12 April 2008

DESIGN (PRODUCT -) 2.0: 40 sites where you can (learn how to) create & buy or sell your own stuff

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: MECOMMERCE 2.0, PERSONAL MANUFACTURING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

3D-pack - Instantly create 3d-box images online. View.

3dreplicators - Bootstrap your own 3D replicator. View.

Blender - Free open source 3D content creation suite. View.

Candyfab - Fabricate 3D things in granulated sugar. View.

Fabaroni - Printer that constructs 3D models with pasta dough. View.

Foc~* - Design for rapid 3D manufacturing. View.

Gtsignature - Design & order rapid 3D prototype and rapid manufactured parts. View.

Makezine* - Magazine & blog on DIY technology. View.

Modelin3d - Have your design prototyped in 3D. View.

Redesignme*~ - Suggest redesigns for products submitted by you or others & win prizes (someone help them to redesign this site!). View.

Redesignme*~ - Suggest redesigns for products submitted by you or others & win prizes (someone help them to redesign this site!). View.

Reprap - Rapid 3D replication concept (printer printing printers). View.

Stratasys - Direct digital prototyping & manufacturing systems. View.

Studio28couture - Design & order your unique dress. View.

Tenori-on - Play music intuitively, creating a "visible music" interface (). View.

Zcorp - Rapid 3D printer for HD models. View.

Zumobi - Navigate & share web-based content on your mobile phone. View.

Blinkr - Digg design. View.

Cafépress - Design, sell, buy. View.

Chiplab - Design & manufacture your own casino chips. View.

Cogteeth - Create T-shirt with personal coded message. View.

Crowdspirit - Electronics design community. View.

Designaddict - Explore & contribute to design directory. View.

Designbyhumans - Design T-shirts, win rewards. View.

Dishmaker - Designs & produces dishes. View.

Dnastylelab - Design, wear & share your own products. View.

Fastap - Design better keypad interfaces for mobile devices. View.

Innertee - Design, mix, wear, share & sell. View.

Kancept - Submit design concepts and have them reviewed & rated by other users. View.

Multi-touch* - Handy interface. View.

Neurosky - Bionic interface technology. View.

Nutclothing - Customize & order your handsprayed T. View.

Ponoko* - Create, make and trade your product ideas. View.

Shopstyle - Put up your fashion designs for sale. View.

Spreadshirt* - Design, buy or sell your T's. View.

Teapotters - Publish, explore & share 3D design. View.

Tenbills - Design & buy your T. View.

Threadless - Submit & rate T-shirt designs. View.

Tracbac - Share, comment, revise & collaborate. View.

Visual-literacy - E-learning tutorial on visualization. View.

Zazzle - Design, sell & buy custom goods. View.

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