

Whereareyou~ - Diary for travellers, interns and expats. View.

Wizzl~ - Free calls to other Wizzlers, cheap calls with rest of the world + games, video & music. View.

Wunderwall~ - Work on one screen with a team, simultaneously. View.

Wuzzon*~ - Create your own mobile content, and a shop to sell it. View.

Xanco~ - Mobile phlog & vlog. View.

X-moment*~ - Publish an event at a location. View.

Yelloyello~ - Rank & share blog postings. View.

Yomedia~ - Upload, explore & share mobile media. View.

Ywoosh~ - Find or sell houses. View.

Zaadz~ - Network of inspired people. View.

Zoom~ - Upload & share photos. View.

Zoook~ - Marketplace with video ads. View.

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