06 April 2008

HEALTH 2.0: 62 ways to maintain & improve your health

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: FAMILY 2.0, GREEN 2.0, KNOWLEDGE 2.0, VAS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Americanwell - Consult a doctor anytime without leaving home. View.

Caring - Community sharing information & advice about elderly care. View.

Carol* - Gather & share health care information, buy services & products. View.

Diettv - Healthy living and dieting community. View.

Doublecheckmd** - Check your prescriptions & their interactions. View.

Emotionr - Check how happy you are as compared to the rest of the world. View.

Enurgi - Manage family care through scheduling, messaging & referral ratings. View.

Fmdrl - Search & contribute to family medicine repository of educational resources. View.

Healthworldweb - Blog, chat and post to forums about your healthcare needs & meet likeminded users. View.

Helphookup - Add badge to your Facebook profile & get alerts on volunteer opportunities in your area. View.

Hernnerdingen*** - Memory shrine where children can publish things by which they remember deceased loved ones (More: http://mastersofmedia.hum.uva.nl/2007/09/30/stifosandberg/). View.

iMedix - Healthcare community. View.

Istats - Manage & share your workout & training stats. View.

Knome - Whole-genome sequencing & analysis for individuals. View.

Mamaherb* - Share knowledge on natural remedies. View.

Medbillmanager - Manage your medical cost & paperwork. View.

Modernmedicine - Clinical decision-support for healthcare professionals. View.

Mymedlab* - Get annual lab test & learn about your health. View.

Peerclip - Share & discuss health care information with other physicians. View.

Psychantenna - Search for psychology-related feeds. View.

Sermo - Physicians exchange medical insights & improve patient outcomes. View.

Stickk - Make & share a commitment to healthier living, and get help from other users. View.

Trixietracker - Track & share daily patterns in your baby's needs & behavior. View.

Vitals* - Check what other people think about your doctor. View.

Worldpharmanews - Share & rate pharma news. View.

Amniota - Health search engine. View.

Care - Board for babysitting, nannies, child care, tutoring, pet care & senior care. View.

Carepilot - Connect & share with caregivers. View.

Dailystrength* - Share health challenges & get wellness support. View.

Disaboom - Community for people with a disability or functional limitation. View.

Dissectmedicine - Digg articles on medicine. View.

Genieknows - Search the web for games, health and local information. View.

Gimme20 - Discover, create, track & share workout routines. View.

Gopubmed - Search medical information. View.

Healia - Health search engine. View.

Healthline - Contextual search for health information. View.

Healthmap - Global disease outbreak map. View.

Introplay - Exercise, track your fitness & play together. View.

Lime - Help & inspire each other. View.

Mdjunction - People helping people in health matters. View.

Medgle* - Medical search. View.

Medical-articles - Submit & rate medical articles. View.

Mydochub - Review & rate your doctor. View.

Myfreeimplants - Get a boob job or help her get one. View.

Nutrax - Monitor & modify eating habits with your camera phone. View.

Organizedwisdom - Publish & share your wisdom on health matters. View.

Paralysiscommunity - Spinal cord injury community. View.

Patientslikeme - Share your experience & learn from other patients. View.

Peertrainer - Buddy up, slim down. View.

Peoplejam - Get a better career, relationships, health, life by networking. View.

Realself - Expert Q&A and community on anti-aging remedies. View.

Revolutionhealth - Search for medical & health information. View.

Runfatboy - Manage your diet & fitness. View.

Sharecare~ - Organize yourselves in groups to share care. View.

Sharingpoint - Publish, link to & share health information. View.

Skinnyr - Track your weight. View.

Sugarstats - Manage your glucose readings. View.

Taumed - Share knowledge on health matters. View.

Thedailyplate - Search food & find healthiest options. View.

Theinjuries - Share knowledge & experiences about industrial injuries. View.

Theparalysiscommunity - Spinal cord injury community. View.

Traineo - Get motivated & supported in losing weight. View.

Zocdoc - Instantly make dentist & doctor appointments. View.

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