06 April 2008

GAMING 2.0: 189 ways to have fun with or make some money on games

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ECONOMY 2.0, GAMBLING 2.0, MARKETING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Blubet - Vote on any topic & win virtual bucks. View.

Clan-networks* - One stop hosting & community solution for game clans. View.

Classtools - Create & publish educational Flash games, activities & diagrams. View.

Daftdoggy - Create & share website tours & scavenger hunts. View.

Dizzler - Search & play free music, videos, games & radio on your pc or mobile device; put your player on any website. View.

Dizzler - Search & play free music, videos, games & radio on your pc or mobile device; put your player on any website. View.

Doof** - Rich community environment where you can play & communicate with your friends. View.

Dryad* - Design trees for your virtual worlds (Windows, Mac). View.

Egglad - Community for gamers. View.

Erepublik** - Sociopolitical military economical massive role playing game. View.

Eslvideo - Take a video off the net & create an educational quizz with it. View.

Fabjectory - Have your game avatar made into 3D statuette. View.

Figureprints* - 3D print your WOW character. View.

Goozex - Trade your games for points & points to get other games for only $1. View.

Hbovoyeur** - Cross media stories that HBO has built around voyeurism; grabbing storylines is like a treasurehunt (short film: ). View.

Herobuilders - Create 3D colour models from data. View.

Humanbraincloud - MMP word association game. View.

Ijji - Multiplayer games portal. View.

Jackpotrewards - Get cash back on more than 20 million products at more than 550 retailers & win the jackpot. View.

Jotyou - Text your friends when they arrive at a specific location. View.

Justsayhi - Take & share quizzes on your blog (94%

). View.

Kideo - Photo personalized adventure DVDs. View.

Livegamer - Player2player virtual assets trading. View.

Megaphone - Multi-player IRL collaborative phone gaming platform. View.

Mesmo - Share & play games with tv trivia on Facebook or Bebo. View.

Mobtropolis - Photo scavenger hunt. View.

Neopets - Keep your virtual pets healthy, fed & in good spirits. View.

Pathintelligence - Track cell owners' whereabouts & paths. View.

Playspan - Game search, virtual goods marketplace & payment tools for game publishers. View.

Playyoo - Explore, download, create, play, share & discuss mobile games (m.playyoo.com). View.

Qtoro - Trivia Q&A game. View.

Rmbr - Share photos, message, doodle & play games. View.

Screamingsports - Community for fantasy sports players. View.

Sgn - Platform aggregating social games. View.

Socialshots - Grab, publish, share & rate game stills. View.

Sodarace - Design robots that race over 2D terrains. View.

Solow - Participate in lowest unique bid auctions. View.

Sparter - Virtual goods exchange. View.

Updown - Practice investing with a $1M play-money portfolio & make money on submitting analyses. View.

Vastpark - Create your virtual world & share it with others. View.

Yacapaca - Explore & create quizzes, surveys, tests, eportfolios for your class. View.

Yalicoo - Participate in virtual stock trading competitions, share knowledge & win cash. View.

Youbeqb - Improve your high ranking by choosing what plays will be called next in live sports games. View.

Youpop* - Quiz or poll your friends & get multimedia answers. View.

Zipidee - Marketplace for your digital goods. View.

Zuda - Explore & submit comics, and compete. View.

Zwinky - Explore the world, chat with others Zwinkies & earn Zbucks. View.

Zynga - Social gaming network (games live on 3d parties' communities). View.

Adultswim - Episode previews, games, community. View.

Allspotsmarket - Sports stock market. View.

Arcaplay - Rate & share games. View.

Averageshoveler - Game & RSS news mash-up. View.

Babble - Word game community. View.

Backseatplayground - ARG using GPS for gameplay in real world (documentary video). View.

Battleout - Challenge & vote for best, biggest etc. whatever. View.

Bix* - Create & vote for content, and win. View.

Bliss - Customize game to couple’s needs. View.

Blocksavvy - Habbo for adults. View.

Bunchball - Play games with your friends. View.

Cafe - Casul gaming community with with 3D avatars, social networking & item-based economy. View.

Celebralike - Participate in & vote on celebrity lookalike contests. View.

Claimtheearth - Massive mash-up geo game. View.

Classmarker - Create, publish & share tests and quizzes. View.

Competitious - Track & get alerts on your competition. View.

Cottonrape* - Shopping game. View.

Croquet* - Create multi-user 3D apps and metaverses "Supports synchronous communication, collaboration, resource sharing and computation among large numbers of users on multiple platforms and multiple devices". View.

Curse - MMOG portal & community. View.

Darejunkies* - Video challenge contest. View.

Devbump - Submit & rate special interest articles for game developers. View.

Digitalmagics - Stream your mobile videos over IPTV. View.

Dvdidle - Work around DVD region codes & css. View.

Edoc* - Fashion ecommerce goes alternate reality game. View.

Ejury - Make a few bucks per verdict rendered as a mock juror. View.

Entropia*** - 3D entertainment & trading community. View.

ES3** - Social military training game. View.

Espgame - Label images in a game. View.

Fastr - Guess game; Flickr mash-up. View.

Flickrball - Scavenger-hunt game using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues. View.

Flickrsudoku - Sudoku game based on Flickr images. View.

Fritterware - Submit & rate games. View.

Gaia - Play games & make friends. View.

Galaxiki - Co-create, maintain and own a universe. View.

Gamediggity - Submit & rate game videos. View.

Gamegum - Submit your flash game & make some money on it. View.

Gameklip - Record & share your best gaming moves & tricks. View.

Gamerankings - Vote for & rank games. View.

Gamervision - Publish & share profiles, news & blogs on gaming. View.

Gameskoot - Search the web for video games. View.

Gamesnips - Submit & rate articles on gaming. View.

Gametrove - Sell your games directly to users, disintermediating publishers. View.

Geevee - Upload, explore, rate & share game videos. View.

Getafirstlife - Parallel version of Second Life. View.

Gibbity - Digg games. View.

Gifttrap - Social board game with a bit of online interaction. View.

Giga* - Watch all kinds of live stream & vod shows (German). View.

Gmworldwar - Risk-like MMO on maps mash-up. View.

Gofreelance - Matching homeworkers with clients. View.

Goim - Instant messenger (for players of DirectX games). View.

Googlefight* - Compare search results. View.

Gottaflirt - Flirt game. View.

Guess-the-google - Guess game; Google mash-up. View.

Guildcafe - Share your MMORPG history & play. View.

Gunzonline - Shoot, stab, run & jump. View.

Hedgestreet - Bet on all kinds of economical parameters. View.

Hoverspot - Publish & share your profile. View.

Igamingcms - Content management system for gaming websites. View.

Inkling* - Social delphi, exchange for futures. View.

Ispott - Mobile treasure hunt. View.

Itsdex - Trading game in 2.0-related shares & bonds. View.

Kdice - Multiplayer strategy game using Google's web toolkit. View.

King - Casual gaming community. View.

Kongregate - Gamers community. View.

Kwizzical - Play quiz & share or donate money. View.

Lamosca - Location based mobile augmented reality games. View.

Leetdaily - Submit & rate articles on gaming. View.

Limbo (olim Limbo41414) - Participate in lowest unique bid auctions & sweepstakes - using your cell. View.

Longbets - Prediction competition for charities. View.

Maps-quiz - Where is that-quiz (addictive!). View.

Mapwii - Map your WII number & challenge other players. View.

Megabuzz - Participate in buzz game & win prizes. View.

Memory - Memory + Yahoo images mash-up. View.

Millionsofgames - Review & share games. View.

Mmoguildsites - Manage your MMORPG clan's hosting & community needs. View.

Mogspot - Submit & rate special interest articles for gamers. View.

Monsterdare - Create, do or sponsor a dare. View.

Moola - Win millions with sponsored game. View.

Multitap - Share, rate, discuss & categorize screenshots. View.

Multiverse - Network of MMOGs and 3D virtual worlds. View.

Mybigfishgames - Review & share casual games & get rewarded. View.

Mygame* - Personalize your games. View.

Naughtyamerica* - Multiplayer video sexgame. View.

Nav4all~ - Mobile navigation app, claim & share places with friends. View.

Newsfutures - Trade on tomorrow's news today. View.

Newskicks - Submit & rate articles for game developers. View.

Ourstage - Submit songs & video, let the users decide & win money prizes. View.

Peekaboom - Label images in a game. View.

Perplexcity - Treasure hunt (ARG). View.

Phetch - Image treasure hunt (to help visually impaired people). View.

Pickdee - Organize & share competitions. View.

Pickupgame* - Find people locally to play games. View.

Pixelmo - Digg games. View.

Playdo* - Gaming community. View.

Poserfish - P2P betting, free. View.

Profil3 - Get to know the people you play with. View.

Realitymarkets - Predictive markets contest. View.

Redlightcenter - 3D adult community. View.

Reflexive* - Cocreate & play games. View.

Relate-a-zon - Pathfinder game (mash-up with Amazon). View.

Robinfood - Subscribe to gameshow, donate; if you win spend 1 million on good causes. View.

Rupture - Publish your profile as a gamer & connect to people you play with. View.

Sayswap - Game trading community. View.

Scratch* - Animate games & tutorials, share & educate eachother. View.

Seriosity - Enhance enterprise communication through MOG principles. View.

Sf0 - Collaborative production game & community. View.

Sfzero - Build your character by completing group tasks. View.

Shycast - Participate in sponsored video contest. View.

Sloog - Social bookmarking for Second Life residents. View.

Slurlmaker* - Bookmark sites in Second Life. View.

Smackshopping - Jellyfish' web shopping gameshow. View.

Smashmyviper - Buy pixels to destroy car. View.

Spigit - Show, simulate & share your solutions with other developers. View.

Splitgames - Trade games (French). View.

Sploder** - Play, make & share games. View.

Spore*** - User generated gameplay & characters. View.

Swopster - Share game software. View.

Synthravels* - Virtual travel agency (only game destinations!). View.

Tapatap - Cross media contest community (http://waptapatapcom/tapatap-userwap/). View.

Tenhunt - 10 questions, 10 sites, best & fastest wins. View.

Theburgg - Draw a movie scene & have other users guess from which movie. View.

Thesuperheroquiz - Test which superhero you are. View.

Tribalwar - Submit & rate articles on gaming. View.

Trivionomy - Create, edit & play trivia game. View.

Uplayme - Share music & meet people with same taste. View.

Urbaniacs - Create your avatar & fight against others. View.

Urladex* - Trade shares in sites (olim Alexadex). View.

Videotag - Play video tagging game & enrich their search database. View.

Virtualworldsreview - Lists & reviews virtual worlds. View.

Vivox - Solutions for communities, communications, games. View.

Votigo** - Create & share a video or photo contest (addictive!). View.

Voxpop - Opinion games re pop culture topics. View.

Wazap - Search for games & connect with other gamers. View.

Web20bingo - Bingo with 2.0 buzz words. View.

Weblo - Play & earn in world game. View.

Wedigtv - Watch classic USA game shows. View.

Weewar* - Multiplayer strategy map game (see how other users play!). View.

Windowslocallive - Race your own street. View.

Wizzl~ - Free calls to other Wizzlers, cheap calls with rest of the world + games, video & music. View.

Wordcountjournal - Publish longer & longer postings. View.

Xfire - Instant messenger for gamers. View.

Zenosworld - Adopt a robo kid & save the world. View.

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